Autobuild Shell Functions

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Autobuild offers a set of shell functions for use in scripts which can be added to the environment by inserting the following line into any build script:

 eval "$("$AUTOBUILD" source_environment)"

The exact shell code that is injected into your environment upon execution of this command is here.

Shell functions provided by autobuild:

pass Indicates build has succeeded
fail $comment Indicates build has failed, citing $comment in the output
fetch_archive $url $archive $md5 Uses curl to download $archive from the $url and checks the downloaded file hash against the $md5 provided.
extract $file Extracts contents of an archive appropriate for the tar extension of $file.
calc_md5 $file Calculate the md5 of $file

Windows-only shell commands (Cygwin):

build_vcproj $vcproj $config Launches a Visual Studio build of $vcproj, building configuration $config. If $USE_INCREDIBUILD is set, the same build is launched via BuildConsole, Incredibuild's command-line launcher.
build_sln $solution $config $project Launches a Visual Studio build using the solution file $solution, configuration $config, and specifying project $project.
load_vsvars Import Visual Studio paths, includes and libs into the shell environment