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Transcript for Monday August 29, 2011

[11:00] Melvin Starbrook good evening Viale
[11:01] Hypatia Meili hi viale (high street)
[11:01] Viale Linden Hi
[11:01] Melvin Starbrook or morning for you :)
[11:01] Temperance Hax hello
[11:01] Counter Landfall Hi Viale (Hi Avenue)
[11:01] Counter Landfall Hi everyone
[11:01] Viale Linden looks like Zexpo has reduced attendees for the Adult user group
[11:01] Counter Landfall as expected :-)
[11:02] Temperance Hax We ar all shagged out hehe
[11:02] Melvin Starbrook hihi just coming fromm zexpo "_
[11:02] Melvin Starbrook :)
[11:02] Hypatia Meili i think a few arnt even online
[11:02] Innula Zenovka it's a public holiday in the UK, so some Brits may be otherwise engaged
[11:02] Viale Linden let me give everyone a couple of min
[11:03] Counter Landfall and some might have lost power or such in the US
[11:03] Viale Linden we will have brett Linden here at 11:15 to follow-up on Adult content in Destination Guide
[11:04] Counter Landfall very good
[11:04] Viale Linden Ok
[11:04] Viale Linden Lets get started
[11:04] Huntress Catteneo ok have my coffee :)
[11:05] Viale Linden Last week I mentioned that we are requesting proposals for an adult gateway
[11:05] Viale Linden Let me share the link
[11:05] Viale Linden
[11:06] Hypatia Meili i can see something that could be problmatic for other not involved in any proposal
[11:06] Viale Linden We have received some interest
[11:06] Counter Landfall I guess it is the same as last week or are there any updates?
[11:06] Hypatia Meili wha ezactly does "exclusive use of “Zindra” name" mean
[11:06] Innula Zenovka That's encouraging, Viale
[11:06] Viale Linden and I have seen this picked up on SLuniverse
[11:06] Viale Linden So the actual parcels will have zindra in the names
[11:07] Hypatia Meili youhave groups alreadyinexistance wi the name zindra
[11:07] Hypatia Meili and some parcles
[11:07] Viale Linden Descriptions are fine
[11:07] Melvin Starbrook and you cant use zindra elsewhere?
[11:07] Hypatia Meili seach works inits own way too
[11:07] Hypatia Meili can my shopdescitptionsay i am on zindra
[11:07] Viale Linden Ideally it will help search results
[11:07] Zada Bury sorry for late ... but was need to grab some pics befireä
[11:07] Melvin Starbrook search works? :)
[11:07] Hypatia Meili it wher i am
[11:08] Melvin Starbrook Melvin Starbrook giggles

[11:08] Counter Landfall Zindra is just like Texas. It is a land area
[11:08] Viale Linden today - type zindra in search
[11:08] Viale Linden you get the linden owned sim called zindra
[11:08] Temperance Hax Will Zindra Vortex remain Vortex?
[11:08] Viale Linden That is fine
[11:09] Viale Linden The idea is that we will promote it as an entry point into adult content
[11:09] Hypatia Meili "Hypatia's shop - located on the contanentswe can not mention" ?
[11:09] Hypatia Meili :p
[11:09] Viale Linden The promotion is the important part
[11:09] Temperance Hax but can someon have zindra imprts as a shop name?
[11:10] Viale Linden Also Resildents will own it and not LindenLab
[11:10] Hypatia Meili can zindra alinces stay zindra aliance if ZA doen not take the 4 sims (zindra alinces can stay if zindra Aliance ZA do not take the 4 sims)
[11:10] Viale Linden sure
[11:10] Temperance Hax promoting zindra seemskindof pointles sis everyoneelse has to call it the fishland or something
[11:10] Hypatia Meili see wher it can be confusing
[11:10] Temperance Hax cool
[11:11] Temperance Hax yeah I dontlike exlusive use of so braod
[11:11] Innula Zenovka As I understand it, Hypatia, you can call the parcel "Hypatia's shop" and have "This is Hypatia's Zindra shop" in the description, but you won't be able to call the parcel itself "Hypatias shop on Zindra", just "Hypatia's shop"
[11:11] Viale Linden That is correct Innula
[11:11] Viale Linden Thanks
[11:11] Hypatia Meili and it doen aply to group names (and does it aply to group names)
[11:11] Hypatia Meili just land?
