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To find the appropriate Release Notes for your Viewer version, just scroll down to the list at the bottom of this page


Login to Second Life and click the Release Notes link in 'Help > About Second Life', and you will be taken automatically to the correct page.

KBcaution.png Important: Second Life Viewer Support Policy Linden Lab's policy is to support the two newest Second Life Viewer versions, and the last released Second Life Beta Viewer; for example, SL Viewer versions 3.2.8 and 3.2.6, and SL Beta Viewer version 3.3.0.

For more information and download links, see Supported Viewers.

About Release Notes

Release Notes are a list of the new features and bug fixes added to each new version of Second Life. Second Life consists of the following two distinct pieces of software that work together:

  • The Viewer, which is the program you downloaded from and installed on your hard drive.
Release Notes for Viewer releases are identified with the label 'Release Notes/Second Life Release/' below
  • The Server, which runs the 3D simulation that you walk through and experience while in Second Life.
Release Notes for Server releases are identified with the label 'Release Notes/Second Life Server/' below

Periodically, Linden Lab will upgrade the Viewer and the Server to new versions, but not necessarily at the same time. Because they are released separately, there are distinct Release Notes for each version released (see What do the numbers in a release version mean?)

Release Notes for Second Life Release Candidates and Second Life Beta Viewers can be found in the Subcategories section of this page, below.

Note: The independent website also keeps an archive of Release Notes, especially for very old versions.

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