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Chat communication is as it sounds. It is text "said" so that anyone (or anything) listening within range can hear it. It can be two-way communication.

Only chat sent on channel 0 is openly visible to avatars in the area, but any script can listen to any chat on any channel. Agents can only chat on positive channels, but scripts can chat and listen on any channel between -2147483648 to 2147483647.

When you begin a chat message in the chat text-entry field as /1 , the 1 is the channel you are speaking on.

[Tip! // (two forward-slashes) is shortcut for the last special channel you entered in chat.]

Chat messages can be a maximum of 255 bytes; they are truncated past that.

A scripted prim cannot hear itself speak. Scripts listening in a linked prim, though, will hear the chat. Generally, though, communication between scripts in the same object is handled via llMessageLinked.

To "hear" chat, a script has to specifically initiate up a "listen." A single script has a limit of 64 listens; beyond that it will emit a "Too Many Listens" squawk, and crash.

The distance that chat can be heard depends on the type of chat used, and where the speaker is. The distance emits in a circle around the speaker, with varying radiuses:

Substring Replaced with
llWhisper 10 metres
llSay 20 metres
llShout 100 metres
llRegionSay sim-wide

The above parameters are fixed; there is no way to lengthen or shorten the distance or direct it in any special direction.

llRegionSay is an exception; it is not centred on the speaker, but rather heard anywhere in the sim.

User-created utility functions

•  mySay Cleaner chat messages on a user's screen
•  mySayOwner Cleaner chat messages on a user's screen (speaks to owner only)


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