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[2013/02/21 15:05]  Maestro Linden: let's get started:
[2013/02/21 15:06]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: ack
[2013/02/21 15:06]  Maestro Linden: Okay, so I think most of you are here for the 'sunshine' viewer test
[2013/02/21 15:06]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: guess shields are making a comback now that phantom mode was killed off... yay pathfinding.
[2013/02/21 15:07]  Maestro Linden: Which Nyx will be leading
[2013/02/21 15:07]  animorf Kawadias: if thats the one I DLed last night yes
[2013/02/21 15:07]  Lucia Nightfire: I mainly turn this on for eye candy, lol
[2013/02/21 15:07]  Maestro Linden: I'll get the updates out of the way before then
[2013/02/21 15:07]  Rex Cronon: is not like u can get killed here, but yes shields r useless here and now:)
[2013/02/21 15:07]  Nyx Linden: If you're here for the sunshine viewer test, it will be after this meeting. Please verify that you are running viewer version 3.4.5 (270409) and that you have cleared your cache
[2013/02/21 15:08]  Maestro Linden: So, the rolls this week were delayed by a day from the usual schedule, since Monday was a holiday for us in the US
[2013/02/21 15:08]  Nyx Linden: download link here:
[2013/02/21 15:08]  CronoCloud Creeggan: Second Life 3.4.5 (270409) Feb 14 2013 20:29:20 (Second Life Developer)
[2013/02/21 15:08]  animorf Kawadias: Second Life 3.4.5 (270409) Feb 14 2013 12:45:07 (Second Life Developer)
[2013/02/21 15:08]  Maestro Linden: Andrew's interest list changes finally went out to the SLS channel
[2013/02/21 15:08]  animorf Kawadias: and yes cache is clear and a 31,050 inventory finaly loaded
[2013/02/21 15:08]  Maestro Linden: and that project also includes simulator support for normal and specular maps
[2013/02/21 15:09]  Lucia Nightfire: hi Kips
[2013/02/21 15:09]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: i just installed the viewer so yeah no cache anyway
[2013/02/21 15:09]  Maestro Linden: We originally planned to have 2 projects in RC this week
[2013/02/21 15:09]  Maestro Linden: one was a maint-server that has been around a few weeks,
[2013/02/21 15:10]  Maestro Linden: and the other was a new project around threaded object rez
[2013/02/21 15:10]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: It's Snuffy!!!!
[2013/02/21 15:10]  Maestro Linden: unfortunately, the threaded object rez project hit a last minute bug
[2013/02/21 15:10]  Maestro Linden: it turned out that if you rezzed a copyable object from your inventory, the object would disappear from your inventory, as though it was no-copy
[2013/02/21 15:10]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: uh oh
[2013/02/21 15:11]  Maestro Linden: this was no good, so we canceled the RC plans for that project
[2013/02/21 15:11]  SMILE (sigma.avro): how long will these sims be available ?
[2013/02/21 15:11]  Jenna Felton: oh
[2013/02/21 15:11]  Maestro Linden: So anyway, all 3 RC channels have the same server maintenance project
[2013/02/21 15:11]  Maestro Linden: which is mostly bugfixes
[2013/02/21 15:11]  animorf Kawadias: Yeah I ran in to that same problem on the OpenSims a couple years back
[2013/02/21 15:11]  Andrew Linden: BTW, I'm interested in any anecdotes about changes in server interestlist performance anyone happens to notice, good or bad.
[2013/02/21 15:12]  Rex Cronon: if it was copyable than whoever gave it to u would have no problem giving u another one?
[2013/02/21 15:12]  Andrew Linden: specifically, changes in the "Agent Time" server stat, or changes in how/when objects appear in view.
[2013/02/21 15:12]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: when i flew into ahern i did my 1st server side bake.. it was fast. :)
[2013/02/21 15:12]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): brb
[2013/02/21 15:12]  Maestro Linden: The only new 'feature' in the RC channels is that the notification for server restarts are slightly more visible:
[2013/02/21 15:12]  arton Rotaru: I like that I can see tiny prims from all across the sim
[2013/02/21 15:12]  arton Rotaru: but I have the feeling it degrades FPS a bit
[2013/02/21 15:12]  arton Rotaru: because I have much more thing in view now
[2013/02/21 15:12]  Andrew Linden: arton, viewer FPS or server FPS?
[2013/02/21 15:13]  CronoCloud Creeggan: Finally! Those server restart notifications USED to hit center screen and be orange or something, IIRC
[2013/02/21 15:13]  arton Rotaru: viewerr FPS
[2013/02/21 15:13]  Andrew Linden: ok
[2013/02/21 15:13]  animorf Kawadias: Packet loss was high last night on this viewer
[2013/02/21 15:13]  arton Rotaru: but it's just a "feeling" no hard numbers yet
[2013/02/21 15:13]  Rex Cronon: what happens if we have snowflake meshes falling down on us? would we see each individual one:)
[2013/02/21 15:13]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: would they all be diffrent?
[2013/02/21 15:14]  SMILE (sigma.avro): 51
[2013/02/21 15:14]  Lares Carter: Improvement for objects that move and have been out of view and then jump into place are still ahead, Andrew? Or were they included with the deploy to main channel?
[2013/02/21 15:14]  Latif Khalifa: Andrew, it broke some functionality in 3rd party viewers ;) Like "object area search". Also objects that emit particles behind you no longer seem to be able to change their particle system. Stuff like fog and rain generators
[2013/02/21 15:14]  Motor Loon: difference is Rex that you now rez based on camera position rather than avatar position.
[2013/02/21 15:14]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): Whoever changed the expected OpenGL version to 4.3 on GTX560 and GTX660... the driver still/won't provide it for these cards >.<
[2013/02/21 15:15]  Andrew Linden: Yes Lares, there is more work on interestlist to be delivered.
[2013/02/21 15:15]  animorf Kawadias: yeah and some functions with the built in AO's with the TPV'
[2013/02/21 15:15]  animorf Kawadias: results in crashing
[2013/02/21 15:15]  Andrew Linden: Ah Latif, that is interesting about the particle generators.
[2013/02/21 15:16]  Rex Cronon: so if i am in tank and my camera is 5m above it than all the shells will be rezzed 10m above?
[2013/02/21 15:16]  Andrew Linden: Such objects should probably have a larger "visible proxy size" for the interestlist.
