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   I have gathered my tools and my charts,
   My plans are finished and practical.
   I shall roll up my sleeves — make Second Life over. 


Discuss, design and implement a scalable and open architecture for the future Second Life Grid.

Create an architecture and set of specifications which will form the basis for:

  • The next generation SecondLife Grid
  • World Wide Web scale hosting of Virtual World Content
  • Multiple inter-operable implementations of the complete architecture (Metaverse creation)
  • Allowing Individuals and Enterprises to host content, agents and virtual land


See below for many more details


Membership in this group is open. Start contribution to the work, and you become a member.

  • Contribute to the materials and documentation in this wiki --- a lot of material is being drafted and discussed in the AW Groupies section (also, see below).
  • Join the sldev mailing list and use tags like [ARCH] and [AWG] in the subject line.
  • Meet with others for technical discussions: Zero Linden's office hours, AW Groupies.


Formal meetings will likely be held 3-4 times/year and located in Second Life to facilitate broad participation. Meetings will be coordinated on SLDev. Group members are encouraged to self-organize smaller meetings to move forward particular work areas and discuss hot topics as needed.

See also: Zero Linden's office hour transcripts


Architecture Proposals

Individual Reviews and Feedback