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Transcript of Bridie Linden's office hours:

??[15:00]  Torley Linden: &?R?I?E?N?D?L?Y? G?R?E?E?T?I?N?G?S? !
[15:00]  Torley Linden: :D
[15:00]  Potatobug Tester is Offline
[15:00]  Colton Linden: what a pleasant font :)
[15:00]  Torley Linden: hahaah
[15:00]  Sheet Spotter: Allo, allo
[15:00]  Torley Linden: i love doing fullwidth unicode
[15:00]  Torley Linden: cracks me up every time
[15:01]  Potatobug Tester is Online
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[15:01]  Samuel Linden is Online
[15:01]  You: back!
[15:01]  Torley Linden: WB bridie!
[15:01]  Saijanai Kuhn: Hey Torley
[15:01]  You: howdy howdy howdy!
[15:01]  Torley Linden: yo Yo YO
[15:01]  Saijanai Kuhn: Hey Bridie
[15:01]  Colton Linden: wb Bridie
[15:01]  You: How's everyone!
[15:01]  Bri Gufler: Hi everyone
[15:02]  You: Hey Saijanai havne't seen ya for a while!
[15:02]  Saijanai Kuhn: been running around in circles
[15:02]  Don Linden is Offline
[15:02]  Saijanai Kuhn is good at that
[15:02]  You: hee
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[15:03]  You: We
[15:03]  Harleen Gretzky: Hi Bridie, Torley, Colton and Nya
[15:03]  You: We're down an Alexa today :(
[15:03]  Torley Linden: awwe
[15:03]  You: Let me ping Aric real quick...
[15:03]  Nya Linden: did I get her sick?
[15:03]  Colton Linden: Hi Harleen
[15:03]  Nya Linden: and.. Hi all!
[15:03]  You: Not sure Nya
[15:04]  Bambers Linden: afternoon
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[15:04]  You: Bambers aren't you supposed to be smoke testing???
[15:04]  Colton Linden: heya Bambers
[15:04]  Bridie Linden grins
[15:04]  You: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:04]  Bambers Linden: I'm just observing - I won't be much help today bridie
[15:04]  Ryan Linden is Offline
[15:04]  Bambers Linden: hey colton :)
[15:05]  You: Aric is on his way...
[15:05]  Bambers Linden says this as if he's helpful at other triage meetings...
[15:05]  Bridie Linden laughs
[15:05]  Aric Linden is Online
[15:05]  You: So in case folks didn't notice...
[15:05]  You: we didn't get an RC out last week...
[15:05]  Bao Linden is Offline
[15:05]  Pastrami Linden is Online
[15:05]  Bridie Linden looks @ Bambers
[15:06]  You: But are working on RC9 for this week!
[15:06]  norritt Xi: Hi everyone!
[15:06]  Second Life: Your object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Rose Linden from parcel at LindenWorld B 233.757, 226.705 due to parcel owner return.
[15:06]  Tuckaxe Parx: nice place
[15:06]  You: And in other exciting news, a rolling restart is planned for Thurs/Fri of this week
[15:06]  You: http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/06/04/preview-grid-updated-production-deploy-rolling-restart-plans/
[15:07]  You: And if that's not enough good news ...
[15:07]  You: Be sure to check out this post about the Preview Grid
[15:07]  You: http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/05/25/reintroducing-the-preview-grid-aditi/
[15:07]  Brad Linden is Online
[15:07]  You: SErver 1.22 is already on the Preview Grid if you wanna help test :)
[15:07]  Bambers Linden: hi Aric
[15:07]  Aric Linden: heya bambers
[15:07]  You: Welcome Pastrami + Aric Lindens!
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[15:08]  Saijanai Kuhn: Hey Aric, Hey Bam,bers, Hey Pastrami
[15:08]  You: Back to our regularly scheduled program...