[2013/02/21 15:16]  Rex Cronon: i mean my camera is 10m above
[2013/02/21 15:16]  Darien Caldwell: no Rex, they mean what is visible to you is based on camera position
[2013/02/21 15:16]  Lares Carter: And I've noticed some oddness going on with collision shapes of objects that were moved non-physical being wrong until selecting them in edit mode. But I don't have a solid repro for it yet. That's a known problem?
[2013/02/21 15:16]  Darien Caldwell: actual rez position doesn't chnage
[2013/02/21 15:17]  Jonathan Yap: Andrew, I know of a stage that does not display until I look at it more fully; I will send you an email with the details
[2013/02/21 15:17]  Maestro Linden: Andrew, do objects with light sources have an inflated 'visible proxy size' still?
[2013/02/21 15:17]  Rex Cronon: oh. by rez u mean where is drawn
[2013/02/21 15:17]  Kipps (kippy.adored): There was a forum comment about the interest list changes stopping Metabolt and Radegast from being able to "see" nearby objects. There wernt any details given though
[2013/02/21 15:17]  animorf Kawadias: I have also noticed some viewers are making avi's look like they have on Mesh clothing thats not rezzing in, or an alpha layer
[2013/02/21 15:17]  Maestro Linden: (or maybe the old version just drew them from further away)
[2013/02/21 15:17]  Andrew Linden: er... the word "rez" has some ambiguity here... it is being used for "create object" and "object shows up in view"
[2013/02/21 15:17]  animorf Kawadias: When they have nothing at all on in an adult region
[2013/02/21 15:18]  Rex Cronon: thanks. i got it:)
[2013/02/21 15:18]  Andrew Linden: the intended definitnion of "rez" was "create object"
[2013/02/21 15:18]  Jenna Felton: objects that emit light and particles and possibly do other effects far from their bounding box may be have to be sent to viewer even if the bounding box is invisible, but the affect-radius is in the view of the viewer
[2013/02/21 15:18]  animorf Kawadias: yeah the viewer I am on right now will not let me wear my boots says cant create object
[2013/02/21 15:19]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: animorrph, I saw that and it seemed the mesh wasn't rezzing for maybe a minute after the rest of the AV.
[2013/02/21 15:19]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: cuz it's not in the DB..
[2013/02/21 15:19]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Ani thats prolly just Aditi inventory fail
[2013/02/21 15:19]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: i had to dig into my inv and find something that rezzed.. none of my mesh hairs would load
[2013/02/21 15:19]  animorf Kawadias: yes but this is on, with a completely nude avi as the club I work at throws a naked night party
[2013/02/21 15:19]  Andrew Linden: Jenna, the server already does special stuff for lights -- gives them an extra large size when sorting for interestlist purposes
[2013/02/21 15:19]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Thats why Im on the alt, Whirls inventory is totally broken here heh
[2013/02/21 15:19]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: even though i see it in my inv..
[2013/02/21 15:20]  Andrew Linden: but yes, probably need to also handle particles in a similar way
[2013/02/21 15:20]  Jenna Felton: i am just trying to formalize the far-affects phenomena for objects :)
[2013/02/21 15:20]  Blake Burger: you could say "render" for "object shows up in view"
[2013/02/21 15:20]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): ^
[2013/02/21 15:21]  Rex Cronon: right. render:)
[2013/02/21 15:21]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): or draw, both works.
[2013/02/21 15:22]  Maestro Linden: Alright, those were all the updates I had
[2013/02/21 15:22]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: so what's the plan? we all dive into ahern and do a striptease? :)
[2013/02/21 15:22]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): lolol.
[2013/02/21 15:22]  Blake Burger: party time now :p
[2013/02/21 15:22]  Jenna Felton: why not. but if all :)
[2013/02/21 15:22]  Motor Loon: In my experience, most residents use "rez" as a dual meaning word - both for "create object" and "object shows up on screen"
[2013/02/21 15:22]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: we have 53 ppl here.. nice
[2013/02/21 15:22]  Motor Loon: Right or wrong... good luck trying to change it now °͜°
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Cammi Hudson: and cant attach anything
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): a lot of them also say "lag" for both network delay and low framerate.
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Nyx Linden: any questions for the general meeting before we start the test?
[2013/02/21 15:23]  CronoCloud Creeggan: need more fashionistas, only way to properly test baking.
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Blake Burger: hehehe
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Blake Burger: noobs... :p
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Theresa Tennyson: Fashionistas don't wear system clothing any more, chah...
[2013/02/21 15:23]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: or can we just spam the rebake keystokes? ctrl-alr-R?
[2013/02/21 15:23]  TrinityRaine: I make clothes if that helps at all
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I have too many outfits for my own good, I'm a good baking test subject
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Lares Carter: Are there regions on Aditi without the interest list changes?
[2013/02/21 15:23]  Nal (nalates.urriah): CAn I start with a standard viewer and then switch?
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Yeah, can we try that again in voice? I didn't catch any of that with all the people talking at once. XD.
[2013/02/21 15:24]  SMILE (sigma.avro): yes, how long the beta sunshine sims will be available for tests ?
[2013/02/21 15:24]  DevinVaughn: On the Official Viwer for Mac, I crash everytime with lighting and shadows. But older viewers like Firestorm 3 or Exodus I dont
[2013/02/21 15:24]  animorf Kawadias: Not at the moment, just trying ot remove the 9 outfits I have on
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Andrew Linden: Lares, there might still be a few. I will check.
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Nyx Linden: if you're here for the test please use the provided viewer, with a clear cache.
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Jenna Felton: /me is stil on downloading the SSB viewer
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): mym, voice fails for me.
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Maestro Linden: Lares, yes I think the "Second Life Server" channel on Aditi is lagging behind production
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Motor Loon: hm I'll need to log off to install that test viewer
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Nyx Linden: other viewers will not help us gather the metrics we need
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Lares Carter: Okay, thanks.
[2013/02/21 15:24]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: System detection is diffrent now on the viewers.. and there's more grandular on the grapgics slider so you may wanna move it down...
[2013/02/21 15:24]  Nal (nalates.urriah): OK...
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Maestro Linden: Yeah, still on
[2013/02/21 15:25]  CronoCloud Creeggan: oooh Last Call Barracuda!
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Darien Caldwell: the sunshine viewer runs 'old style' in old sims is seems. been running it a couple days now
[2013/02/21 15:25]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: hmmm i should login on my mac too.
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Nyx Linden: anyone here for the test with the correct viewer, please jump over to the region "SunshineSLS" : secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/SunshineSLS/154/118/23
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Maestro Linden: Grignano is on that channel, Lares. Boardman too.
