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Stuff to do: This article will be outdated when the Second Life Marketplace replaces Xstreet SL, and may be deleted, redirected, archived for historical purposes, or otherwise edited. Please refer to Marketplace help instead, and link to Marketplace help pages instead of these old ones. Let Torley know if you have questions.

Xstreet SL is the premier virtual marketplace for your Second Life needs. Want some new clothing for your avatar? A car? A house? Something wonderful to surprise a lover or friend? It's just a few clicks away and can be delivered in seconds!

Buy Linden Dollars for use on Xstreet SL

Increase your sales by making your listing stand out

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RSS feeds

Receive automatic updates of item listings.

Currency Exchange

Real Estate

Tips & tricks

^ Some of these were provided by Residents, and while helpful, Linden Lab can't vouch for them.


Older news kept for historical purposes.

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