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Release Notes for Second Life 1.16.0(0) May 4, 2007

New Features


  • Voice changes since last voice beta release:
    • Active Speakers window opens via the 'Speakers' button and shows all active voice speakers in a channel
      • Also enables volume and mute control by individual speaker
    • Mute settings for voice only are now available via the Active Speakers window
      • Avatar 'pie menu' mute option still mutes both voice and text chat simultaneously
      • This will change in future releases
  • Alt-Left and Alt-Right switch between tabs in IM
  • Ctrl-W closes one panel in IM
  • Ctrl-Shift-W closes all windows
  • Inventory sort optionally sorts system folders on top
  • Busy mode declines notecards and textures, and accepts other inventory transfers silently
  • Offline IMs from objects include object name, owner, type and SLURL
  • L$ displays 'Loading...' if balance is not yet retrieved

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a client crash when deleting objects from inventory
  • Fixed '... has left the session' when leaving group chat after talking
  • Fixed failed email when no subject is included
  • Fixed closing an inventory folder while selecting inside moves selection to My Inventory
  • Fixed build if llmozlib disabled
  • Fixed avatar name not remaining within background box
  • Fixed graphics cards with unlisted memory sizes defaulting to 16MB
  • Fixed Alt-WASD camera controls while sitting
  • Fixed first digit in Pay dialog cannot be deleted
  • Fixed minimap not opening on first login
  • Fixed 'Use Selection for Grid' referencing edge of region and not reference prim
  • Removed avatar eyeball shader
  • VWR-38: Magic Opening Folders
  • VWR-42: llSetSoundQueueing() is broken
  • VWR-71: Tabulating and moving by word (Ctrl-left, ctrl-right) off-by-one errors in scripting editor.
  • VWR-136: Seg fault in llpolymorph.cpp
  • VWR-148: llListStatistics tooltip wrong
  • VWR-165: First Digit in the 'Pay' dialog does not erase without entering more digits
  • VWR-166: moving of open folders in the inventory to an other indentation level leaves the contents on the previous level
  • VWR-326: Allow a 'limit texture recieving' in the client
  • VWR-346: Selecting Client>Character>Flush Animations immediately crashes 1.14.0.x
  • VWR-379: Fix shell scripts to use bash and not sh when appropriate.
  • VWR-429: add scons option making FMOD optional
  • VWR-414: 8-bit character in llagent.cpp comment confuses Japanese text editors

Release Notes for Second Life 1.15.0(1) April 20, 2007

Bug fixes:

  • Improved performance of inventory operations
  • Removed First Land filter in Search
  • Improved recognition of some processor types
  • Fixed extra face when using hollow with path cut
  • Fixed a way to teleport to Orientation Islands
  • Fixed right-click on your own avatar if you have a HUD attachment
  • Fixed llSetText appearance on HUD attachments
  • Fixed About Land reporting the wrong parcel when teleporting between estates
  • Fixed a source of stalled Pending Uploads
  • Fixed Texture Repeats Per Face rounding incorrectly when tabbing between fields

Release Notes for Second Life 1.15.0(0) April 17, 2007


  • Inworld rating system has been removed

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed list selection triggering when mouse-up occurs over scrollbar
  • Fixed Get Top Scripts not sorting on refresh
  • Fixed a simulator crash related to group messages
  • Fixed alphabetical sorting of groups on profile
  • Fixed display of group voting history
  • Fixed group chat not reopening when user relogs or closes chat session
  • Fixed ability to start group messages and multi-user conferences
  • Fixed cutoff of Help -> About Second Life text

Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.1(2) April 13, 2007


  • Alpha textures sorted more accurately
    • Example: the hollow inner surface of a sphere will no longer draw on top of the outer surface
    • This change will cause some content (which used this bug to imitate cel-shading) to look dramatically different
  • Larger debug beacons (View > Beacon)
    • You can now set the beacon size in Preferences -> Adv. Graphics (Range is 1-127)
  • Groups are now searched with an index (refreshed daily)
    • Searches are done against the full text of the group, including charter
    • Clicking on a group found via search still shows up-to-date information
  • Added 'Add as Friend' button to profile
  • Added |< and >| buttons to scroll to the ends of IM window conversations
  • Added parcel flag for Mature Content
    • Parcel searches use the parcel rating instead of the region rating
  • Groups list window taller and resizeable


  • LSL Wiki is not editable from within the Second Life viewer

were added to llGetParcelFlags()/llSetParcelFlags several versions many builds ago, but not documented. These will now appear correctly in the script editor.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed OK button not enabling after editing profile
  • Fixed pie menu options shifting position when right-clicking avatar
  • Fixed a sim crash related to group messages
  • Fixed combo box not closing after hitting Tab
  • Fixed gap with combo boxes on bottom of the screen
  • Fixed combo boxes not closing when hitting button
  • Fixed proposals being created with incorrect information
  • Fixed agent information not displaying for land/objects
  • Fixed group information for members/roles not loading
  • Fixed IM window showing all users in bold
  • Fixed font of Bumps, Pushes, Hits window
  • Fixed objects appearing in two places while moving in editor
  • Fixed a client crash with some mobile ATI chipsets
  • Fixed button images when first running SL
  • Fixed overlapping text in proposals in group info window
  • Fixed selecting group roles not updating UI
  • Fixed avatar names not appearing when Show Avatar Names Temporarily is enabled
  • Fixed New IM showing (nobody) for group names
  • Fixed task email failing between regions
  • Fixed avatar reverting to default appearance
  • Fixed broken embedded landmarks when editing their notecard
  • Fixed display of Terms of Service
  • Fixed a case where you could not modify your modifyable object
  • Fixed attachments disappearing a minute after teleport
  • Fixed ability to set Mature on parcels in non-Mature regions
  • Fixed saving changes to notecards in contents
  • Fixed HUD positioning guide misaligning when UI Size changed
  • Fixed a case where no-copy objects could be lost during rez
  • Fixed textures in windows only stretching horizontally
  • Fixed texture animation rotation changing when Flip is enabled
  • Fixed erroneous 'User has left this session' messages
  • Fixed display bug with a cube with Path Cut Begin/End set to .150

Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.1(1) April 2, 2007


  • Users are now notified if they are the only ones present in a group or conference session

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: VWR-130: llimagejpeg.h remove jinclude.h
  • Fixed: VWR-200: money(); events in a linked sets fail to trigger
  • Fixed: VWR-243: Sort inventory System folders to the top

Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.1(0) March 23, 2007


  • Teleport Home disabled for new users on an Orientation Island
  • Share With Group disabled after object is deeded to group

LSL changes:

  • string llStringTrim(string src, integer trim_type)
    • STRING_TRIM_HEAD: trim all leading spaces in src
    • STRING_TRIM_TAIL: trim all trailing spaces in src
    • STRING_TRIM: trim all leading and trailing spaces in src

Bug fixes:

  • New groups are instantly searchable
  • Fixed disappearing alpha HUD prims
  • Fixed menu bar processing keystrokes when moused over
  • Fixed detached IM windows not resizing
  • Fixed animated textures when using llSetColor, llSetLinkColor, or PRIM_PROPERTIES
  • Fixed HUD object movement when logging in at a no-script area
  • Fixed HUD objects not loading new textures
  • Fixed HUD objects becoming invisible the first time they are attached from inworld
  • Fixed 'IM All Contacts In Folder'
  • Fixed a viewer crash in the name cache
  • Fixed Undo resetting position only on root prim
  • Fixed Texture Picker search not showing results
  • Fixed IM window reverting to default size
  • Fixed overriding stand-up animation freezing you in place
  • Fixed Appearance mode showing back of avatar