[15:08]  You: Today's agenda
[15:08]  You: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:08]  You: First up:
[15:08]  You: VWR-7526[c] - Votes: 3 - High-rez snapshots have black lines in grid pattern
[15:08]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7526
[15:08]  You: I couldn't repro on my mac
[15:09]  You: but it was reported on XP w/NVidia
[15:09]  Brad Linden is Offline
[15:09]  Torley Linden: Morris told me he'd JIRAfy this... i haven't seen it commonly
[15:09]  Gellan Glenelg: possibly related to VWR-7489, VWR-7577 ? (both black lines)
[15:09]  Bri Gufler: I tried it on XP with nvidia 8800 GTX and 8800 GT on two machines and couldn't repro either
[15:09]  Gellan Glenelg: no, I can't repro
[15:09]  You: hmm, thx Bri + Gellan
[15:09]  Gellan Glenelg: i'm on XP, nvidia
[15:09]  Bri Gufler: This is with XP SP3 and the nvidia drivers from May 18th (forgot version)
[15:10]  You: I'll resolve as such then...
[15:10]  Aric Linden: Hi Ellla
[15:10]  Aric Linden: bridie? No Alexa today?
[15:10]  Bri Gufler: Maybe its due to older graphics drivers or something?
[15:10]  You: No Alexa today Aric
[15:10]  You: Feel free to add comments/suggestions Bri, ty
[15:10]  You: Next up
[15:10]  Sheet Spotter: Is specifically states *high res* snapshots. His are really high res.
[15:10]  You: VWR-6440[c] - Votes: 1 - Distance to target not visible at some angles
[15:10]  Ellla McMahon: Hi Aric ... everyone :)
[15:11]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6440
[15:11]  Bri Gufler: Hey Ellla
[15:11]  Bambers Linden: hi Ella
[15:11]  You: Hi Ellla
[15:11]  Phoenix Linden is Online
[15:11]  Gellan Glenelg: I can repro this by using map to create a beacon at levenhall 128,0,21
[15:11]  Bridie Linden looks @ Pastrami
[15:11]  You: "Turning off Basic Shaders fixes the problem. "
[15:12]  Pastrami Linden: yeah, I'm reading up on it
[15:12]  Gellan Glenelg: then move camera far away... lower part of text gets ciut off
[15:12]  Pastrami Linden: yeah this is one for Runitai or BigPapi
[15:12]  You: Okey doke, will import
[15:12]  Torley Linden: :)
[15:12]  You: Next up...
[15:13]  You: # VWR-6483[c] - Votes: 1 - Changing Advanced->Rendering->Info Displays blanks all HUD llSetText. - Buckaroo Mu
[15:13]  Pastrami Linden: yeah this one is def. for tuniati
[15:13]  Pastrami Linden: runitai
[15:13]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6483
[15:13]  You: kk
[15:13]  Gellan Glenelg: particularyly annoying for tiny empires players!
[15:13]  Bri Gufler: I can reproduce this one on both XP and OS X viewers
[15:13]  Gellan Glenelg: and yes, it repros
[15:13]  You: Got it
[15:13]  You: Next up
[15:13]  You: VWR-6561[c] - Votes: 1 - Wireless Mighty Mouse stops responding and freezes BlueTooth Keyboard too until turned off and on
[15:13]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6561
[15:14]  Aric Linden: I thought this was fixed. Is it not yet released?
[15:14]  Bridie Linden hmms
[15:14]  You: If I remember correctly, we made some fixes, but not all...
[15:15]  You: I'll ping Steve about this one...unless Bambers knows?
[15:15]  You: Bambers is prolly busy delegating... :)
[15:15]  Bambers Linden: It wasn't fixed completely
[15:15]  Bambers Linden: But we never saw it affecting bluetooth mighty mouse
[15:16]  Squirrel Wood: /ao off
[15:16]  You: I'll import and link up
[15:16]  You: Hey Squirrel!
[15:16]  You: Welcome
[15:16]  Torley Linden: yo Squirrel!
[15:16]  Torley Linden: glad you could make it
[15:16]  Squirrel Wood: I has arrived!
[15:16]  Squirrel Wood: Hellu!
[15:16]  norritt Xi: Hey Squirrel!
[15:16]  Bridie Linden claps for Squirrel
[15:16]  You: Next up...
