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'''[http://xstreetsl.com Xstreet SL] is ''the'' premier virtual marketplace for your Second Life needs'''. Want some new clothing for your avatar? A car? A house? Something wonderful to surprise a lover or friend? It's just a few clicks away and can be delivered in seconds!
<font size="4">'''[https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?lang=en&name=LindenDollars Buy Linden Dollars for use on Xstreet SL]'''</font>
<font size="4">'''[[Linden_Lab_Official:Listing_Enhancements|Increase your sales by making your listing stand out]]'''</font>
== <font style="background-color: #FEFFCC;">New? Check these out ''first!''</font> ==
* <font size="4">'''[[Xstreet_quickstart|Learn how to start shopping in a few minutes!]]'''</font>
* <font size="4">'''[[How_to_open_a_box|Learn how to receive delivery of your purchase in Second Life]]'''</font>
* <font size="4">'''[[Xstreet FAQ]]'''</font> - Hot questions answered quickly!
* <font size="4">'''[[Xstreet search|How to search]]'''</font> - Find the stuff of your Second Life dreams!
* '''[[Linden Lab Official:Xstreet troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]]''' - Help with technical problems.
* '''[[Linden_Lab_Official:Xstreet_Wishlists|Wishlists]]''' - Keep track of what you want.
* '''[[Linden Lab Official:Xstreet fees|Fees]]''' - The fine print.
* '''[http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/commerce Commerce forums]''' - Xstreet news and discussion with fellow Residents.
=== News ===
* '''[[Linden_Lab_Official:Xstreet_account_merge_FAQ|Xstreet account merge FAQ]]'''
== Selling ==
* <font size="4">'''[[Xstreet_listing_items|Learn how to start selling your items today!]]'''</font>
* '''[[Linden_Lab_Official:Merchants_FAQ|Merchants FAQ]]'''
* [[Linden Lab Official:Listing guidelines|Listing guidelines]]
* [[Linden Lab Official:Listing Enhancements|Listing Enhancements]]
* [[Linden Lab Official:Inventory management for Xstreet merchants|Inventory management]]
* [[Linden Lab Official:Viewing and analyzing sales|Viewing and analyzing sales]]
* [[Linden_Lab_Official:Managing_Freebies_on_Xstreet_SL_Roadmap_FAQ|Managing Freebies on Xstreet SL Roadmap]]
== [[Xstreet_RSS_feeds|RSS feeds]] ==
Receive automatic updates of item listings.
== [[Linden_Lab_Official:Xstreet_Currency_Exchange|Currency Exchange]] ==
== [[Linden_Lab_Official:Xstreet_real_estate|Real Estate]] ==
== [[Xstreet_tips|Tips & tricks]] ==
^ Some of these were provided by Residents, and while helpful, Linden Lab can't vouch for them.
== Archived ==
Older news kept for historical purposes.
* [[Linden Lab Official:Frequently asked questions about updates to the XStreet SL Listing Guidelines|Updates to the XStreet SL Listing Guidelines]]
* [[Linden Lab Official:Xstreet SL login change FAQ|Xstreet SL login change FAQ]]

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The Second Life Marketplace has replaced Xstreet SL. This information is kept for historical purposes.