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Transcript for Monday October 24, 2011

[10:02] CrystalShard Foo :p
[10:03] Zada Bury Heya Androcles and Viale
[10:03] Innula Zenovka hiya
[10:03] Counter Landfall Hi Viale
[10:03] Counter Landfall Hi Nal
[10:04] Viale Linden Hello
[10:04] CrystalShard Foo Hai.
[10:04] Zada Bury Heya Nal
[10:04] Nal Hi Zada
[10:04] Androcles Megadon hello everyone :)
[10:05] Zada Bury WElcome to Angela
[10:05] Angela Kahealani Aloha
[10:05] Counter Landfall Hi Androcles
[10:05] CrystalShard Foo brb a sec
[10:05] Zada Bury Heya Qie.
[10:06] Qie Hi Zada, all.
[10:06] Innula Zenovka hiya Qie
[10:06] Zada Bury Greetings to Imaze.
[10:06] ?????-----o-----????? hello
[10:06] Viale Linden Ok
[10:06] Viale Linden How is everyone today?
[10:06] CrystalShard Foo Puzzled, mostly!
[10:06] Innula Zenovka fine thanks, how are you?
[10:07] Zada Bury Mostly good.
[10:07] Viale Linden I received one agenda item this week
[10:08] Viale Linden So I will give a quick update and then I will let Counter have the floor
[10:08] Counter Landfall ok
[10:08] Zada Bury Oh ... there was a quastion .. we should still eMail them to you, not change the Wiki, right?
[10:08] Viale Linden As you may know, we launched the Adult Content Forum last week
[10:08] Viale Linden It was a slow start, but it picked up over the weekend
[10:09] Zada Bury (( heya Evelynn))
[10:09] Viale Linden we have 3 boards in the adult content foum
[10:09] Viale Linden forum
[10:09] Evelynn Kidd hi all sorry i am late
[10:09] Viale Linden Events, General Discussion and Feedback
[10:10] Viale Linden As with most of our Forums, it is open to all
[10:11] Zada Bury ((wb, imaze))
[10:11] Counter Landfall will it be linked to the general forums?
[10:11] Counter Landfall it seems to be on some odd URl at the moment
[10:11] Counter Landfall URL
[10:11] Zada Bury ((welcome Ash))
[10:12] Viale Linden It is a main category on forums
[10:12] Innula Zenovka it's right down at the bottom of the page, underneath international and stuff
[10:12] Viale Linden The other update, is we are still doing paperwork on the welcome proposal
[10:12] Ash Weststar (Cheers Zada)
[10:13] Viale Linden These things take time
[10:13] Viale Linden so no news there
[10:13] Viale Linden The Destination Guide seems to be picking up with great content
[10:14] Counter Landfall right, I was not logged in when I looked for it
[10:14] Zada Bury ((heya, Tech))
[10:14] Viale Linden That is my update for today. Before we go into general discussion. Counter has asked to present an event from the Zindra Alliance
[10:14] Counter Landfall Thanks
[10:15] Counter Landfall This is more like a pre announcement
[10:15] Counter Landfall Soe of you may remember the naughty nsowman competition that was held in the Zindra sim last year?
[10:15] Evelynn Kidd yes
[10:15] Counter Landfall we want to follow up with an event this year also, but do it slighlty different
[10:16] Counter Landfall so our intention is for a Naughty Snowman competition and hunt 2011 to be held in December
[10:16] Counter Landfall preliminary outline is:
[10:16] Counter Landfall The preliminary outline is that any land/business owner on the Zindra continent can register for an installment to the competition in two classes; Mesh and traditional prim+sculpt.
[10:17] Counter Landfall A hunt / voting will then be organized running over 2-3 weeks where residents from all over the grid can visit the installments, vote for best entry in the two classes, and hunt for a gift at the location.
[10:17] Counter Landfall The purpose of the event is to have fun, generate traffic for Zindra businesses, build community and strengthen the general image of "Destination Zindra".
[10:17] Counter Landfall To register an installment you need to be a member of the Zindra Alliance group, but the land / business owner can join forces with anyone on the grid to create the installment for the competition.
[10:17] Counter Landfall The event will tentatively run from Thanksgiving up till Christmas.
[10:17] Viale Linden Like it
[10:18] Viale Linden You should generaate interest on the Forum
[10:18] Counter Landfall I guess some will see it as a limitation that you must be member of ZA to participate with a location, but it is kinda like you had to be in zexpo to be on that event
[10:18] Evelynn Kidd bravo
[10:18] Viale Linden Like it
[10:19] Counter Landfall the question for the forum is where do we post it right now
[10:19] Counter Landfall under events or general discussion
[10:19] Counter Landfall ... as it is not an event yet
[10:19] Nal As it is planning stage I w ould thing GD
[10:19] Viale Linden Very organic and you can promote in Destination Guide and Forum
[10:20] Counter Landfall I hope it will bring some visitors into the sims of Zindra
[10:20] Counter Landfall and the mesh part should encourage new creators and adoption of mesh capable viewers
[10:20] Viale Linden I would post in general discussion and when the event becomes live, push over there
[10:21] Counter Landfall sounds good Viale
[10:21] Viale Linden I would also submit the idea to
[10:21] Counter Landfall obviously we need volunteers
[10:21] Counter Landfall will do
[10:21] Viale Linden that way it will go into Destination Guide touchpoints
[10:21] Counter Landfall but I will add that to the forum posting
[10:22] Counter Landfall like a voting champion for instance
[10:22] Viale Linden Thanks counter for moving this forward and let me know how we can help
[10:22] Counter Landfall we will get back to you as we move it forward. thanks
[10:22] Viale Linden I encourage everyone to promote their events through these new channels
[10:22] Nal Does the forum have a Poll feature?