[15:16]  You: # VWR-6586[c] - Votes: 1 - Scale values in Avatar mode on 3DConnexion controller appear to do nothing - CodeWarrior Carling
[15:16]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6586
[15:16]  Bri Gufler: I tried this - the scale values seem to have no effect.
[15:16]  You: I'm not sure what those values are supposed to do...
[15:17]  Squirrel Wood pulls out chocolate Sarts "Anyone?"
[15:17]  You: Torley do you know?
[15:17]  You: yummers!
[15:17]  Aric Linden is allergic to chocolate
[15:17]  Torley Linden: yes, it's a bit difficult to describe, lemme check quickly tho too... hmmm
[15:17]  Torley Linden: what Aimee there mentioned sounds correct
[15:17]  Torley Linden: to my knowledge we don't yet have analogue, variable velocity movement
[15:17]  You: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Space_Navigator
[15:17]  Torley Linden: would be nice but i'd check with Steve + 3Dconnexion peeps on this to be sure
[15:17]  Torley Linden: *tries to repro quickly*
[15:18]  You: I couldn't tell what it did/didn't do, honestly
[15:18]  You: but is fun watching you all test
[15:18]  Bridie Linden grins
[15:18]  Bri Gufler: certainly on XP the values don't seem to do anything.
[15:18]  Torley Linden: yeah there's no gradual scale between 0.00 and 1.00
[15:19]  You: and does -1 == off? or ??
[15:19]  Torley Linden: as soon as you set it to 0.01 it works the same as 1.00
[15:19]  Blue Linden is Online
[15:19]  norritt Xi: Humm is this me being blind or is "Advanced -> Character -> Show Look At" not working any more in RC8?
[15:19]  Which Linden is Offline
[15:19]  Torley Linden: -1 is only off for the Axis maps on top
[15:19]  Torley Linden: 0 is effectively off for Scale
[15:20]  Torley Linden: UI wise i think we shouldn't allow scale settings if they actually don't do anything, to remove confusion
[15:20]  You: Not sure Norritt
[15:20]  Torley Linden: so i'd suggest import here and followup to CLARIFY
[15:20]  Ramzi Linden is Online
[15:20]  Torley Linden: :)
[15:20]  Bridie Linden nods to Torley
[15:20]  You: Next
[15:20]  You: VWR-6626[c] - Votes: 1 - Spacenavigator Not Recognised MacOS
[15:20]  Torley Linden: SpaceNavigator is so much fun, BTW, if anyone here hasn't tried it
[15:20]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6626
[15:20]  Johan Linden is Offline
[15:20]  Phoenix Linden is Offline
[15:20]  Torley Linden: hmmm
[15:20]  Bri Gufler: I did some testing on this one today.
[15:21]  Ekim Linden is Online
[15:21]  Bri Gufler: interestingly enough - the spacenav seemed to work FINE without the 3dconnexion drivers.
[15:21]  You: Are you on leopard Bri?
[15:21]  Torley Linden: i suggest Needs More Info here, and make sure the person has "Enable Joystick" in Joystick Configuration checked... that was a common usability slipup across platforms
[15:21]  Bri Gufler: after I installed them it would not work.
[15:21]  Bri Gufler: Yes 10.5.3
[15:21]  Torley Linden: really Bri? odd!
[15:21]  Torley Linden: i haven't tried my SN on Leopard yet
[15:21]  You: I'm still on Tiger
[15:21]  Bri Gufler: I had not tried it on a Mac until today.
[15:22]  Torley Linden: i'd at least make sure this Resident had "Enable Joystick" checked.
[15:22]  Bri Gufler: I generally use it on my XP machine
[15:22]  Bri Gufler: I tihink the screenshot shows they did
[15:22]  Bri Gufler: but it was showing the Optical mouse instead of the spacenav
[15:22]  Torley Linden: i don't see a screenshot here :O
[15:22]  Bri Gufler: oh I think I looked at the related one
[15:22]  You: descr says: [x] Enable Joystick : Apple Optical USB Mouse
[15:22]  Torley Linden: hmmm
[15:23]  Torley Linden: oh i see that :\
[15:23]  Bri Gufler: after installing the 3dconnexion drivers I could no longer use the spacenav - i saw the same behavior - it said "Apple Optical USB Mouse"
[15:23]  Torley Linden: thanks for checking into that Bri
[15:23]  Torley Linden: i wonder if the same thing that worked for you will work for Chance?