[11:12] Viale Linden just the parcel name
[11:12] Temperance Hax sow hat we we all zindra now?
[11:12] Hypatia Meili and vortex wilbe exempt as imnfra structure?
[11:12] Storyof Oh who will police parcel sales on zindra to check use of the Z word?
[11:12] Viale Linden vortex is not part of the request for proposal
[11:13] Zada Bury HEya today, Brett.
[11:13] Brett hello :)
[11:13] Temperance Hax I dontlike the idea at all, whoever gets it willhave an advantage without making everyone else unable to use the word
[11:13] Hypatia Meili but then it would not be alowed to use zindra in name?
[11:13] Innula Zenovka Hi, Brett
[11:13] Temperance Hax its like saying yucan be English fish shop
[11:13] Viale Linden Brett Linden is here to talk about how Adult content providers can promote them selves in the Destination Guide
[11:13] Brett :) hi innula
[11:13] Melvin Starbrook mm i like fishies
[11:13] Brett hello everyone
[11:13] Temperance Hax cos the uk givt sold the right rights tobe english to toyoto or something
[11:14] Temperance Hax hi Brett
[11:14] Brett Last week I mentioned that the editorial team was starting to include A-rated venues in the Destination Guide. This is already happening...and you can see examples of what is live by filtering by A ratings:
[11:14] Brett Since last week, there have been some internal Linden Lab conversations re: the establishment of better guidelines.
[11:15] Counter Landfall Hi Brett
[11:15] Hypatia Meili Vaile seach "zindra" under places in all search
[11:15] Brett We've added the following info to our Destination Guide FAQ on the Second Life wiki:
[11:15] Hypatia Meili hi brett
[11:15] Viale Linden Brett has the floor
[11:15] Brett
[11:15] Brett As you can see, we are looking at the industry standard for guidelines in adult content advertising used by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.
[11:15] Brett This means that we will review all text and images with the goal of keeping things PG-13 in nature.
[11:16] Brett To be clear, this is only in reference to the text and image in the Destination Guide listing and does not reflect any policy change in Second Life activity at large or for Classifieds.
[11:16] Viale Linden This is great news
[11:16] Storyof Oh and profiles?
[11:16] Viale Linden I want to build out a category for Adult content
[11:16] Viale Linden Jsut talking about destination guide
[11:17] Zada Bury is it possible to include in the FAQ the description of PG13? Not all are familar with
[11:17] Brett One thing you can do now is filter by A rating...for example,
[11:17] Melvin Starbrook PG-13? is 13 choosen to be save or...
[11:17] Viale Linden Zada ~ that should give you an example
[11:17] Hypatia Meili i think th curen word filter doen adhear to pg-13 inboth directions at times (i think th curen filter is to do adhear PG-13 inboth directions at times)
[11:18] Zada Bury more "what's allowed , what not" ... not "what would you tell your grandmother or a class of kidsgarden kids"
[11:18] Brett To see examples of the entries that we have published so far, you can see what is live now at that link. But, we anticipate that we'll have many more entries to review as you submit your venues
[11:18] Viale Linden Brett will deal with your submissions on a 1:1 basis
[11:19] Brett The Destination Guide does include maturity ratings that help residents decide what is right for them -- but, as you can see on the web version of the Destination Guide (, anyone of any age can see all listings in the current form.
[11:19] Storyof Oh so a destination description suitable for 13 years old who then tp in and get a shock peachy....
[11:19] Viale Linden However, the best practisies gives you a good idea
[11:19] Brett We will continue to review the policy in the future as maturity rating settings and functionality are reviewed and/or modified. However, the good news is that we are reviewing all rated regions immediately.
