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Next meeting: 2007-09-11, 10am PDT at {{User|Benjamin Linden}}'s office. See [[Bug triage]] for details.
Next meeting: 2007-09-11, 10am PDT at {{User|Benjamin Linden}}'s office. See [[Bug triage]] for details.
== Sneaking into the 2007-09-17 Agenda ==
* https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1678
== Note to UI Triagers ==
== Note to UI Triagers ==

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Next meeting: 2007-09-11, 10am PDT at Benjamin Linden's office. See Bug triage for details.

Sneaking into the 2007-09-17 Agenda

Note to UI Triagers

If you find new issues which might be suitable for solution through open source programmers (many UI issues tend to fall into that category) please add them to/link them from VWR-1577 (Nicholaz 06:59, 20 July 2007 (PDT))

Bugfix Patches

Feature Request Patches

Other Bug Reports

  • Closed as dupe of VWR-313
  • Needs to marinate, left open for now
  • This will become obsolete shortly, not UI bug
  • Imported
  • VWR-2068 - Votes: 1 - 'Set Busy' No Longer Needs to Block Objects (and can cause loss) - Mo Hax
  • Needs more info
  • VWR-443 - Votes: 0 - Share with group toggle grays out when checked on deeded objects. - Gigs Taggart
  • Imported
  • VWR-797 - Votes: 0 - Uploading textures causes UI textures and in-world display textures to be fugly - Metal Wombat
  • VWR-1125 - Votes: 0 - Clicking Title Bar While Mouselook'd Repositions SL Window - Stickman Ingmann
  • VWR-1123 - Votes: 0 - IM window shows "Teleport" button inside Line Edit control - Zi Ree
  • VWR-1274 - Votes: 0 - Chat bar left/right scrolling is inconsistent and sometimes incorrect - Celierra Darling
  • VWR-1417 - Votes: 0 - Names on Access/Ban list disappear when focus is lost - Be Holder
  • VWR-1575 - Votes: 0 - Closing the Near Me window in its torn off state, reattaches it rather than closing it (retaining the torn off state) - Matthew Dowd
  • VWR-1726 - Votes: 0 - Camera zoom behaves differently between Esc, wheel, and Alt-up/down zoom when focused on own av - Celierra Darling
  • VWR-1746 - Votes: 0 - Profile > Web tab: no URL in profile keeps buttons greyed until a page is loaded, after that, Load button remains active - Daedalus Young
  • VWR-1759 - Votes: 0 - Crashing with group invites when groups are maxed out, and a wrong order of steps to accept the invite is performed - Gwyneth Llewelyn
  • VWR-1803 - Votes: 0 - Gesture List seems to be resorted and redrawn excessively - Kooky Jetaime
  • VWR-1820 - Votes: 0 - Map Search Results won't scroll using mouse scroll wheel - Daedalus Young
  • VWR-1821 - Votes: 0 - Mac Mighty Mouse horizontal scroll translates to vertical scroll - Daedalus Young

Feature Request

Pre-meeting activity

Some issues will be resolved in the course of building this agenda. Rather than deleting them from the proposed agenda, move the issue and associated discussion into the appropriate section below.