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LSL Categorized Script Library

Category Description
CatRadars Radars for finding avatars or objects.
CatLibraries Various script libraries for use by other scripts.
CatPermissions Scripts for checking or enforcing permissions.
CatAnimationOverride Avatar animation overrides.
CatEncryption Scripts for encrypting and decrypting messages.
CatInterpreters Interpreters and/or emulators written in LSL.
CatFollowers Avatar or prim follower scripts.
CatCompression Scripts for compressing and decompressing data.
CatConversions Scripts that help with converting between data types.
CatArtificialIntelligence Artificial Intelligence scripts.
CatTime Timer and clocks scripts.
CatBuilderTools Builder tool scripts.
CatTouchDetection Touch detection scripts.
CatCamera Camera scripts.
CatLoggers Chat loggers and relays.
CatEfficiency Efficiency tester scripts.
CatColors Color scripts.

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