[11:19] Zada Bury "folk music", Story? ^.^
[11:19] Melvin Starbrook wow..
[11:19] Zada Bury ((sorry, was hard to resist about the 2shocking))
[11:20] Melvin Starbrook that may become a lot of work.. respect for you hihi
[11:20] Viale Linden Keep in mind this is for adult content and should not be limited to zindra mainland
[11:20] Brett Yes, this is for A-rated content in gneral, including (but not exclusive to) Zindra
[11:20] Storyof Oh well no seeing as there is a lot of adult content in mature and pg if you look hard enough
[11:20] Viale Linden Just like thise user group ....
[11:21] Hypatia Meili dont need to lok that hard
[11:21] Couldbe you don't even have to look very hard to find it
[11:21] Hypatia Meili i did som exploring this week
[11:21] Storyof Oh ;)
[11:21] Counter Landfall for someone living in a country where gays and lebians have equal rights as any other couples, where do you draw the line on what is adult or not for a gay or lesbian location?
[11:21] Viale Linden Brett is an editor by training
[11:21] Brett For follow up, I'm happy to chat with anyone one-on-one or email with your ???
[11:22] Viale Linden and will start to buld categories as the content comes in
[11:22] Brett Hi Counter. We do have an LGBT section -- and certainly being LGBT does not equate to an automatic A rating
[11:22] Viale Linden Please tell your friends and I hope this helps you build your community
[11:22] Brett
[11:23] Counter Landfall so a gay activist group for instance is not adult?
[11:23] Viale Linden Yes, LGBT does not equal Adult
[11:23] Zada Bury I only ask for a better description for PG13 ... becasue in my contry it's a bit more open in some things ... and our maturity-rating not matching these from the US ... sooo ... haveing a description, examples, list ... would safe Brett work and show us more easy "what is possible, what not
[11:23] Counter Landfall PG-13 only exist in my country as a classification on films from the US.
[11:24] Brett For any submissions, please look at the industry standard guidelines linked to in the wiki for guidance...but we will take a look as well and can work with you one on one
[11:24] Viale Linden Oh jeez counter
[11:24] Couldbe pg-13 is only a classification for films as far as I know
[11:24] Brett
[11:24] Viale Linden good question though
[11:24] Temperance Hax I thought lgbt would be adult if the land is set adult, not otherwise?
[11:24] Viale Linden Brett ~ not everyone understands PG-13
[11:24] Storyof Oh and remember we are dealing with a country that doesnt have topless sunbathing....
[11:24] Hypatia Meili it seems tohave been more recently aplied to regular computer games also
[11:25] Zada Bury right, Couldbe ... but Europe is about "nudity" more easy than US ... and more strict about violence
[11:25] Innula Zenovka But since Brett is content to work with us on refining the descriptions.. so long as it's not like the guessing game we sometimes have to pay with automated system in the marketplace
[11:25] Storyof Oh yup we see love making as more natural than carrying guns and shooting people
[11:25] Hypatia Meili Titties a no no but decapataion is fine !
[11:25] Brett The rating of the region is not a variable in whether or not we will list in the DG. Our concern is in the image and text descriptions in the Destination Guide only
[11:26] Hypatia Meili depends wher you are
[11:26] Viale Linden brb
[11:26] Brett innula..yes, we are happy to work with you one on one
[11:26] Zada Bury right ... and these we wanna make from the begin on right, matching your wishes.
[11:27] Brett is the best way to get ahold of us or use the submission form
[11:27] Huntress Catteneo the form always fails me lol
[11:27] Viale Linden i am back
[11:27] Huntress Catteneo never goes though
[11:27] Innula Zenovka wb, viale (wb Avenue)
[11:27] Brett sorry huntress :( email us I think you did with your last submission
[11:28] Huntress Catteneo last 2 lol
[11:28] Huntress Catteneo had to do it with ArtFest
[11:28] Temperance Hax If the simis called "orgy room" or more explicit will the sim name get modesty asterisked?
