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This category contains built-in LSL functions. Todo:

  1. Change all pages to use func_desc instead of func_footnote for their description.
    The footnote field is for additional notes about the function and should not exceed a few sentences. More complicated description of the functions inner workings are to be written in the 'spec' field.
  2. change the template from LSLFunctionAll to LSL_Function, remove the Category:LSL Function link, this is in the template now. Be sure to set the 'sort' attribute (if we had StringFunctions wouldn't need the 'sort' attribute).
  3. fill in 'spec' field when applicable.
  4. write examples
  5. write notes
  6. write caveats.

To coordinate your work, see LSL_Portal_To-do. Use Template:LSL_Function to for page entries and be sure to look at it to familiarize yourself with the features supported.

When the task of initially creating the pages is finished, delete the to-do list at the top.

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