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// Note: research originally conducted in 2007 by Chaz Longstaff. Still current as of 2012.

//Compare this with the Stroker Serpentine Sexgen Animation Set released to the public domain in 2011.

There is a pirated sex bed set with approximately 62 animations in it that is being passed around. It uses MLP 1.1 scripts. (Some may incorrectly refer to it as "sex gen", but sex gen was actually a completely separate product released by Stroker Serpentine.)

The first four animations in the pirated set are:

  • 69_F
  • 69_M
  • BJ_F
  • BJ_M

If you are using this set of animations without having made arrangements to licence the animations, you are using pirated material, and not having known it was pirated is not a defence. The Lindens may cause your stock and inventory to disappear just the same way they did Eva Capalini's in June 2008, who did so much to distribute this pirated set that it is now loosely referred to as the "Eva Capalini" set.

If you are using this, you need to either stop using these animations, or contact the animators and ask for licencing arrangements to get legal.

Here is a list of three animators whose works that are pirated in that set. (I am uncertain of the status of the animations in there by the few other animators who have been "honoured" to be included in the pirated set.)

Craig Altman

  • couchfidget 1
  • couchlay2 f2
  • cpose3v4 f
  • cpose3v4 m
  • fcouch lay1priority4red
  • LS 2 static F
  • LS 2 static M
  • sit on ground F v2 retime 90 F
  • sit on ground m retime 90 M pr2

Nytemyst Grace

  • flay6
  • flay18
  • lay16h
  • lovefemale14
  • lovefemale20b
  • lovermale14
  • lovermale20

Johan Durant

  • ground_kiss_f
  • ground_kiss_m
  • laying_arm_across_f
  • laying_arm_across_m
  • laying_makeout_f
  • laying_makeout_m
  • laying_neck_kiss_f
  • laying_neck_kiss_m
  • laying_pinned_f
  • laying_pinned_kiss_f
  • laying_pinned_kiss_m
  • laying_pinned_m
  • laying_propped_arm_f
  • laying_propped_arm_m
  • laying_side_side_f
  • laying_side_side_m
  • laying_spoon_f
  • laying_spoon_m

Now, no doubt people will say that because they didn't know these animations were pirated, that it's okay for them to keep on using them. Or that they paid someone L$100 for the set, so they should be fine. Or that they don't care, and won't get caught.

None of the above is true. These animators know about this pirated set going around, and they are on the lookout for them, and encourage people to report sightings to them -- and they act on the report (ed: still true as of 2012.)

Don't risk your business and hard work by using illegal stuff.

We need our animators, so let's make sure that we support them by using only legal versions of their work!

If you see this set being sold anywhere, you should report it to one of the above creators.

Note that owing to this set being from 2006 / 2007, the quality of the animations is considered inferior to the work animators are producing today.