AW Groupies In-World Meeting Agenda

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Next AW Groupies meeting:

2010-May-4 0930 PDT

Please help fill in this agenda outline! Don't be shy.

Latha Serevi will host a discussion on the theme of "proxy-based interop".

Interop use cases relevant to proxy-based interop

  1. IRC and XMPP bridging
  2. Enhanced world interactions
    1. Double-click TP (Par)
    2. Viewer ident (Par)
  3. Viewer UI enhancements
    1. separable windows (SNOW-375)
  4. mix and match client features
  5. Server-side rendering (??)
  6. 3d scene adapters across incompatible VW's

Examples of proxy-based and other approaches

  1. Proxies based on SL packets and libomv
    1. XMPP bridging Dahlia's proxy way
    2. LordGregGreg's
  2. hypothetical VWRAP proxies
  3. Relay agents using multiple client-style connections
    1. IRC and XMPP bridging Latif's way (Radegast agent with plugins)
  4. Loosely coupled client UI components
    1. SNOW-375 (Dzonatas), provides http interface to viewer/world state
    2. wouldn't a SNOW-375 style REST API fit nicely into a proxy?

Tradeoffs with proxy-based interop versus the alternatives