[11:28] Viale Linden I am hoping you guys make Brett Busy
[11:29] Temperance Hax yay artfest
[11:29] Huntress Catteneo lol
[11:29] Viale Linden I would like to finds more ways to promore your content
[11:29] Zada Bury In the moment, I am more busy to think, in which catagory ...
[11:29] Melvin Starbrook allready told two owners of adult clubs :))
[11:29] Counter Landfall I would like Brett to attend one of our group mettings to give a presentation about this?
[11:29] Melvin Starbrook Melvin Starbrook giglels

[11:29] Melvin Starbrook pity they arent in world
[11:29] Brett Temperance...any text will need to be consistent with the guidelines so we would work with you on that one on one
[11:29] Viale Linden As yall know - the destination Guide appears on the web and in search
[11:29] Viale Linden It has good amount of impressions
[11:30] Temperance Hax This is wonderful about Adult Destinations:) Tale Weavers will apply when we finish current art evetn
[11:30] Hypatia Meili i hope th guidlines wont be secret
[11:30] Viale Linden Brett ~ we should build up the category and introduce witha blog post
[11:30] Hypatia Meili thats the game we we have been playing with search
[11:30] Viale Linden We can get Innula's help to promote on SLuniverse
[11:31] Viale Linden I want to give residents the power to promote themselves
[11:31] Viale Linden You dont need LL to promote a special event
[11:31] Counter Landfall Viale, loosen the tie in the forums and let people have good exchanges there so we dont have to go off world to discuss things?
[11:31] Viale Linden We should celebrate adult content everyday
[11:31] Innula Zenovka I'm just a poster there
[11:31] Counter Landfall even adult discussions
[11:32] Brett So, I realize many of you will want to follow up directly re: your specific venue -- so please either use the form, email or IM me and we'll follow up
[11:32] Viale Linden counter - hold that forum thought
[11:32] Temperance Hax thank you
[11:32] Viale Linden Thanks Brett
[11:32] Brett thanks everyone!!!
[11:32] Viale Linden Brett - please post a link to the form
[11:32] Counter Landfall bye Brett and thanks
[11:32] Innula Zenovka Thanks, Brett
[11:33] Brett ok one sec for link
[11:33] Viale Linden I am hoping to get some good content
[11:33] Brett
[11:33] Viale Linden great
[11:33] Viale Linden Thanks again
[11:33] Brett and, if you don't see the venue live or hear back from us, feel free to email to follow up directly
[11:33] Qie thanks Brett
[11:33] Temperance Hax great news
[11:33] Brett thanks again...bye everyone :)
[11:33] Zada Bury *waves to Brett*
[11:33] Melvin Starbrook thank you Brett
[11:34] Viale Linden Brett is a star and really loves the SL community
[11:34] Hypatia Meili be brett
[11:34] Hypatia Meili by
[11:34] Viale Linden ok
[11:34] Zada Bury then he must love Zexpo ... sign is this year alsoa star ^.^
[11:34] Viale Linden I want to take up Counter's concern about the forums?
[11:35] Viale Linden counter?
[11:36] Hypatia Meili consdering th rest of th SL websites , wht cant ther be a vefied section to to forums for adult topics, no that it should be anything goes.
[11:36] Counter Landfall right
[11:36] Counter Landfall the forums
[11:36] Viale Linden That sounds interesting
[11:36] Counter Landfall it kinda bugs me that I have to go to SLU to find out what is going on in SL
[11:37] Viale Linden I will ping the forums folks and ask them to come to next meeting
[11:37] Viale Linden I think that is a great idea
[11:37] Counter Landfall the forums should be the natural location unless you want gossip
[11:37] Viale Linden Just need to understand the issues
[11:37] Hypatia Meili something else
[11:37] Hypatia Meili can we expect beter enforcement in mature and PG since verfication is now easyer
[11:37] Counter Landfall also there is restrictions on the nature on discussions because they need to be PG-13
[11:37] Viale Linden Maybe I could have them attend next week
[11:37] Viale Linden to discuss ideas
[11:38] Qie It's a bit of a vulnerability for LL, too, to have a whole topic area be relegated to a third party forum over which LL has no say at all.
