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Info about available Resident-created tools

This page was started to collect and share accessibility resources which make Second Life easier to use. If you spot something missing, please do add your knowledge so we can all benefit from connecting the pieces together.


Text size too small?

You can enlarge this in a few ways:

  • Edit menu > Preferences > General tab and increase UI Size.
  • Also in the General tab, uncheck "Small Avatar Names" (to the right of "Show Names"
  • In Preferences > Text Chat tab, set Chat Font Size to Large.

Open source

Second Life's viewer is open source, which means Residents are able to improve upon it and add user interface functionality, such as different input devices which make it easier to get around. An actual example of this was the patch for the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse, which was actually integrated into Linden Lab's main viewer.

Are there any open source viewers optimized for accessibility? Put them here.