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Lares Carter: Thanks, Maestro.
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Jenna Felton: 3-4-5-270409_Developer is correct?
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Andrew Linden: Lares, the biggest channel on aditi (Second Life Server version does not have the interestlist stuff.
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Nyx Linden: correct
[2013/02/21 15:25]  Latif Khalifa: not that i can click on that thing :P
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Kipps (kippy.adored): WE go now?
[2013/02/21 15:26]  animorf Kawadias: correction 12 outfits
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Darien Caldwell: yeah broken link it seems hmm
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Maestro Linden: download links for each platform are here
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Nyx Linden: go to sunshineSLS region if you're running the test viewer please
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Latif Khalifa: Information about this location is unavailable at this time, please try again later.
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Linked works for me secondlife://
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Andrew Linden: In fact, anything built before... 2013.02.15 probably doesn't have it... except for the DRTSIM-176 channel
[2013/02/21 15:26]  Kipps (kippy.adored): TP failed though lol
[2013/02/21 15:26]  SMILE (sigma.avro): me too
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Darien Caldwell: yeah it's working just very slow heh
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Maestro Linden: all 3 platforms download for me..
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): insane lag.
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Maestro Linden: oh
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Be there soon
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Gonna relog into it
[2013/02/21 15:27]  TrinityRaine: link didnt work for me
[2013/02/21 15:27]  TrinityRaine: can you re send please
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): (N/A).
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Andrew Linden: /me goes to sunshineSLS
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Latif Khalifa: "No valid parcel could be found" :P
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Darien Caldwell: I wonder if it's closed to non Lindens
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Maestro Linden: oh
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Greatfox Snowpaw: No valid parcels.
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Maestro Linden: /me too
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): derp.
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Jenna Felton: instalation is inpossible where logged into :)
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Darien Caldwell: same
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Nyx Linden: it was previously, but I opened it up, sec
[2013/02/21 15:27]  Andrew Linden: yeah, unsuccessful TP
[2013/02/21 15:28]  Cammi Hudson: valid parcel
[2013/02/21 15:28]  animorf Kawadias: wont let me teleport there
[2013/02/21 15:28]  SMILE (sigma.avro): we wait then
[2013/02/21 15:28]  Blake Burger: ditto
[2013/02/21 15:28]  Chieron Tenk: no valid parcel could be found in all three sims (SLS + the two tests)
[2013/02/21 15:28]  Darien Caldwell: maybe it's this sim :3
[2013/02/21 15:28]  TrinityRaine: some can go and some cant?
[2013/02/21 15:28]  Tarina Sewell: is that a fail then?
[2013/02/21 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: I was there yesterday, but had to region cross from an adjacant region as tp put me at the border
[2013/02/21 15:29]  Tarina Sewell: [ x ] fail
[2013/02/21 15:29]  Blake Burger: hehehe
[2013/02/21 15:29]  Blake Burger: think they will notice?
[2013/02/21 15:29]  Tarina Sewell: nah
[2013/02/21 15:29]  animorf Kawadias: This is the sunshine viewer correct. Second Life 3.4.5 (270409) Feb 14 2013 12:45:07 (Second Life Developer)
[2013/02/21 15:29]  Greatfox Snowpaw: How do we get into this thing?
[2013/02/21 15:29]  Maestro Linden: I'm gonna take a peek at the settings
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Maestro Linden: Try now.
[2013/02/21 15:30]  animorf Kawadias: then a direct log in Maestro?
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Blake Burger: roger that
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Maestro Linden: Try going there now
[2013/02/21 15:30]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: um what we going somewhere?
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Maestro Linden: I think it was 'Allow Direct Teleport', which was disabled
[2013/02/21 15:30]  SMILE (sigma.avro): yet not
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Tarina Sewell: its full
[2013/02/21 15:30]  SMILE (sigma.avro): no
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): full for me.
[2013/02/21 15:30]  Ima Mechanique: people unable to teleport to sunshine, activate your SL Beta group
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Tarina Sewell: /me giggles
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): oh.
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Tarina Sewell: ooo im not in group. nvm
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Maestro Linden: oh region full.. doesn't surprise me
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I don't have it on the beta grid
[2013/02/21 15:31]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): are we doing the SSB testing now?
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Maestro Linden: I had to up the limit in Morris to 60 just before the meeting
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Maestro Linden: Yes Tankmaster
[2013/02/21 15:31]  SMILE (sigma.avro): full with 30 ?
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Nyx Linden: agent limit increased, try again
[2013/02/21 15:31]  Nyx Linden: go to sunshineSLS please
[2013/02/21 15:32]  Rex Cronon: lets se
[2013/02/21 15:33]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: where?
[2013/02/21 15:33]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: ok
[2013/02/21 15:33]  Nyx Linden: region name sunshineSLS
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I can't build here..
[2013/02/21 15:34]  TrinityRaine: my outfit is not chnging at all
[2013/02/21 15:34]  TrinityRaine: oh here it goes
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Darien Caldwell: mine changed rather quickly from my view
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Blake Burger: its a little slow but its working
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Darien Caldwell: no idea what others see
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Blake Burger: for me
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Nyx Tester: Time dialation jumping all over the place, it may take a little longer than non-loaded sims
[2013/02/21 15:34]  Tarina Sewell: a bit slow
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Chieron Tenk: ah great.. attempting to replace outfit.. cannot create requested inventory .. same happened a few hours ago
[2013/02/21 15:35]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): attempt to rez an object failed
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Nyx Tester: this region is using the old system, this will give us some baseline metrics
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Ima Mechanique: hehe "Cannot vreate requested inventory" trying to put on a avatar outfit
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Tarina Sewell: my tail shows
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Theresa Tennyson: Same here...
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Darien Caldwell: I"m not seeing Inara come in
[2013/02/21 15:35]  TrinityRaine: mine are taking forever to make changes
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Darien Caldwell: she's staying blurry
[2013/02/21 15:35]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): kay, WorksForme.
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Inara Pey: Baking real slow, Dari., Old system
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Nicky Perian: attempt to rez failed
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Motor Loon: extremely slow here too...