[11:38] Counter Landfall if you mange to sell to adult verified in the marketplace, you should be able to open the forusm likewise?
[11:38] Viale Linden The only concern is that spammers could take over the conversation
[11:39] Hypatia Meili welthat stil hapens now without being adult (welthat style hapens nu utan wellbeing adult)
[11:39] Viale Linden That would be a cool feature
[11:39] Hypatia Meili like i said sohul not mean anything goes
[11:39] Qie I mean, I like Cristiano and SLUniverse, but not everybody is required to feel the same way, and LL may not want to depend on Cristiano being a reasonable person.
[11:39] Viale Linden adult verify to enter the adult forum
[11:39] Hypatia Meili shold mean adult topic ar ok
[11:39] Viale Linden yes
[11:39] Innula Zenovka isn't that inherent in the situation, though, Qie? A lot of any discussions of SL are always going to happen on SLU or one of the other external forums because we can speak more freely there
[11:39] Counter Landfall you basically have the code in SLM it only needs to be tweked a tad
[11:40] Viale Linden let me investigate
[11:40] Viale Linden Forums are on the parking loty
[11:40] Viale Linden Anyone here going to submit a proposal for the adult gateway?
[11:40] Counter Landfall we had a good discussion on it yesterday in the group meeting
[11:41] Counter Landfall it needs more refinement, so we shall see ;-)
[11:41] Temperance Hax adult o rnotis built into marketplace it may have to be stitche onto forums
[11:41] Viale Linden We have not broadcasted loud, but I see others picking up the conversation
[11:41] Hypatia Meili have you presented to any who donot atend this meeting?
[11:41] Qie (Innula, yeah, you're probably right, re: forums)
[11:41] Hypatia Meili becaus as far as i see the only 2 posblites here ar ZA or Zexpo
[11:42] Viale Linden I want to give everyone a chance - just want to make sure the expeirence is welcoming
[11:43] Couldbe If you have problems getting rid of them, split two off and I'll take the, off your hands.
[11:43] Zada Bury Zada Bury drops a needle.

[11:43] Couldbe take them off your hands
[11:43] Temperance Hax Well the use of zindra exclsively worie sme, those business who use the islands will work that
[11:43] Counter Landfall under the Zindra name?
[11:44] Temperance Hax and zexpo willbe an illegal name if they dont buy it? hehe
[11:44] Storyof Oh you mea the aplication proposal is for a welcoming venue?
[11:44] Viale Linden I also think the destination guide will open up adult a bit and if we dont go with a gateway that is fine too
[11:45] Counter Landfall for a gatweay to be viable it needs to pay for itself
[11:45] Couldbe A gateway would be good but let's face it, there's probably only a couple of names who have the resources to do it
[11:45] Couldbe you're a couple of years too late
[11:45] Storyof Oh so u sell to highest bidder?
[11:46] Counter Landfall it actually needs to pay for the staff too
[11:46] Storyof Oh yup w are all poor here nowLL saw to that;)
[11:46] Innula Zenovka well, they might want to put together a consortium and sublet space on it..that's what i'd do if i had the resources
[11:46] Hypatia Meili that just it payig for it and bein a public gate way are a bit in opostion to each other
[11:47] Viale Linden The right entrpreneur will find a way to make it profitable
[11:47] Temperance Hax Zindra being likea countries name im worried businesses cant be the zindra aquariums, wonder what would happen if we couldnt have the brighton aquariums
[11:47] Viale Linden Not reall a welcome area - contingent upon the group providing a positive experience for all Residents interested in adult content
[11:47] Zada Bury "profitable" meaning "boreing mall"
[11:47] Viale Linden Zada ~ no one wants that
[11:47] Counter Landfall no Zada (no Task Force on FDI)
[11:48] Hypatia Meili there already ar existinfg uses of zindra in place names
[11:48] Storyof Oh LL kills our businesses cuts off our income then after over a year expects us to buy our destiny for top dollar...
