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Abderos is part of the Pillars of Herakles Estate. The estate is part of the Pride Continent.

Like every island of the estate, the sim gets his name from a male lover of Herakles (Hercules in Latin). Abderos was son of Hermes. He was a lover and companion of Herakles in the 12 labors of the greek hero. One of the tasks devoted to Herakles was to get the man-eating mares from King Diomedes of Bistonia, a thracian tribe. After he captured the mares, the Bistonians attacked the camp and Herakles enthrusted the mares to Abderos. He was dragged around and killed by them while Herakles fighted and killed the King.

Abderos is a mature residential sim. It is made of 3 residential islands. It is a homestead sim.