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What is Snack?

Snack is the nickname for an additional 'Server Release Candidate' channel that we use occasionally. It is similar to BlueSteel, LeTigre, and Magnum, but in a much smaller dose, like a snack.

Snack Release Channel

This is the Snack Release Channel. Information on what this specific channel may contain is in the release notes below. For more information on beta projects, see: Beta Server Office Hours.


Snack can come and go for any unspecified timeframe. It will be at our discretion based on the needs we decide a project requires.

Additional Info

Snack will only be on two simhosts. We may potentially ask for resident volunteers to fill the extra regions slots. These 4 sandbox regions will be open when a Snack RC is deployed. You are welcome to use them to test the new code. The regions are available to members of the group "Second Life Beta". Please join this group:

If they are closed that means there is no RC using that channel.

  1. Snack Sandbox 1
  2. Snack Sandbox 2
  3. Snack Sandbox 3
  4. Snack Sandbox 4

How To File Bugs

  2. Log in.
  3. Choose "Affects Version/s" that matches the server version from "Help->About Second Life..."
  4. Be verbose and descriptive.
  5. Be sure to add your environment.

Release Notes

Snack is a limited use Release Candidate channel. More info here: Snack. Snack enabled regions may or may not be up or enabled.

  • This is a maint-server project.
  • Scheduled 2012-10-24
  • New features
  • Bug Fixes
    • Linkability distance rules are broken
    • Group won't load - too many members. This provides a new capability to viewers to fetch member lists for large groups.
    • Get the development viewer here:
    • Converted over 50 hard-coded messages on the server to a localizable data format that can be properly displayed in the correct language in the viewer. A future viewer release will contain the messages and tags for translation.
    • Thanks to a newly added capability the simulator can now report information about script permissions granted to objects within a region. A future viewer update will use this.
    • Restored functionality of the Estate Tools, Debug, Disable collisions feature. Invoking this feature will put the affected region into a state with very limited physics. This is useful when trying to untangle performance issues or clear unwanted objects.
  • Known Issues
    • llSensor() will not work as expected.
      • Breedables may not be able to find mates
      • Breedables may not be able to find food
      • May cause uncontrollable weeping