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This page is intended to provide for you a list of Apprentice Buddies who are willing to present their name, preferred contact method, information about their availability for shadowing, information about their shadow experience offerings, and information about following up with them if necessary once in the official Second Life Mentor group. Apprentice Buddies are not required to enter information in this wiki, and not all forms will be filled for each Apprentice Buddy.

  • Apprentice Buddy Name - Your name!
  • Preferred Contact Method - How you wish to make contact with Apprentices for shadowing purposes
  • Availability Information - Special considerations regarding your availability as an Apprentice Buddy
  • Shadow Experience Information - Any particular information about your shadow experience or how you tailor your experience for the apprentice
  • Follow up - Some Apprentice Buddies asked that they make themselves available not just to Apprentices but to those who cross over from Apprentices to the official Mentor group.. this section allows for any special follow up information on how you like to help in the official Mentor group as a Buddy.
  • Language Specialties - Any language specialties you have to offer.

Apprentice Buddies: In the "Edit" screen you will see the option to replace various ( ) fields with your information. If you have any questions, please see a VTeam member or contact one of your fellow Mentor Scribes. Please also add your wiki profile page to the Category:Apprentice Buddies via Template:Visl.

Apprentice Buddy Name Preferred Contact Method Availability Information Shadow Experience Information Follow Up Language Specialty
Asriazh Frye IM in world or Notecard Various hours (EU based) Individualized as needed Yes English, German
Jessica Lyon IM in world Mon-Fri 1pm -7pm SLT Offering Shadow experience Yes English
Holger Gilruth Ingame IM Mon-Sun different Offering Shadow experience Voice+Chat Yes German, English
Michel Lemmon IM in world or Notecard Various hours (EU based) OI & HI Shadowing Experience, or individualized as needed Yes Italian, German, French, English
Nitram Foden IM in world Daily various hours Offering Shadow experience Yes English, Nederlands, Deutsch
Jane2 McMahon IM - received offline as well By arrangement Infohub/greeter shadowing experience Yes English, some French
Susan Snookums IM or email to Preferably BST or GMT or I am prepared to Negotiate Greeter, Help Islands, Infohubs, Orientation Islands, shadowing experience. Negotiable to suit apprentice needs. Yes, Follow ups English Only!
Magda Magnolia IM (if not online, I will get a mail, and contact you soon) different times, contact first Offering Shadow Experience Yes English, Nederlands, Deutsch
XLR8RRICK Hudson ( XL ) Contact in IM or Notecard Any day of the week Help and Orientation islands and how to handle yourself in busy Welcome Areas Yes will Follow Up English only
Chaos Mohr IM - received offline as well Various hours (Central time US based) OI & HI Shadowing Experience, or individualized as needed Yes English
Jezzie McCellan IM or notecard received while offline Mostly AM Central time USA Q&A, Mentoring at HI or Info Hub with review of experience. Will continue as Mentor Buddy English only
Rails Bailey IM or Notecard Australian Time Itinary - OIP, Korea, Waterhead, Combat Sandbox, then an OI of your choice This door never closes Australian
Kwant Capalini IM inworld Various hours (EU based) Offering Shadow experience Yes English and French
Ludinha Kamachi IM or notecard Various hours(Brazil based) HIs, OIs, Welcome Areas and Infohubs, shadowing experience Yes Portuguese and English
Zai Lynch IM, eMail or discussion page none specified Q&A (Description) Yes English, German
SarahJane Rotaru IM - received offline as well By arrangement (UK Based) HIs, OIs, Welcome Areas and Infohubs, shadowing experience Yes English, some French
Moira Seelowe IM - received offline as well Monday - Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm SLT OI's, HI's Yes, will continue as Mentor Buddy. English, I use the Universal Translator (UTv7)for all others.
Biancaluce Robbiani IM in world or Notecard - IM received offline Various hours (EU based) Various kind of Shadowing Experience, individualized Yes Italian, English
Lum Pfohl IM Depending on Resident's needs. (USA GMT-5:00) New Resident Welcome, Building, Scripting, Troubleshooting Common Avatar Problems, Griefers Yes 主に日本語。Japanese only, at this time.
Simon Kline IM / Notecard / email: I'll fit in with you ^^ HIs, OIs, Welcome Areas and Infohubs, shadowing experience Yes English
Xavier Irwin Only when online via IM or Buddy System. GMT UK Based, Weekends mostly, some evenings OI, HI, Team Work, Evaluation, Summary of being a Mentor. Yes - Team Support English
Tid Kidd IM (if not online, leave me a message) or Buddy System UK GMT - I'll try to fit with you any shadowing basics you would like or need Yes English, very basic & simple French
(name) (preferred contact method) (availability info) (shadow experience info) (follow up) (language specialty)