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    <alllinks galcontinue="BDSM/de|57423" />
      <page pageid="16554" ns="0" title="Bondage" />
      <page pageid="57423" ns="0" title="BDSM" />
      <page pageid="163033" ns="2" title="User:Janice Mabellon" />
      <page pageid="163052" ns="2" title="User:Joy Adder" />
      <page pageid="163062" ns="2" title="User:Mayfield Sparta" />
      <page pageid="163072" ns="2" title="User:Yvonne Schwam" />
      <page pageid="163082" ns="2" title="User:Dory Delwood" />
      <page pageid="194342" ns="0" title="GFE (Girl Friend Experience)" />
      <page pageid="194353" ns="0" title="PSE (Porn Star Experience)" />
      <page pageid="199269" ns="0" title="BDSM/hu" />