[15:23]  Torley Linden: (uninstall drivers)
[15:23]  Bri Gufler: I am going to suggest it in Jira
[15:23]  Bri Gufler: Just did this testing 5 minutes before the meeting
[15:23]  Torley Linden: yeah, it's not the end, but it is a workaround for now... thanks!!
[15:24]  You: Thx!
[15:24]  Torley Linden: wow James24 fancy ballerina moves there
[15:24]  Bri Gufler: Yeah its definitely not ideal - because that renders the spacenav useless for other apps
[15:24]  James24 Bravin: hello
[15:24]  You: Bri, could you update the title to include leopard?
[15:24]  Bri Gufler: Will do
[15:25]  You: ty
[15:25]  You: Next up
[15:25]  You: VWR-6623[c] - Votes: 1 - After downloading 1.20.18 I can not install I get 30 "error can not open for writing" messages most are .dll or db2 files -
[15:25]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6623
[15:25]  Torley Linden: another person with the same problem said Strife's suggestion worked in the comments
[15:25]  Torley Linden: confirm with original reporter if still a prob for them?
[15:25]  Torley Linden: "Needs More Info"
[15:26]  You: will do!
[15:26]  Torley Linden: =)
[15:26]  Squirrel Wood: Needs more Torley :)
[15:26]  Torley Linden: lolex
[15:26]  You: ha!
[15:26]  You: Next up...
[15:26]  You: VWR-6697[c] - Votes: 1 - RC 1.20.2 (85278): System freeze after login under linux
[15:27]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6697
[15:27]  Gellan Glenelg: RC2 ?
[15:27]  You: Looks like we can resolve this one
[15:27]  You: based upon Suzan's own comment!
[15:27]  Torley Linden: yes good
[15:27]  Torley Linden: i love it when a plan comes together
[15:27]  Bridie Linden 's favorite kind o bug
[15:27]  Samuel Linden is Offline
[15:27]  You: Next up
[15:27]  Torley Linden: BEHOLD... the SELF-RESOLVING WONDER!
[15:27]  You: # VWR-6653[c] - Votes: 1 - Anti-ailiasing no longer visible on mac client - Court Goodman
[15:28]  Ryan Linden is Online
[15:28]  Pastrami Linden: definitely one for runitai
[15:28]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6653
[15:28]  Bridie Linden nods
[15:28]  Bri Gufler: This may be fixed with RC8
[15:28]  Bri Gufler: I couldn't reproduce this under RC8 - I am running an 8800GT on my Mac Pro
[15:28]  Bridie Linden is 'beholding' Tuckaxe's wardrobe change...
[15:29]  Aric Linden: it might be PPC specific
[15:29]  Aric Linden: what mac hardware are you using?
[15:29]  Bri Gufler: Intel
[15:29]  Bri Gufler: but his hardware list said Intel as well
[15:29]  Bri Gufler: CPU: 8 x i386 (Unknown) (3000 MHz) ?
[15:29]  Bri Gufler: was what he reported
[15:29]  Bao Linden is Online
[15:29]  Bri Gufler: thats what I have - one of the new 8-core mac Pros
[15:30]  Aric Linden: ?
[15:30]  You: 8-core??
[15:30]  Nya Linden: O.o
[15:30]  Torley Linden: ohhh fancy, what do you need all those cores for, Bri? Maya? :D
[15:30]  Aric Linden: are you looking at 6683?
[15:30]  Bri Gufler: 2 quad core proccessors :)
[15:30]  norritt Xi: More power hrhrhr
[15:30]  Ramzi Linden is Offline
[15:30]  Bri Gufler: oh Im looking at 6653
[15:30]  Aric Linden: ahh
[15:30]  Aric Linden: ok
[15:30]  Jaime Linden is Online
[15:30]  Liana Linden is Online
[15:30]  Aric Linden: I was scared for a moment
[15:30]  Bri Gufler: I thought that was the one we were on now
[15:30]  You: one sec folks
[15:30]  Sue Linden is Online
[15:30]  Sheet Spotter: Is Marvin Haller griefing?
