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Info about available Resident-created tools to make Second Life easier for the disabled



Accessibility, open source, Universal Design, etc.

Accessibility Issues with Second Life

Solutions and Sources

Keyboard/Mouse Impairment Accessibility Issues

Including inworld work-arounds, voice recognition software (built-in and purchased), alternative keyboards and other input options

=Hearing Impairment Accessibility Issues

Including V2T transcription, delayed transcription, captioning

Print Impairment Accessibility Issues

Including adjusting UI size, Voice Chat, T2V transcription, text reader devices

Other Accessibility Issues

Including safety for adult-children

Discussions of Accessibility Issues

Transcripts and calendar of events

Public Issue Tracker (JIRAs) Related to Accessibility Issues

Including directions how to use it

User-developed Projects To Develop Accessibility Tools

Including the Max technologies, Restricted Viewer, Access Viewer, and Radegast

Academic Research Projects Related to Accessibility

==Related Resources==