[2013/02/21 15:36]  animorf Kawadias: Attempt to rez an object failed. Thats what I get when I try to attach prims boots
[2013/02/21 15:36]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): /me attempt to load his 120k inventory
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Tarina Sewell: its a great piece of tail
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Kipps (kippy.adored): If you have borked inventory on aditi, most attachments will give attempt to rez object failed errors here :(
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Hugsie Vella: yay
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Darien Caldwell: oh so this isn't the new yet
[2013/02/21 15:36]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: yay
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Ardy Lay: Nyx, you instructed us to wait for the outfit to be 100% loaded. I have failures but was not told what items failed. How do I know when it is done whit what it is doing?
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Inara Pey: Nope... old system for baseline ‚òª
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Everything rez'd but my shoes
[2013/02/21 15:36]  Maestro Linden: Nyx, would it be better if we just changed skin and clothing layers?
[2013/02/21 15:37]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I personally don't have more issues than I have on a day to day basis on the main grid, which is "no problems"
[2013/02/21 15:37]  Cammi Hudson: hsoes wont rez neither will a different skirt
[2013/02/21 15:37]  CronoCloud Creeggan: perhaps it would have been better had I logged into the regular grid with this viewer first
[2013/02/21 15:37]  CronoCloud Creeggan: all I can change is prims.
[2013/02/21 15:37]  TrinityRaine: my outfit is not changing since the first change
[2013/02/21 15:37]  animorf Kawadias: FPS is super slow on this viewer is like 12.5
[2013/02/21 15:37]  SMILE (sigma.avro): gasp, should change skin and layers only !
[2013/02/21 15:37]  Nyx Tester: If you have outfits that cannot load, give it several minutes (as things are very slow right now), and then move on. If you experience failures, then please send us your viewer logs before you restart SL.
[2013/02/21 15:37]  animorf Kawadias: On Firestorm I am nearly a 100 frams a second
[2013/02/21 15:37]  Nicky Perian: mine shows wearing new but still old -hair
[2013/02/21 15:37]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: I seem to have everything available in my Inventory except the outfits folder
[2013/02/21 15:37]  Latif Khalifa: now my appearance chenge is stuck and nothing is happening
[2013/02/21 15:37]  SMILE (sigma.avro): there a re concurent performances we dealing with: rez and bake skins
[2013/02/21 15:37]  Inara Pey: Snots... aditi inv issues hitting....
[2013/02/21 15:38]  Blake Burger: just waiting for my mesh attachments
[2013/02/21 15:38]  Jacobyrex1976: changing mine is not an issue
[2013/02/21 15:38]  animorf Kawadias: Built with MSVC version 1600
 Packets Lost: 1,927/131,155 (1.5%)
[2013/02/21 15:38]  link: TrinityRaine, Happy New Year My Love!  Love, JD
[2013/02/21 15:38]  JCNY - Athena Ring: TrinityRaine, I'll love you forever.  Love, JD
[2013/02/21 15:38]  animorf Kawadias: I run at 0.0% on Firestorm
[2013/02/21 15:38]  Latif Khalifa: all wear options disabled now
[2013/02/21 15:38]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: Attachments are taking an age to rez but everything seems to have come through the SSB process
[2013/02/21 15:39]  JCNY - Athena Ring: Jacobyrex1976, I'll love you forever.  Love, JD
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Rex Cronon: this looks like a morhphing convention:)
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Cammi Hudson: yea..cant put on attachments
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Theresa Tennyson: When you get "cannot create inventory," it basically locks your outfit-changing ability.
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): Same as Wolfbaginski here
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Andrew Linden: Latif, I had a problem where I couldn't wear a new outfit. I had to "remove" my current one, then I could wear again.
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Blake Burger: still waiting for my mesh clothes
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Greatfox Snowpaw: My skin and clothes baked in a few seconds, attachments take ages.
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): takes time, due to load, but everything comes fine.
[2013/02/21 15:39]  animorf Kawadias: do you have a Jira we can drop our Logs on
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Cammi Hudson: i've uploaded 3 different skins they all rez quickly
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Im changing and baking okay so far, just very slow
[2013/02/21 15:39]  CronoCloud Creeggan: I can see Darien's outfits changing fine
[2013/02/21 15:39]  SMILE (sigma.avro): no, now I am completly blocked
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Nyx Tester: file a new jira in the sunshine project
[2013/02/21 15:39]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): oh, except my mesh hairs. hehe.
[2013/02/21 15:40]  Nyx Tester: (SUN)
[2013/02/21 15:40]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): there.
[2013/02/21 15:40]  JCNY - Athena Ring: TrinityRaine, I'll love you forever.  Love, JD
[2013/02/21 15:40]  link: TrinityRaine, Happy New Year My Love!  Love, JD
[2013/02/21 15:40]  animorf Kawadias: Can do that
[2013/02/21 15:40]  Nyx Tester: thanks!
[2013/02/21 15:40]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: ok the mac viewer seems fine.. :)
[2013/02/21 15:40]  TrinityRaine: my outfits are trying to all go on at once
[2013/02/21 15:40]  Log Linden: shouts: for any issues
[2013/02/21 15:40]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: ops
[2013/02/21 15:40]  animorf Kawadias: God I am moving like I did on Avination
[2013/02/21 15:40]  Latif Khalifa: Andrew, that helped get the options to wear again, just got me nekkid :P
[2013/02/21 15:40]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: bump mah alt
[2013/02/21 15:41]  JCNY - Athena Ring: TrinityRaine, I'll love you forever.  Love, JD
[2013/02/21 15:41]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: i has a balled spot
[2013/02/21 15:41]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Quick bloggers! Get snaps of Latif! :D
[2013/02/21 15:41]  animorf Kawadias: changing clothes is slow
[2013/02/21 15:41]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Are we just rapidly switching between outfits?
[2013/02/21 15:41]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[2013/02/21 15:41]  SMILE (sigma.avro): lol
[2013/02/21 15:41]  Rex Cronon: g2g. bye all. have fun:)
[2013/02/21 15:41]  Nyx Tester: everyone should be switching outfits 3 or 4 times, giving people time to load
[2013/02/21 15:42]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): im ra[idly crashing
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Cammi Hudson: changing clothes is basically impossible for me..
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Nyx Tester: we'll move on to phase 2 shortly
[2013/02/21 15:42]  CronoCloud Creeggan: and now Darien is Bloodrayne
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Motor Loon: ooh no my hair is missing... . °͜°
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Latif Khalifa: well the only JIRA i could file is "nothing appearance-wise works"
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): oh i wanna see that
[2013/02/21 15:42]  SMILE (sigma.avro): after this test , I am plenty of ideas for outfits
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Cammi Hudson: cant change hair or clothes..funny I can change skins
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Ima Mechanique: how long should I wait for my arse to stop being lily-white?
