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== [[Xstreet_quickstart|Quickstart guide]] ==
== New? Check these out ''first!'' ==
^ Click that for easy instructions!
* '''[[Xstreet_quickstart|Quickstart guide]]''' - Easy instructions!
* '''[[Xstreet FAQ|Xstreet General FAQ]]''' - Hot questions answered quickly!
== [http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/commerce Commerce forums] ==
* '''[http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/commerce Commerce forums]''' - Xstreet news and discussion with fellow Residents.
Xstreet news and discussion with fellow Residents.
== FAQs ==
== FAQs ==

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Xstreet SL (earlier known as SLExchange, or simply Slex) is the premier virtual marketplace for your Second Life needs. Want some new clothing for your avatar? A car? A house? Something wonderful to surprise a lover or friend? It's just a few clicks away and can be delivered in seconds!

Stuff to do for the Old Knowledge Base: You've come to the right place for Xstreet help! We're still organizing this page to serve your needs better, watch for changes soon. -Torley

New? Check these out first!


General Information

Customer Help

Merchant Help

Currency Exchange

Real Estate