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Linden Lab has no actual agenda nor plans to introduce Avatar 2.0 feature. This is a residents collaborating suggestion effort.

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We are often to ask ourselves who we are and why are you here, lacking a defined meaning to build our own persona as we came to existence in Second Life. We may choose limited set of default avatar's shape and skin, but are still bounded to the very same "Ruth" avatar mesh, which has plagued us so dearly since 2002. It may be hard to realize it has been 8 years since any improvement to avatar mesh. Only minor changes recently were new tattoo and alpha layers. In last 8 years, game technologies has changed numerous times, more than we can count. Model contents grew with such astounding details. Characters are becoming more realistic and packed with appeal outfits. To put it plainly, we're due for a new avatar mesh to keep up with today standards.

There are no question that we could provide much more tangibleness features. To impact us in a way we communicate, portrait, and express ourselves more than what we're have been missing out. In between relationship of another person online and yourself.

"Great, but we could do that with Rigged Mesh Import."

True, and this is just another reason why we must make a determination whither it's a good idea or not. How big is the file size of this mesh? Would it slow down data traffic network in Second Life? How would Avatar 2.0 help or make any difference?

Also, we must be aware how many skin/clothes designers are going to build their own rigged mesh avatar to be compatible with their fashion line-ups. How many different avatar could or would they make? How many are willing to build a personal custom-made just for you?

"What if I don't want rigged mesh import nor the new Avatar 2.0 mesh, will I be able to keep my old avatar?"

Yes and you won't even notice the difference by untrained eyes.

NOTE: One may argue that this wouldn't be 2.0 but 3.0 instead. While it's true, this would be the third set of default avatar for Second Life. Before we knew Second Life, there was a "LindenWorld". A concept stage, which had Primitars for their avatars. It was later replaced with a proper avatar mesh, Ruth, when LindenWorld evolved into Second Life.     Avatar 2.0 would embark as second fully mesh avatar. Unlike Primitars, composed in a way as one described a avatar with set of prim-attachments without the "Ruth" mesh.

Avatar 2.0 Versus Rigged Mesh Import


Legacy & 2.0 Skin (UV Mapping) Support

Normal, Specular, & Displacement Mapping

Animation & Expression

Extended Shape Setting

Humanoid and Anthropomorphic