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Before Second Life got WindLight atmospheric rendering, there existed a cloud layer that had been around since near the beginning of Second Life, and continues to do so today.

Classic clouds, depending on context, can either enhance or detract from the current environment. For example, if you're skydiving, you may prefer to fly through the classic clouds (since the WindLight clouds are off in the distance). But, if you're building a skyscraper, you may consider classic clouds a nuisance. While there's not yet a server-side way to disable classic clouds for others, you can turn it off for yourself:

  1. Go to World menu > Sun > Environment Editor.
  2. Click Advanced Sky.
  3. In the Advanced Sky Editor, click Clouds tab.
  4. Uncheck Draw Classic Clouds.
KBnote.png Note: Unlike other WindLight settings, the classic clouds checkbox applies across all sky settings. This is confusing because of its positioning. Maybe it'll be changed in the future.

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