Basic Questions and Answers for Volunteer Candidates

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  • This page will be a collaborative effort from Second Life Mentors to possibly help raise the bar on acceptance in the Second Life Volunteer Program. If enough input is gathered here this may become a good basic FAQ resource also.

Second Life Mentors: Please add basic questions and answers that you think a resident should already know, prior to acceptance into Second Life Volunteers.

Questions and Answers


  • You are a member of a group. How do you leave that group?

Edit Menu > Groups > Highlight the group > Choose the leave button

(adding answers to mine, feel free to edit tho)

How do you use group chat?

How do you edit your appearance? Also how can you completely change outfits at once?

How do you find an Event in SL?

How do you "rebake" or solve other "ruthing" or appearance problems?

What is lag?

Where can you set your "home" location in SL?

When a "griefer" attacks, do you: (a) run screaming and yelling and shooting? (b) round up people and explain how to deal with it? (c) IM Torley Linden to see if he has a tutorial video on it? (d) what's a griefer?

Given the location name "SLVEC" alone, what tools might you use to find it?

How do you search for the items you are wearing currently?

What is a HUD?

Where have you helped people before?

What is the difference between a prim and an object?

What SL or RL skills do you feel you can bring to the Mentor/Volunteer group?

How do you disable particles?

What is a Linden?

What is "orbiting" and when is it OK to orbit people?

How do you find help and answers in Second Life?

WHY do you want to be a Mentor/Volunteer?

How do you create a SLURL?

What do you do if you come across a child on the main grid?

Do you know and understand the Big Six - Community Standards??

Have you read carefully the TOS?

Do you know the function and possibilities of F1?

How can you fly higher than 250 metres?

Clicking the danceball to stop dancing didn't work - how else can you stop any / all animations?

How do you upgrade your account from basic to premium?

What is the difference between No Copy and No Transfer on an item?

Where can you do Orientation tutorials once you have left your first Orientation Island?

If you have a basic account, can you own land?

How do you clear your cache?