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Also see Second Life Develop.

Official Second Life APIs provided by Linden Lab

These are official Second Life APIs provided and documented by Linden Lab.

Registration API

Enables you to register Second Life residents from your web page.


Enables you to embed Second Life Maps onto your web pages.

Live Data Feeds

Live data feeds provided by Linden Lab.

Exchange Risk API

Helps third-party Linden Dollar exchanges determine the risk associated with a particular transaction.

Media Plugin API

API used by Second Life Viewer media rendering plugins.

Inventory API

Provides information on agent inventory.

Viewer Web Widgets

Widgets used in the login screen and elsewhere. (Experiment-in-progress!)

Unofficial APIs

This information is not provided or reviewed by Linden Lab.
Linden Lab does not guarantee that these APIs work as described or work at all. Use at your own risk!

Snapshot API

Format of information contained within snapshots sent from the viewer.

Search API

Enables you to search Second Life for events, groups, people, places, and also to search this wiki.

World API

API for gathering information on residents, groups, and parcels.

Third-party / Community Web Services

Web services and other APIs provided by third-parties related to Second Life but not affiliated with Linden Lab.