[10:23] Counter Landfall the software platform does, but I dont think it has been deployed
[10:23] Nal Thx
[10:24] Viale Linden What were you thinking Nal?
[10:25] Counter Landfall even though web based voting is easy to set up, it is easy to stuff the vote, so I would prefer in-world voting based on agent keys
[10:25] Nal We need and easy voting method for lots of SL events. As it is now it is always a script or script and web site thing to record votes. SL needs somethng easy. I suppose I could search the JIRA
[10:25] Counter Landfall would make it more fair
[10:26] Viale Linden inworld voting would be better as it would encourage traffic
[10:26] Nal Most forum polls allow a single vote per user.
[10:26] Counter Landfall that too
[10:27] Viale Linden However, I think polls could be a cool new feature
[10:27] Nal If the forum poll were usable it might be an inducement to visit rather than trying to force it. It might attrack atention in the forum and pull people to Zindra.
[10:28] Viale Linden I will look into it and report back on the Forum
[10:28] Nal But an easy in-world voting system would be nice. Especially of results could push to the forum
[10:28] Viale Linden Under Feedback
[10:29] Viale Linden Likeit Nal
[10:30] Viale Linden We should start posting more feedback on the Forum for transparency and so others can contribute
[10:31] Evelynn Kidd ok
[10:31] Counter Landfall agreed
[10:32] Viale Linden wink to people in different timezones and people that work during the week
[10:32] Viale Linden I wont reply to every item, but it is good to see the items
[10:33] Viale Linden Good to see our Zindra Alliance friends are busy with Holiday events. Any othere planning?
[10:33] Zada Bury ((wb Crystal))
[10:33] ?????-----o-----????? polls are not necessary working so well - people like from so different things - maybe somekind hierarchy like structure thingy? Like finding destination that are matching with keywords - instead of "most voted detination"
[10:33] CrystalShard Foo CrystalShard Foo has a very stable internet day.

[10:34] Ash Weststar I don't think it will stop people from playing the system. One merely needs to look at Cummere Mayo's army of alts on voting things on the Jira.
[10:34] Innula Zenovka i'm holding off planning stuff till i know what's happening with the welcome centre
[10:35] Viale Linden ahhh
[10:35] Ash Weststar I don't see it being much different in world.
[10:35] Counter Landfall what is the dependency on the welcome center Innula? (out of curiosity)
[10:36] Innula Zenovka because i see it as a major change, particularly for adult estate sims, and before i plan any promotions i want to talk to the people running it about hooking in with them if i can
[10:37] Counter Landfall ok
[10:37] Viale Linden The Destination Guide and Forum will hopefully remove the need to be so dependent on one ares
[10:37] Viale Linden area
[10:38] Angela Kahealani one area dependency?
[10:38] Viale Linden With Age verification, the destination guide will soon be recommended for age verified adults
[10:38] Viale Linden This will give you all more eyes
[10:39] Angela Kahealani is there any hope to verify age without requiring citizenship at the same time?
[10:39] Counter Landfall speaking of which... the email you talked about Viale, where are you enroute on that?
[10:39] Innula Zenovka how, "recommended"? you mean, after you age verify on the website, you'll be taken to that page?
[10:39] Ash Weststar I thought age verification only required a birthdate now and nothing more?
[10:39] ?????-----o-----????? payment info
[10:39] Viale Linden Ciorrect Ash
[10:39] Innula Zenovka that's what i thought, Ash
[10:39] ?????-----o-----????? oh
[10:39] Viale Linden Only age verification
[10:40] Viale Linden let me get the KB article
[10:40] Innula Zenovka you confirm that the birthdate you gave when you registered is, in fact, right
[10:40] Viale Linden
[10:40] Angela Kahealani so you can offer proof of age and age verify withOUT also prooving that you have a bank account?
[10:40] Innula Zenovka yep
[10:41] Viale Linden Email should start soon
[10:41] Innula Zenovka i created an alt test it, Angela.. it's very painless
[10:41] Counter Landfall good, will look forward to that
[10:41] Innula Zenovka an alt to test it
[10:43] Ash Weststar It's not really age verification as much as just filling in a date. There is no actual verification taking place beyond asking the user to be truthful, under my understanding.
[10:43] Viale Linden Ok
[10:43] Viale Linden Not many topics today
[10:43] Viale Linden I will be checking in on the forum
[10:43] Counter Landfall any update on the 4 sims?
[10:44] Viale Linden and you can get in touch with me via email
[10:44] Viale Linden Counter - you mean welcome proposal?
[10:44] Counter Landfall yes
[10:44] Viale Linden Still working out details
[10:44] Viale Linden litlle back in forth
[10:44] Counter Landfall so is it gonna be 2012? ;-))
[10:45] Viale Linden hopefully not
[10:45] Evelynn Kidd lol, 2013?
[10:45] Viale Linden Hopefully sooner
[10:45] Viale Linden However, yopu are all gateways on the destination Guide
[10:45] Counter Landfall we all know the world ends on Dec 21, 2012, haha
[10:46] Qie promises, promises
[10:46] Viale Linden Ha
[10:46] Zada Bury Is that posted on the event-guide, Counter?
[10:46] Counter Landfall brilliant idea Zada
[10:46] Viale Linden Everyn - hopefully the forum will help with your schedule
[10:46] Counter Landfall maybe we shall have a series of parties leading up to that next year
[10:46] Evelynn Kidd yes
[10:47] Viale Linden Lets plan on checking in as a group in 2 wekks
[10:47] Viale Linden weeks