[2013/02/21 15:42]  animorf Kawadias: I see three different pairs of pants and not all of them are showing on my side
[2013/02/21 15:42]  animorf Kawadias: in my inventory
[2013/02/21 15:42]  Ardy Lay: Aww.... Buncha broken links. Keep runnaging
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nicky Perian: got a couple attachemnt no clothes
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nyx Tester: Latif, as long as you file a viewer log :)
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Inara Pey: I seem to be sticking mid-way between outfit changes in my view...
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nicky Perian: same her
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nicky Perian: here
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nyx Tester: alright everyone ready for phase 2?
[2013/02/21 15:43]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: There is a bunch of weird stuff in my inventory
[2013/02/21 15:43]  SMILE (sigma.avro): yes, samme here
[2013/02/21 15:43]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: hmm tatoo layer no workie.. :/
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nal (nalates.urriah): yep
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I am.
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Greatfox Snowpaw: My skin and clothes load and bake fine, just wish attachments didn't take this long.
[2013/02/21 15:43]  TrinityRaine: im just naked and cant change
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Willow Wilder: I failed phase 1 :-(
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Latif Khalifa: for best reasults teleport nekkid. in other words, i'm ready :P
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Ima Mechanique: as I'm ever likely to be ;-)
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): lolol
[2013/02/21 15:43]  Nyx Tester: failure is an option (if you give us your logs)
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I can't change my outfits.. too slow.
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Chieron Tenk: needed to relog,.. now cloud on my screen.gah
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Nyx Tester: everyone walk west to the next region!
[2013/02/21 15:44]  SMILE (sigma.avro): I quit, tahnks Lindens, for this test
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Darien Caldwell: this last change stuck for me heh
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Nal (nalates.urriah): I can no longer replace outfits.
[2013/02/21 15:44]  animorf Kawadias: Man am I haveing a fashion night mare
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Nyx Tester: go forth and find the tiny white robot
[2013/02/21 15:44]  Tarina Sewell: it does take a really long time, i hope this isnt the future..
[2013/02/21 15:45]  Inara Pey: yay lag
[2013/02/21 15:45]  Darien Caldwell: i was stuck mid change when I crossed heh
[2013/02/21 15:45]  Darien Caldwell: sim was too laggy
[2013/02/21 15:45]  Maestro Linden: ah cool.
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): flying reduces lag, ✪`*•.✰ YAYY ✰.•*´✪ for havok.
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Maestro Linden: immediately after I crossed, I turned from grey to (correctly) textured)
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I still can't change my outfits..
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Nyx Linden: that's a good sign maestro
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Ardy Lay: shouts: Server Full
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Ahh! I went white!
[2013/02/21 15:46]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: oh yeah this region is full
[2013/02/21 15:46]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: i cant get my alt in
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Ima Mechanique: shouts: sim's full
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Inara Pey: Hmmm.. interesting outfit flash there... indicative of connecting to the new system?
[2013/02/21 15:46]  Maestro Linden: shouts: Try now Ima
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Nyx Linden: yes, as you cross, you're switching to the new system
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Latif Khalifa: my viewer is stuck, i guess i will have to relog
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Hugsie Vella: i made it
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Ardy Lay: /me suddenly loads
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Kipps (kippy.adored): I turened grey on region crissong and then baked
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Inara Pey: Yeah... was like a high-speed rebake
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I didn't even rebake.
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Motor Loon: feels new and shiny
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Hugsie Vella: nuuu im ruthd
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Darien Caldwell: wow, stuff I did 5 min ago is now happening heh
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Nyx Linden: once your avatar has fully rezzed, try changing outfits again
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Yeah, my so called missing from database stuff just decided it wasnt missing after all heh
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): outfits changing changing ....
[2013/02/21 15:47]  Hugsie Vella: i see my shape on this end but no skin
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Ardy Lay: ZOOM!
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Nyx Linden: again, if you notice problems or failures please save your viewer logs and attach them to a new jira in the sun project
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Fairlight Ballet Heel Kneehigh (R) medium: whispers: Darien Caldwell has detached Fairlight Ballet Heel Kneehigh (R) medium without permission.
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Fairlight Ballet Heel Kneehigh (L) medium: whispers: Darien Caldwell has detached Fairlight Ballet Heel Kneehigh (L) medium without permission.
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Greatfox Snowpaw: I never fully attached, so I reattached.
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Inara Pey: Much faster here for me
[2013/02/21 15:48]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: but ruth shape and no skin on this on... but this avi looks fine
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Nyx, do you want 1 blanket JIRA for everyones logs or do we all file a seperate JIRA?
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Tarina Sewell: haha multi attachments
[2013/02/21 15:48]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: does ctrl-alt-R work on this?
[2013/02/21 15:48]  Inara Pey: or was...
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Nyx Linden: each person file a separate jira please
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Okay
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Nyx Linden: include what symptoms you saw if you're able to describe
[2013/02/21 15:49]  animorf Kawadias: OK Nyx
[2013/02/21 15:49]  TrinityRaine: how do we file this is my first time here
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Kipps (kippy.adored): All off the symptoms? lol
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Nyx Linden: please do several outfit changes here and hang out for a few minutes so our server can record some statistics
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Tarina Sewell: this doesnt look right
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Garvie Garzo: lol
[2013/02/21 15:49]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): wow, that did bake fast
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Garvie Garzo: yes, that is good
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Nyx Linden: if you get a bake that looks wrong, definitely let us know! there are a couple of minor issues we know we need to clean up, but we definitely want to hunt down anything that looks wrong
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Ardy Lay: Heh, some previously (in the other region) requested wearables are arriving after a later outfit change. I think my stripes are running the wrong way. ;-)
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Darien Caldwell: bake is ok, i just can't anything to attach
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Im seeing whats been reported already on the SUN JIRAS here, my head texture is not changing from last skin & shape is old shape, even though new shape is showing as worn
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Andrew Linden: Ah I see, one particular outfit in my inventory puts me into a never-successful-wear state: "Cardboard Boxbot by Grendel's Children"
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I just have attachment rez failures
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Garvie Garzo: my inventory is at least 2 yrs out of date.. is that normal?
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Latif Khalifa: my appearance is completey broken
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Seems like my shape doesn't want to connect my boot pieces together.
