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From an LSL standpoint avatars can have 3 different names.

Names: Description Unique Get (in region) Request (dataserver) llSensor(Repeat) flags detected events
Display The name that is displayed on the screen. No llGetDisplayName llRequestDisplayName NA NA
User The name the users logs in with. Yes llGetUsername llRequestUsername AGENT_BY_USERNAME NA
Legacy An interface predating Display Names. Yes llKey2Name llRequestAgentData AGENT_BY_LEGACY_NAME llDetectedName

Name Formats by Account Type

Modern Legacy
User Name "username" "firstname.lastname"
Legacy Name "username Resident" "FirstName LastName"
Display Default "username" "FirstName LastName"

Modern and Legacy Accounts

  • Modern accounts are created by choosing a user name, which consists of one name (no spaces).
  • Legacy accounts were created by choosing two names: first and last names. These two names are used together to form the username.

To maintain compatibility with legacy scripts (that expect two names), modern accounts are given the legacy last name "Resident".

The default value of the Display Name depends upon the type of the account. For legacy accounts, it's the Legacy Name. For modern accounts, it is the Username (but capitalization used at registration time is still preserved).

<lsl>string LegacyToUsername(string legacy) {

   list name = llParseString2List(llToLower(legacy), [" "]);
   if(llList2String(name, 1) == "resident")//it's not a legacy account.
       return llList2String(name, 0);//first name is username
   return llDumpList2String(name, ".");


Legacy-Name Only Functions

These functions only take Legacy Names and there are no alternative functions available.


There are a couple of FAQs that go into much more detail about this:


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