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Constant: integer CHANGED_TELEPORT = 0x200;

The integer constant CHANGED_TELEPORT has the value 0x200

The avatar this object is attached to has teleported. This event only occurs in the root prim of an attachment when the user has teleported. This event does not occur in child prims of attachments, nor does it occur due to a "sit teleport". If the user teleports into a parcel where their scripts are disabled then the CHANGED_TELEPORT event is dropped and does not occur even if the user moved to a script-enabled parcel.

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<lsl>default {

   changed(integer change)
       if (change & CHANGED_TELEPORT) //note that it's & and not &&... it's bitwise!
           llOwnerSay("The object has been teleported while attached.");


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integer CHANGED_TELEPORT = 0x200;