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What is Traffic ? (Dwell)

Linden initially introduced "traffic" or "dwell" as a way to reward residents who create popular locations. Each night a pool of $L is paid out to landowners in proportion to the number of avatars visiting and the amount of time spent on any of their parcels. The dwell that any one avatar triggers in a day is divided up proportionally to the time spent on any given parcel.

  • Currently, a Resident must spend at least 5 minutes in one full chunk to give a parcel one traffic point.
  • Each month, Linden offered a $US reward to the 2% of landowners who receive the most dwell - in proportion to the dwell their properties received. In August of 2004, US$2,308 was distributed to 36 landowners. This was essentially seed funding in the earlier days of SL when even a popular build could still become economically unviable due to very low population numbers.
  • In mid-2006, stipends based on dwell were removed as population growth provided a audience sufficient enough to support a more conventional economy in Second Life.
  • Traffic is counted only on a per-land-parcel basis, irregardless of whether the land is group-owned, individual holdings, mainland or private island land.
  • Traffic also determines which "Popular Places" are selected each night. You can see these by clicking on the Find button and selecting the "Popular Places" tab. They also appear on the Map as a "thumbs up" icon.
  • The traffic of all avatars count, regardless of their membership status.