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{{LSL Header|ml=*}}{{LSLC|}}{{LSLC|Pathfinding}}
{{LSL Constants/Pathfinding Types}}
{{LSL Header/ja|ml=*}}
{{LSL Constants/Pathfinding Types/ja}}

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Flags Description
OPT_OTHER -1 アタッチメント, リンデンツリー & 草
OPT_LEGACY_LINKSET 0 Movable obstacles, movable phantoms, physical, and volumedetect objects
OPT_CHARACTER 2 Pathfinding characters
OPT_WALKABLE 3 Walkable objects
OPT_STATIC_OBSTACLE 4 Static obstacles
OPT_MATERIAL_VOLUME 5 Material volumes
OPT_EXCLUSION_VOLUME 6 Exclusion volumes

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