[11:48] Viale Linden I would imagine the person could promote adult content
[11:48] Hypatia Meili nevermind other stuff
[11:48] Viale Linden other than their own goods
[11:48] Zada Bury I know ... but ... well ... I would like to know other ideas for a self-paying area.
[11:48] Qie Incidentally... is the mechanics to leave those sims in the Mainland estate, or to set up a separate estate for them? Would that be an option that could be proposed?
[11:48] Storyof Oh no one can afford to run a charity sim
[11:49] Viale Linden Qie - send me a proposal
[11:49] Qie oh, I wish I could, Viale. But... I'm not the right guy for this one. Hoping Stroker or somebody steps up.
[11:50] Storyof Oh and he doesnt need it
[11:50] Qie (but I'll send an email later, explaining more about the "estate" business, and why it might matter)
[11:50] Viale Linden The main motivation is to gett LL out of this as a middle person. The status quo of zindra sim is not sustainable without the lab help
[11:50] ?íss Zå??dz?í hello all
[11:50] Counter Landfall he laughed it off in SLU
[11:50] Viale Linden Thanks Qie
[11:50] Counter Landfall and why put a financial drain on his business
[11:50] Zada Bury ((welcome Ludmilia))
[11:50] Hypatia Meili well you not going to get sombidy to tak it on , unlesmaybe at substtail tier discount
[11:51] Qie Counter, I missed that. that sucks. he could save a ton of fees this way.
[11:51] Temperance Hax I have an idea if anyone needs one, but not the ability
[11:51] Counter Landfall tier is not the main cost, the operation and keeping it vibrant is the big cost
[11:51] Storyof Oh how qui? (how to?)
[11:52] Hypatia Meili if you lkien tier to traxes , call it a tax break being a chraity
[11:52] Temperance Hax Viale- Iwaned t ask abou tmotd and zexpo? (Viale-Iwaned ask abou t tmotd and zexp?)
[11:52] Temperance Hax Zexpo is hugely good btw:) yay
[11:52] Qie Story, he's paying Estate fees now, not Mainland tier... but he could get all the control he has now, plus a lock-in on promotion... I thought he was a better businessman than that.
[11:53] Innula Zenovka where did he do that, Counter? not in the thread Qie started about it
[11:53] Viale Linden We are promoting in destination guide
[11:53] Counter Landfall we need to talk about that Viale
[11:53] Innula Zenovka
[11:53] Viale Linden counter?
[11:53] Innula Zenovka he's not posted there
[11:54] Couldbe that's not going to pay the bills - destination guide traffic is mainly for branding and not for sales by the look of it
[11:54] Counter Landfall not here
[11:54] Couldbe so it really is a freebie to LL being in the DG
[11:54] Viale Linden send me an email
[11:54] Viale Linden Search for zindra too
[11:55] Qie Couldbe, I don't believe that. It's Siggy's experience, but then he cultivated it for a lark, as far as I could tell.
[11:55] Melvin Starbrook hihi thank you :) (hihi thank you:))
[11:55] Viale Linden Ok for next week - we will talk about Forums
[11:55] Temperance Hax Iwas wondering about MOTD
[11:55] Zada Bury (( that will take a while, Mel))
[11:55] Melvin Starbrook hihi yes :) (hihi yes:))
[11:56] Counter Landfall yes, the forums needs to be buzzing like they did
[11:56] Couldbe read the sl forums and other slu threads - it seems to be a common theme through most - lots of traffic and not much in the way of sales
[11:56] Viale Linden I will consider MOTD
[11:56] Viale Linden Is Zexpo hurting for traffic?