[15:31]  Squirrel Wood: temp prims
[15:31]  Torley Linden: never a dull moment, that's for sure
[15:31]  Zen Linden is Online
[15:32]  Colton Linden: let me blow those away
[15:32]  Torley Linden: thanks Colton :)
[15:32]  Torley Linden: hahaha
[15:32]  You: Ty Colton
[15:32]  Torley Linden: very apt thing for a fan to say
[15:32]  norritt Xi: LMAO Colton that is the best avatar ever!
[15:32]  Bri Gufler: :)
[15:32]  Simon Kline: hehe G team rocks :D
[15:32]  Torley Linden: norritt, that fan has an incredible commercial ad too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miyaoka/2517527479/ :)
[15:33]  You: what'd we decide w/6653?
[15:33]  You: +1 Simon
[15:33]  Torley Linden: Bridie, it's a good one for Runitai
[15:33]  Torley Linden: is what Pastrami sez earlier
[15:33]  Bridie Linden nods
[15:33]  Torley Linden: mmhmm
[15:33]  Bri Gufler: I def can't repro 6653 on the same hardware with RC8
[15:33]  Bri Gufler: so hopefully its fixed already :)
[15:33]  You: pls comment Bri, thx!
[15:33]  Aric Linden: you have rc8 Bri?
[15:33]  You: gold sarts for Bri
[15:33]  Bri Gufler: Yes
[15:33]  Aric Linden blinks
[15:34]  Torley Linden: yeah, that picture "Picture 7.png" is really dark and not a good example of whether antialiasing works or not
[15:34]  You: i have RC9 Aric
[15:34]  You: Next up..an older issue...
[15:34]  You: VWR-6683[c] - Votes: 1 - 1.20RC2 - Immediate crash when clicking OK on blue pop-up window (MacOs)
[15:34]  norritt Xi: Aww very peacful commercial
[15:34]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6683
[15:35]  Zen Linden is Offline
[15:35]  Jill Linden is Offline
[15:35]  Conover's Flight-Helper 6.3.3 (WEAR ME!): Flight-helper is ready and operational.
[15:36]  You: I think we can resolve 6683
[15:36]  norritt Xi: Hey Colton I could use some fresh air its really hot here, so if you don't mind ;)
[15:36]  Torley Linden: it seems that way to me too... it'd be hotter if it was still a problem
[15:36]  You: me too Torley
[15:36]  Torley Linden: that is a pretty straightforward repro, afterall
[15:36]  You: And from APril
[15:36]  You: Next...
[15:36]  You: VWR-6788[c] - Votes: 1 - Ctrl-Alt-LMouseclick on avatar zoomes camera out instead of focusing on avatar -
[15:37]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6788
[15:37]  Torley Linden: ok, well this isn't critical... and it sounds like a dupe of existing camera bugs
[15:37]  Torley Linden: where was that one *looks*
[15:37]  You: yeah
[15:38]  Torley Linden: i think i know what this Resident is describing, it's frustrating/annoying at times but can be worked around
[15:38]  Torley Linden: one of the oldest... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-98
[15:38]  Torley Linden: it sounds like the same bug
[15:38]  You: yup
[15:39]  Torley Linden: this is a KEY example of where a video comes in handy (and of course, the VWR-98) has videos ;)
[15:39]  Jaime Linden is Offline
[15:39]  Torley Linden: so yeah, i'm betting VWR-6788 is either VWR-98 or https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1286 (similar but different)
[15:39]  Bridie Linden nods
[15:40]  You: Next...
[15:40]  You: VWR-6933[c] - Votes: 1 - Disabling Ripple Water also disables glow -
[15:40]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6933
[15:40]  Pastrami Linden: nigpapi
[15:40]  Torley Linden: this one sounds freakishly familiar from the ol' WindLight days
[15:40]  Pastrami Linden: bigpapi
[15:40]  Bambers Linden is Offline
[15:40]  Harleen Gretzky: this is easily worked around by alt-zooming instead of clicking, correct?
[15:40]  Pastrami Linden: actually
[15:40]  Pastrami Linden: zen
[15:40]  You: kk
[15:40]  Bri Gufler: Im assuming by "ripple water" they mean "basic shaders"?
[15:40]  Pastrami Linden: probably
[15:40]  Torley Linden: Pastrami, it reminds me of some of the ATI issues but i note they're on a Go5200... Zen would know whether there's limited shader support
[15:41]  Torley Linden: yeah Bri they should be very clear about that
[15:41]  Pastrami Linden: yeah Torley
[15:41]  Torley Linden: we don't call it "ripple water" anymore for that exact, distinct reason
[15:41]  Zen Linden is Online
[15:41]  Bri Gufler: So I guess my question is - is glow a function of the shader support? If so this may not be a bug.
[15:41]  Torley Linden: i'd also confirm the obvious: if they updated their drivers to the newest
[15:41]  Harleen Gretzky: Looks like they disabled ripple water under debug settings
[15:41]  Bri Gufler: ah ok
[15:42]  You: Next up
[15:42]  You: VWR-6989[c] - Votes: 1 - joystick flycam - zoomlevel jumps -
[15:42]  Torley Linden: sidenote: we don't officially support stuff in Advanced menu (incl. Debug Settings) unless it's a different way to access an existing UI element or other feature
[15:42]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6989
[15:42]  norritt Xi: Torley: I think 169 is the newest driver for the 5200 Go
[15:43]  Joshua Linden is Online
[15:43]  Harleen Gretzky: Maybe ripple water should be removed now that it is deprecated
[15:43]  Torley Linden: i've not had this problem
[15:43]  MJ Linden is Offline
[15:43]  You: and this "Also it forgets the old values of the flycam-mode it had the last time. " has been fixed
[15:43]  Torley Linden: hmmm...
[15:43]  Zen Linden is Offline
[15:43]  Torley Linden: haha i just used Flycam and now i see us all upside down
[15:44]  You: ha
[15:44]  KyleJM Linden is Offline
[15:44]  Torley Linden: one other possible thing i can think of...
[15:44]  norritt Xi: nvidia doesn't even list it any more on their page I had the same problems on my notebook with the GeForce 4 mobile. Finally I had to switch to nVidea Omega drivers due to the lack of vendor support.
[15:44]  Torley Linden: is that SirOb Voom didn't calibrate SpaceNavigator in the drivers
[15:44]  Torley Linden: if you don't calibrate, it can lead to weird jumpiness
[15:44]  Torley Linden: or the camera will drift by itself
[15:44]  You: Comment please, Torley?
[15:44]  Torley Linden: sure :)
[15:44]  Steve Linden is Online
[15:45]  You: Ty!
[15:45]  You: Next
[15:45]  You: # VWR-7045[c] - Votes: 1 - Copy Selection tool broken in 1.20 RC - Hypatia Callisto
[15:45]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7045
[15:45]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7045
[15:45]  Zee Linden is Online
[15:46]  You: Looks like this isn't happening anymore...
[15:46]  You: I'll resolve
[15:47]  Torley Linden: hmmm there is one longtime subtlety with this Copy Selection... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-4471 i wonder if Hypatia was trying to do that
[15:47]  Zee Linden is Offline
[15:47]  Torley Linden: i'll leave a comment...
[15:47]  You: Next up
[15:47]  You: VWR-7137[c] - Votes: 1 - Viewer Crashes on Quit - Macintosh -
[15:47]  Jill Linden is Online
[15:47]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7137
[15:47]  Seraph Linden is Online
[15:47]  Zee Linden is Online
[15:48]  You: Shawna likes brevity
[15:48]  Torley Linden: LOL
[15:48]  Seraph Linden is Offline
[15:48]  Torley Linden: hahah terse
[15:48]  Torley Linden: i haven't seen this since the early RCs
[15:48]  Bri Gufler: There is an attachment.
[15:48]  You: u open it Bri :)
[15:48]  Torley Linden: it's a log as a word .doc! first time i've seen that :D
[15:48]  Gellan Glenelg: it's rc6 from .doc
[15:49]  Gellan Glenelg: Version: Second Life version (
[15:49]  Bri Gufler: and Leopard 10.5.1
[15:49]  You: ATY?