[2013/02/21 15:50]  TrinityRaine: im having tons of failures
[2013/02/21 15:50]  Latif Khalifa: nothing i can do to recover
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Andrew Linden: That is the one outfit I must "take off" before I can wear anything else.
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Jacobyrex1976: i cant change outfits at all
[2013/02/21 15:51]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: wow that bake is fast
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Nyx Linden: Latif, if you could save your logs and relog that would be a good test if you're completely stuck.
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Chieron Tenk: for me, everything works right now.
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Garvie, here inventory updates when you change your pasword
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Latif Khalifa: i already reloged
[2013/02/21 15:51]  animorf Kawadias: Am showing i have a AO on and its not visible on my viewer
[2013/02/21 15:51]  animorf Kawadias: nor is it even animating me
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Maestro Linden: Nyx: I saw a few of these in my viewer log: 2013-02-21T23:48:11Z WARNING: errorWithContent: appearance update request failed, status: 400 reason: Bad Request
[2013/02/21 15:51]  Cammi Hudson: its a slow attachment process for sure
[2013/02/21 15:52]  Garvie Garzo: all clothing changes are supoib tho :)
[2013/02/21 15:52]  [Diktator]-DARE  RIGHT (FATPACK): 
 You are not allowed to rezz this object, please wear only!
[2013/02/21 15:52]  [Diktator]-DARE  LEFT (FATPACK): 
 You are not allowed to rezz this object, please wear only!
[2013/02/21 15:52]  Nyx Linden: Maestro: ok - does your appearance eventualy resolve after a minute or two?
[2013/02/21 15:52]  TrinityRaine: i am no w wearing default stuff
[2013/02/21 15:52]  Maestro Linden: so far, not really.
[2013/02/21 15:52]  TrinityRaine: aand cant change it
[2013/02/21 15:52]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Christ, my whole shape is broken.
[2013/02/21 15:52]  Maestro Linden: trying to change to something else now
[2013/02/21 15:53]  TrinityRaine: oh working better now
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Inara Pey: OK... using ADD to Outfit seems to screw things up.
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Motor Loon: "Error: server has detected you are trying to wear clothes that went out of fashion in 2006 and has blocked the attempts..."
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Nyx Linden: if you have specific outfits that appear incorrectly, please do file a jira with your account name and the outfit name (or leave your avatar wearing the broken outfit when you log out)
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): oh, that'S interesting. if I do "remove all" and put the same outfit on, my skin texture is not baked, but my clothes are.
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Garvie Garzo: LOL
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Inara Pey: Sorrt, ADD OUTFIT
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Garvie Garzo: like that ever stopped anyone
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Chieron Tenk: lool
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Kipps (kippy.adored): ROFL Motor
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Garvie Garzo: most of it went out of fashion in 87
[2013/02/21 15:53]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: I know this is an extreme situation, but I wouldn't want to use this session to demonstrate an improvement.
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Changing to a different outfit.
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Tarina Sewell: my werewolf legs are mushed up into my body
[2013/02/21 15:53]  DevinVaughn: Report from Mac fashion blogger: I switch to a new character. Skins and eyes did not update. My alpha did not update. I got an object failed to rez, my shoes are missing
[2013/02/21 15:53]  Maestro Linden: Do I appear pitch black to anybody else?
[2013/02/21 15:53]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: ah i still see my red top. :/
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Tarina Sewell: or they are my arms..
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Garvie Garzo: yup i borked now
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Inara Pey: Yup
[2013/02/21 15:54]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): yes
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Inara Pey: Do to me Maestro
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Andrew Linden: So here is my repro: wear OutfitA --> all good, wear Cardoboard Box Bot --> never shows up, must first right-click and remove OutfitA before I can wear some OutfitB
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Hope Dreier: bakefail for me
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Maestro Linden: okay.
[2013/02/21 15:54]  TrinityRaine: i have yellow triangles hanging from me
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Darien Caldwell: yes, fully black
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Andrew Linden: /me will file jira.
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Maestro, yoi are black to me
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Darien Caldwell: except your beady yellow eyes
[2013/02/21 15:54]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: trying to "take off all clothes" gives an error about changing outfits..
[2013/02/21 15:54]  animorf Kawadias: 2013-02-21T23:44:05Z DEBUG: LLVOAvatar::useBakedTexture: Avatar 'animorf Kawadias' textured_and_downloaded i 3 id e9ada341-43cb-6e08-ac3b-7e6fc4ba31af
 2013-02-21T23:44:05Z DEBUG: LLVOAvatar::useBakedTexture: Avatar 'animorf Kawadias' textured_and_downloaded i 3 id e9ada341-43cb-6e08-ac3b-7e6fc4ba31af
 2013-02-21T23:44:05Z DEBUG: LLVOAvatar::useBakedTexture: Avatar 'animorf Kawadias' textured_and_downloaded i 3 id e9ada341-43cb-6e08-ac3b-7e6fc4ba31af
 2013-02-21T23:44:05Z DEBUG: LLVOAvatar::useBakedTexture: Avatar 'animorf Kawadias' textured_and_downloaded i 3 id e9ada341-43cb-6e08-ac3b-7e6fc4ba31af
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Darien Caldwell: *giggle*
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Ima Mechanique: except for shoes, yes Maestro
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Maestro Linden: oh hey I just changed
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Blake Burger: Cannot create requested inventory. - wearing eyes :-/
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Greatfox Snowpaw: My shape is permanantly broken.
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Nyx Linden: this is going to be the first of several tests, so we're expecting plenty of bugs for us to stomp before we're ready to roll out
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I see Maestro black as well
[2013/02/21 15:54]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Maestro, you baked, not black now
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Between outfits.
[2013/02/21 15:55]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: trying to detach boobs and and it says "error putting oin clothes"
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): lol
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Nyx Linden: Greatfox: do you look right when you go into appearance edit mode?
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Hope Dreier: Switching two Tattoos arund fixed it
[2013/02/21 15:55]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: error putting on outfit i mean
[2013/02/21 15:55]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): ive crashed 4 times already on this viewer... :P
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Statue Pedistool: whispers: SL's Finest
[2013/02/21 15:55]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: well no crashing on either my windows or mac side
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Nooooo Hope - dont say that. This is gonna fix multuple tattoo bake fail dammit :D
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Hugsie Vella: yay mac
[2013/02/21 15:55]  Greatfox Snowpaw: No, it's broken in here too.
