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This page is for the Python implementation of Certified HTTP.

Getting Started

  • Get all the dependencies for Eventlet and Mulib.
  • Follow this little command-line recipe to get them all in one place:
mkdir chttp
cd chttp
svn co https://svn.secondlife.com/svn/certified_http/trunk/certified_http
svn co https://svn.secondlife.com/svn/eventlet/trunk/eventlet
svn co https://svn.secondlife.com/svn/mulib/trunk/mulib
svn co http://svn.red-bean.com/bob/simplejson/trunk/simplejson/
export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`
  • If you're running Python 2.3, you will need a deque object and uuid.py from, uh, Python 2.4 or later:
 cp /usr/lib/python2.4/uuid.py ./

(note: no idea how to get a deque object)

We know we should get auto-dependencies figured out, but haven't gotten around to it. We'd be happy to accept contributions that speed that process along. [1]