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Ez a kategória beépített LSL funkciókat tartalmaz.


All types in LSL are immutable (they can't be mutated by side effect), variables can only be changed by being overwritten. There is no way to indirectly modify a variable's value; the only way is through direct interaction with a storing operator (=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, ++, --).

  • Built-in functions will never modify the variables used as parameters.
  • User functions that change the values of parameters inside the function scope will not have those changes applied to the variables that supplied those parameters. [1]


Key Description
 NEW  The function was recently added.
 I  The LSO function ID for the function is not known, or it may not have one.
 D  The function has been deprecated but still works.
It is best to avoid functions marked as deprecated.
 R  The function has not only been deprecated, it has been removed.
Do not use functions marked as removed.
 U  The function has not been implemented.
Do not use functions marked as not implemented.
 B  This function is marked as broken and may not work.
 G  The function requires god-mode.
Functions marked as such cannot be used.
 RQ  This function has been requested by several users and has not been implemented.
Do not use functions marked as requested.


  1. ^ Function parameters are effectively passed by value, not by reference. When pass by reference is used in LSO-LSL, the reference points to a copy of the value, not to the original.

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