[2013/02/21 15:56]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: yeah i cant change close no more
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Nyx Linden: interesting. Will definitely have to take a look at your account, please do file a jira with the symptoms
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Latif Khalifa: i have not had a successful outfit change yet
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Hugsie Vella: see if it's broken here yet
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Greatfox Snowpaw: I'll take a couple of snapshots for the Jira.
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Andrew Linden: Ah, I can click + drag from inventory. That works.
[2013/02/21 15:56]  animorf Kawadias: I am still trying to get to the Jira web site
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Duckie Dickins: I think half of the problems is the aditi asset server issues.
[2013/02/21 15:56]  TrinityRaine: my folders now say they are empty
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Chieron Tenk: okay, replacing an outfit does work slooowly at best for the non-prim parts.
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): it'S fun, only my "torley-inpsired" outfit is broken <.<
[2013/02/21 15:56]  Nyx Linden: much appreciated. A snapshot of what it should look like as well would be helpful too!
[2013/02/21 15:57]  Greatfox Snowpaw: I'll do that when I log back into the normal grid.
[2013/02/21 15:57]  Nyx Linden: thanks!
[2013/02/21 15:57]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: well doing an entire outfit is what's stopping me from doing anything.
[2013/02/21 15:57]  Ima Mechanique: log, nice tattoo on your right butt cheek ;-)
[2013/02/21 15:57]  animorf Kawadias: File this all under Support or as a bug?
[2013/02/21 15:57]  Nyx Linden: here is where to find your log files if you are filing a jira
[2013/02/21 15:57]  DevinVaughn: Report from Mac fashion blogger: UPDATE: Skin, Eyes, Alphas now updated. Shoes never rezzed inworld to attach. It was rez object fail;
[2013/02/21 15:58]  Nyx Linden: file bugs with this test under the sunshine project (SUN-)
[2013/02/21 15:58]  animorf Kawadias: OK
[2013/02/21 15:58]  AOHARU_TailoredShortJacket_Stripe/Yellow(AttachA/Chest): This stuff is protected for rezzing.
 Please attach prim for wearing!
 Thank you!
[2013/02/21 15:58]  AOHARU_TailoredShortJacket_Stripe/Yellow(SleeveR): This stuff is protected for rezzing.
 Please attach prim for wearing!
 Thank you!
[2013/02/21 15:58]  AOHARU_TailoredShortJacket_Stripe/Yellow(SleeveL): This stuff is protected for rezzing.
 Please attach prim for wearing!
 Thank you!
[2013/02/21 15:58]  Chieron Tenk: okay.. after I replaced a whole outfit, no rebake happened, wearing and removing another piece of clothing forced a rebake
[2013/02/21 15:58]  *~OT~*Pistol: whispers: Touch the holster to draw or holster your gun.  Press 'M' to enter mouslook and the mouse button to fire
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): getting lot of 400 errors here too
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Im still seeing my shape do weird things. My legs are bent round my neck atm lol
[2013/02/21 15:59]  TrinityRaine: once I put an outfit on it tells me I can not remove it because the folder is empty
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Jenna Felton: Attempt t rezz object is valide issue to put into Jiira?
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Inara Pey: Hmmm.. outfit stuck again....
[2013/02/21 15:59]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: SSB is very slow now. Inventory on this grid is a mess. No sign of Outfits folder
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Cammi Hudson: cant remove clothing - the outfit folder contains no clotheser
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Garvie Garzo: mine have all worked, but not as fast as when i started
[2013/02/21 15:59]  Garvie Garzo: but 15 full changes so far
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Latif Khalifa: it seems that if mid-operation outfit change fails, hitting alt-ctrl-r (rabke) fixes it some of the time
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Darien Caldwell: no bake this time
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Garvie Garzo: yes, i miss that feature lol
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Darien Caldwell: still have my wolf fur on hehe
[2013/02/21 16:00]  TrinityRaine: my current outfit folder is empty and im wearing clothes
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Hugsie Vella: right click to wear dosent seem to do anything. have too double click it
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): cannot create inventory. der^.
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): derp*
[2013/02/21 16:00]  Theresa Tennyson: Mine work fine until I get a "cannot create inventory" message which locks the ability to change outfits.
[2013/02/21 16:01]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): yep same
[2013/02/21 16:01]  Garvie Garzo: i'm just dragging folders onto myself
[2013/02/21 16:01]  Darien Caldwell: Rebake worked
[2013/02/21 16:01]  Garvie Garzo: yup, rebake brill
[2013/02/21 16:02]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: This time it worked, but skin and cothing items appeared at different times.
[2013/02/21 16:02]  Duckie Dickins: I had to wait for my entire inventory to load before changing outfits work and then like stated, no rebake when changing outfits until I added a new layer.
[2013/02/21 16:02]  Nyx Tester: if people can hang around here for another 10 minutes or so that would be great.
[2013/02/21 16:02]  Greatfox Snowpaw: And now I think I'm stuck.
[2013/02/21 16:03]  Dirk Talamasca: Only working if I go into Edit Outfit with each change
[2013/02/21 16:03]  TrinityRaine: not one outfit will completely go on
[2013/02/21 16:03]  Blake Burger: everything works for me except my hair not attaching and my skin wont change :/
[2013/02/21 16:03]  Darien Caldwell: no problem
[2013/02/21 16:03]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): saved log, trying again.
[2013/02/21 16:04]  TrinityRaine: my hair wont go on either now
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): I rezzed this time.
[2013/02/21 16:04]  animorf Kawadias:
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Cammi Hudson: still stuff refuses to attach/rez
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Nyx Tester: file jira issues for this test under the sunshine project please
[2013/02/21 16:04]  animorf Kawadias: if its filed wrong my apologies I am not use to the linden Jira
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Dirk Talamasca: Mr too Miguel.. No need for Edit that time
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Don Linden: attachment issues should be general inventory issues on aditi; attachment code hasn't changed on this server
[2013/02/21 16:04]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: wish this viewer had a "worn" tab
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Nyx Tester: it does!
[2013/02/21 16:04]  Jacobyrex1976: hey dirk
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): there is one, in the appearance floater.
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Nyx Tester: click the shirt on the left, there is a my outfits tab and a wearing tab
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Tarina Sewell: i honestly this this is wrong here...
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Blake Burger: or u can always type worn too :-/
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Latif Khalifa: loads and loads of http 400 bad request errors
[2013/02/21 16:05]  animorf Kawadias: I get this with the viewer when I try to report it. Page Not Found
 Content not available right now. We apologize, please try again lat
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Latif Khalifa: when trying to set appearance
[2013/02/21 16:05]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: wow there's a LOAD of junk under the "current outfit" folder
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Don Linden: i sometimes find editing a slider then re-saving the outfit triggers an outfit to come in
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Hope Dreier: OK, so I am supposedly wearing hair and attachments, but they're not there
[2013/02/21 16:05]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Worn on invalid attachment point, what?
