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The Bento User Group meeting is a weekly, public meeting on Aditi, intended for discussion of the Avatar Skeleton Extension project, AKA Project Bento. Vir Linden is the moderator. Please bring questions, requests, and especially cool new avatars and meshes to show off!

Next meeting is on Thursday, July 14th, 2016, 1:00PM SLT @ the Hippotropolis Campfire Circle D

***Note: Linden Lab has an All Hand meeting on July 7th. We will host a short meeting after the all hands starting at 1:30pm SLT***


Slider changes part 2

User Questions & Topics

  1. BUG-11538 Front legs crossing on Bento Mesh quad(animal) avatars. Bug related to animation overriders that was discussed at end of the 3/3 meeting. (Dan Linden (talk))
  2. Noticeable eye-popping when attaching joint-offset meshes which include Spine & Hind Leg bones despite no weighting to eyes in mesh. (Aki Shichiroji (talk))
  3. Would it be possible to add existing "express_*" keywords to llSetAnimationOverride() for Bento facial expressions, to allow compatibility with existing facial animation scripts for Bento faces and avatars? (Liz Venenbaum (talk))