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Floating point data types are 32 bit numbers in IEEE-754 form. If you want a decimal point in your number, then it is a float.

The Range is 1.175494351E-38 to 3.402823466E+38

They can be specified in scientific notation like 2.6E-5.

If a function requires a float as a parameter, and the number is an integer (e.g. 5), be sure to add a .0 so it is created as a float (e.g. 5.0)

If you are dividing 2 constants, be sure to define them as floats or your result may get rounded. Better yet, do the math on your calculator and save the server some cycles.


<lsl>float min = 1.175494351E-38; float max = 3.402823466E+38; float sci = 2.6E-5; float sci_a = 2.6E+3; float sci_b = 2.6E3; float sci_c = 26000.E-1; float f = 2600;//implicitly typecast to a float float E = 85.34859; </lsl>

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