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Garvie Garzo: uh ohhhh i turned orange
[2013/02/21 16:06]  WolfBaginski Bearsfoot: I am coming to the conclusion that any SSB problems are being masked by the piss-poor asset servers for this grid.
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): It seems that my oldest outfits, despite working on the main grid, fails here
[2013/02/21 16:06]  TrinityRaine: yaya I got one to work
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Nicky Perian: rebake after wear brings it in
[2013/02/21 16:06]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: i have entire folders under Current outfit.. Jeez
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Nyx Tester: some accounts have inventory issues that get you into a "stuck" state, we're working on resolving those - your bug reports will help us hunt it down Latif
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Who am I?
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Tarina Sewell: So, ideas on how to unpack myself
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Cammi Hudson: hmmm...well hard to test stuff when it wont attach
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Darien Caldwell: if I change outfits that have 3 layers, and only 1 of the 3 is different, it doesn't bake. I have to take off the new layer and wear it manually to trigger the bake.
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Maestro Linden: Nyx, is this interesting at all?
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Maestro Linden: 2013-02-22T00:06:34Z INFO: LLVOAvatar::onBakedTextureMasksLoaded: onBakedTextureMasksLoaded(): unexpected image id: 80e6a084-272c-d74e-4689-a524bc59e8e9
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): o...
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): o
[2013/02/21 16:06]  Don Linden: attachments aren't changed; nothing to test cammi
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Nyx Tester: Maestro, possibly, possibly not
[2013/02/21 16:07]  HUGSaLOT Valkyrie: whoa
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Greatfox Snowpaw: What the crap does this mean? My folder broke?
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Nyx Tester: attachments should be as functional or broken as they were before
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Theresa Tennyson: Right now, do people see me wearing a green dress or very tight overalls with a green ruffle around my butt.
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Ardy Lay: Oh dear! We look like that batch that hangs out at the Ahern infohub.
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Darien Caldwell: seems to happen consistently
[2013/02/21 16:07]  Nyx Tester: overalls with a green ruffle
[2013/02/21 16:07]  animorf Kawadias: 2013-02-21T22:57:14Z WARNING: LLControlGroup::set: Invalid control VersionChannelName
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Inara Pey: The latter Theresa
[2013/02/21 16:08]  animorf Kawadias: That should be interesting
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Blake Burger: what is the path to rebake your av again? i havent used that in ages
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Theresa Tennyson: How about now?
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Garvie Garzo: lol @ ardy
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Tarina Sewell: sigh
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Nyx Tester: advanced > rebake textures
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Kipps (kippy.adored): CTRL+ALT+R
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Nyx Tester: you look like you're wearing a green dress now
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Motor Loon: I'm seeing error pop ups for cloth items I was trying to put on 15 mins ago °͜°
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Lucia Nightfire: in and out of appearence mode updated it for me
[2013/02/21 16:08]  Theresa Tennyson: Okay, I went into "Edit Outfit" and it changed my system layers.
[2013/02/21 16:09]  Theresa Tennyson: At least things are consistent between my viewer and everyone else's now.
[2013/02/21 16:09]  Nyx Tester: if you've changed outfits a few times, we've got the data we need for you, aside from any bug reports and viewer log files
[2013/02/21 16:09]  Nyx Tester: please log any issues with this test under the Sunshine project (SUN-)
[2013/02/21 16:10]  Lucia Nightfire: its too bad body shape and deform animations can't be fixed with this too, heh
[2013/02/21 16:10]  Nyx Tester: attach log files and a description of the failures you saw
[2013/02/21 16:10]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Great, well I'm completely invisable, so yeah.
[2013/02/21 16:10]  Nyx Tester: otherwise thanks everyone for coming out! We'll do another test later once we have some of these issues ironed out
[2013/02/21 16:10]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): :D
[2013/02/21 16:10]  animorf Kawadias: 2013-02-21T22:57:14Z WARNING: LLGridManager::initialize: Failed to open grid configuration 'C:\Users\animo_000\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\grids.xml'
[2013/02/21 16:10]  Hope Dreier: OK, I'll file and attach my logs
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Darien Caldwell: thanks Nyx
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Thanks Nyx
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Inara Pey: Thanks, nyx. Thanks Maestro, Andrew for the meeting, as always ‚òª
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Darien Caldwell: looks promising
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Tarina Sewell: yeah that helped
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Hope the servers arnt smoking lol
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Maestro Linden: Thanks for coming!
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thanks for testing.
[2013/02/21 16:11]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): do appricate your taking the time to do testing like this, nyx ;)
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Tarina Sewell: how close is this to being released on us
[2013/02/21 16:11]  Nyx Tester: I'm looking forward to stomping on all the bugs we found!
[2013/02/21 16:11]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith): hehe
[2013/02/21 16:12]  Theresa Tennyson: Actually I think thie simulator likes this a lot better. Rendering is on separate servers now.
[2013/02/21 16:12]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Poor Nyx :D
[2013/02/21 16:12]  Darien Caldwell: hehe
[2013/02/21 16:12]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): well, this sure is faster than viewer-side baking
[2013/02/21 16:12]  Darien Caldwell: later everyone
[2013/02/21 16:12]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): when it works, that is.
[2013/02/21 16:12]  animorf Kawadias: Hey I got a prims skirt to attach
[2013/02/21 16:13]  Cammi Hudson: finally I got one too
[2013/02/21 16:13]  Blake Burger: whats the url to report the sun- bugs
[2013/02/21 16:13]  Latif Khalifa: funnty thing is latest singularity alpha works 100%
[2013/02/21 16:13]  animorf Kawadias: This could be an episode of, SL worst fashion Nightmares
[2013/02/21 16:13]  Latif Khalifa: i even get my hair on
[2013/02/21 16:13]  And all I got was this lousy DN (tankmaster.finesmith):
[2013/02/21 16:13]  Tarnix Weetabix (miguael.liamano): alright, logging out, having metered broadband sucks.
[2013/02/21 16:13]  Greatfox Snowpaw: Wish I had scripts so my AO would work. Can't see if I'm still broken like this.
[2013/02/21 16:14]  Nyx Tester: