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Burning Life Staff List 2009

Burning Life 08 Event Wiki Page

Burning Life Web Page

Under construction, development and update

DPW Programming: Programming Event Infrastructure.

Department Lead - Vicero Lambert

Lead Programmer: Event DB, Web Back-end and Land/Camp Tools - Vicero Lambert

DPW: Design and Build event Infrastructure.

Department Lead - Talia Tokugawa

Estate Management - Talia Tokugawa

Script Monkey - Talia Tokugawa

Center Camp Build - Vicero Lambert

Man Crew - Vicero Lambert

Temple Crew -

Shouting Fire/BLIR Build- Ganesha Xi

Media Mecca Build - Scope Cleaver

Plaza Stages - Berlin - Tokyo -

Gate Road signs - Community

Street Signs -

DMV: Builds Mutant vehicles for participant use.

Department Lead - EmCee Widget

Art Car Scripting -

Mutant Vehicle Artists -

Art Department :

Department Lead - Poid Mahovlich

Playa Art Curator, 12 fantazmagorical Art Installations - Poid Mahovlich

Porta Potty Art - Burning Life Community

Center Camp Décor & Theme -

Tokyo Plaza Decor & Theme -

Berlin Plaza Decor & Theme -

Photographers Liaison - Poid Mahovlich

Machinima Documentation Liaison -

Afterburn art project - Poid Mahovlich

Rangers:Mediators/ problem solvers / anti-griefers

Department Leads -

Ranger Training -

Dirt Rangers :

Dispatch: Manages cross sim radio traffic

Department Lead - Buckaroo Mu

Scripting -

Logistics -

Communications: Internal & External

Department Lead - Dusty Linden

Vburn.org - Vicero Lambert

SL Wiki, Forums, Burning Life Web Page - Dusty Linden

Blog Posts - Dusty Linden

Media Mecca, Publicity, In world -

Media Mecca Events -

Education Team - Dusty Linden, Poid Mahovlich

What, Where, When events listings -

BLIR/Shouting Fire - Ganesha Xi, Bobzilla, J. Knizzle

WebCam - Vicero Lambert

Group Chat Moderators- (AnnaQuay Heart, Skylarian Isachenko TBC) - Ginger Marseille

Adminitration: Facilititates meetings, records meetings.

Department Lead - Dusty Linden

Burning Man Regional Network Liaison:

Department Lead - M2Danger Ranger

Community Services:

Department Lead - Countess Decosta

Greeters - (Velvetina Sodwind TBC)

Costumers - Harper Beresford

Tour Guides - Countess Decosta

Lingusists - Joao Mastroianni


Department Lead - Doctor Gascoigne

Lamplighters -

Drum Circle - JeanBaptiste Eilde

Pyro Temple (Fire Stage)-

Center Camp Stage Schedule - Doctor Gascoigne

Plaza stage management -

Fashion Show - Harper Beresford

Special Performances -



Burning Life Staff 2008