[11:56] Storyof Oh Temp you wont get adult promoted on MOTD
[11:56] Counter Landfall yes, it haas been ranking on page 8 in the welcome DG
[11:56] Temperance Hax nope
[11:56] Zada Bury it's hurting my free time ^.^
[11:57] Counter Landfall with 0-2 visitors showing
[11:57] Couldbe the zexpo was I think but since phoenix people don't see it, it was probably a fizzer
[11:57] Temperance Hax itsgoing great
[11:57] Viale Linden Ok
[11:57] Temperance Hax but why not let people know it is on
[11:57] Storyof Oh hmm well if u do i will arrive naked next meeting lol
[11:57] Counter Landfall the sims should be packed
[11:57] Viale Linden We did blog about it
[11:57] Viale Linden Can the Residents get the word out?
[11:57] Viale Linden without LL?
[11:57] Couldbe perhaps it was a blog post I saw
[11:57] Innula Zenovka did anyone ask Phoenix/Firestorm about featuring it?
[11:57] Temperance Hax that an error in the dg, we got heaps of people turning up
[11:57] Counter Landfall Seriously Viale, Forbidden?
[11:58] Couldbe no, because sl is designed in such a way that mass marketing is not possible
[11:58] Viale Linden Innula ~ can you promote on SLuniverse?
[11:58] Counter Landfall and the girl on the picture looks like she broke her neck
[11:58] Temperance Hax I would like MOTD
[11:58] Viale Linden Counter - can you promote to ZA?
[11:58] Qie ( last I noticed, the MOTD was something about a Japanese game "but fun is universal" ... seemed pretty expendable. )
[11:58] Innula Zenovka anyone can promote stuff on SLU
[11:58] Couldbe lol you are having a laugh aren't you?
[11:59] Counter Landfall why would I? We were not wanted there ;-)
[11:59] Viale Linden Let me discuss internally about MOTD
[11:59] Counter Landfall but of course I can
[11:59] Counter Landfall it is only 250 souls
[11:59] Viale Linden cannot promise it
[11:59] Couldbe if it's true you wanted the ZA to promise that they weren't going to grief the zexpo before they could have a stall, I'd say that promoting it to the group would be like inviting all those griefing group members to have some fun
[11:59] Counter Landfall and half of them are there laready
[12:00] Innula Zenovka if anyone from Zexpo wants to promote it SLU Events, then Cristiano will be happy, I am sure
[12:00] Innula Zenovka it in
[12:00] Temperance Hax Maybe yu missed Counter doesnt want Zexpo and hates idea, he mentioned inthe minutes of your first meeting about 5 times
[12:01] Temperance Hax thank you Viale:)
[12:01] Counter Landfall ZA has never said anything about notwanting zexpo
[12:01] Counter Landfall we have discussed the sue of the sims and the zexpo group
[12:01] Viale Linden ok sounds like a cliff hanger
[12:01] Counter Landfall not the event
[12:01] Viale Linden lets drop that
[12:01] Temperance Hax ty Innula (Innula Company)
[12:01] Temperance Hax you putit inthe agenda
[12:02] Temperance Hax maybe dont make agenda points yu dont agree with in future:)
[12:02] Viale Linden However, would like to see some resident movement about promoting these events
[12:02] Temperance Hax ok
[12:02] Couldbe well the next time there's an adult content event we'll be sure to promote it
[12:02] Viale Linden Thanks all for attending
[12:02] Counter Landfall I suggest you update the headline displayed in DG to be more inviting
[12:02] Innula Zenovka
[12:02] Zada Bury Thank you for the time Vial ... see you on ZEXPO ... 12N Discusson: Roleplay on Adult Sims
[12:02] Temperance Hax chat lag (IM team)
[12:02] Qie thanks Viale
[12:02] Counter Landfall and you alos put ina picture that invites to both men and women
[12:02] Zada Bury e (and)
[12:03] Temperance Hax thanks Viale hugely positive steps forward (Hugely positive steps forward thanks Viale)
[12:03] Innula Zenovka thanks Viale
[12:03] Temperance Hax much to celebrate
[12:03] Counter Landfall cheers Viale (cheers Avenue)
[12:03] Melvin Starbrook thank you Viale :)
[12:04] Zada Bury *whispers* At least we have then a funny victim tor the guillotine this time