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The Bento User Group meeting is a weekly, public meeting on Aditi, intended for discussion of the Avatar Skeleton Extension project, AKA Project Bento. Vir Linden is the moderator. Please bring questions, requests, and especially cool new avatars and meshes to show off!

Next meeting is on Thursday, January 7th, 2016, 1PM SLT @ secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Mesh%20Sandbox%202/200/200/23


  • Introduction to the meeting.
  • Open Q and A.

User Questions & Topics

I'm guessing we can post questions and topics in advance of the meeting as we do in other user groups. So, I've added to Vir's page. Those with editing privileges can edit the page to add topics.

  1. Translation - What is the Lab's thinking on adding translation ability for avatar bones to the new Bento avatar after the feedback provided in JIRA and forum?

A formal method of bone-translating animations is vital for the creation of proper facial expressions.(Nalates Urriah (talk))