[15:50]  Bri Gufler: I haven't seen this on Intel mac for a while
[15:50]  norritt Xi: Maybe they thought a "ty" in their Brand name would be more polite and changed it Bri ;)
[15:50]  Periapse Linden is Online
[15:50]  norritt Xi: Oh we have a Bri here,
[15:51]  norritt Xi: Sorry Bridie then
[15:51]  Jon Linden is Online
[15:51]  You: I don't see crash report for Shawna...
[15:51]  Kiwini Oe is Offline
[15:52]  Periapse Linden is Offline
[15:52]  Squirrel Wood: could it be that that popup dialog was meant that some people got? about that dll file... whatsitsname...
[15:52]  You: I'll resolve and ask her to reopen if it happens again
[15:52]  You: Next
[15:52]  You: # VWR-6980[c] - Votes: 1 - crash logger fails to keep "always send" setting - Shadow Pidgeon
[15:52]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6980
[15:53]  Squirrel Wood: Yes. That crash logger definitely is forgetful
[15:53]  You: But i think we fixed our failure to save settings issue...
[15:53]  Squirrel Wood: It *does* remember as the checkbox is checked, yet decides to ask again
[15:53]  Lexie Linden is Online
[15:54]  norritt Xi: Yes I have the same problem here.
[15:54]  Liana Linden is Offline
[15:54]  You: ah
[15:54]  Squirrel Wood: so I would assume it fails to check whether the checkbox is checked
[15:54]  Harleen Gretzky: I do not have that problem always sends for me
[15:55]  Squirrel Wood: or loads the information *after* checking the checkbox status
[15:55]  norritt Xi: Did you use the Checkbox of the Crash Logger to enable always send or the option in preferences Harleen?
[15:55]  Harleen Gretzky: But my preferences are set to always ask, lol
[15:55]  You: i'll import
[15:55]  Harleen Gretzky: I think I checked the box on the logger itself
[15:56]  You: one more for today
[15:56]  You: VWR-7292[c] - Votes: 1 - "Failed to load [body part|clothing] ..." dialog improperly implies that the content creator is primarily responsible for the error.
[15:56]  You: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7292
[15:56]  Potatobug Tester is Offline
[15:56]  Cheah Linden is Online
[15:56]  Torley Linden: Adz's suggested wording is a bit too... wordy but i agree providing more details like a link to a KB article would have more useful context,
[15:57]  Torley Linden: better than a terse-and-cryptic-and-scary message
[15:57]  norritt Xi: Yes agreed that message is really misleading people
[15:57]  Torley Linden: sounds like a good Rx thang Bridie
[15:57]  Torley Linden: reword this dialog!
[15:57]  Bri Gufler: Yeah. Definitely misleading.
[15:57]  You: yup, for Rx!
[15:57]  Torley Linden: i bet Jon and Erica could handle this nicely
[15:57]  Bridie Linden nods
[15:57]  You: Let's call it a wrap for today!
[15:57]  Torley Linden: i'm usually in favor of "Hey, here's a little info. But you can also... CLICK TO LEARN MORE!"
[15:57]  Torley Linden: w00t
[15:57]  You: Thx so much all!
[15:58]  Aric Linden: bye
[15:58]  Gellan Glenelg: has any thought been given to having more than 2 triages a wek?
[15:58]  Torley Linden: bye Aric!
[15:58]  Pastrami Linden: bye
[15:58]  Aric Linden: some thought
[15:58]  Pastrami Linden is Offline
[15:58]  Bri Gufler: Seeya Aric
[15:58]  Torley Linden: cya Pastrami
[15:58]  Aric Linden: Gellan, would you be interested in helping with another?
[15:58]  Torley Linden: t'care everyone, i'm off meself... *waves and smiles*
[15:58]  You: keep your eyes on the blog
[15:58]  Gellan Glenelg: absolutely
[15:58]  norritt Xi: bye torley!
[15:58]  You: Laters!
[15:58]  Bri Gufler: Take care everyone. Be well!

??? |}