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Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow
- Linus' Law, according to Eric S. Raymond

Linden Lab maintains an instance of the ReviewBoard code review tool at to be used for reviewing any proposed changes to any of our open source projects.

Use of this system is limited to developers who have executed a Second Life Viewer Contribution Agreement. Any changes or comments posted to the tool are Contributions as defined by that Agreement.


Access to the system requires that you set up an account, which you can do on your own from the login page, or by going directly to the account registration page.

How To Use ReviewBoard

Use the command:

hg diff -r commit

to create a patch that shows your change, and upload that patch on the Create A Review page.

There is a command line tool called post-review, but it is not very mature and whether or not it works can depend on how you created your mercurial repository. I plan to work on improving this asap - Oz


Whenever possible, comment by selecting lines in the file and entering a comment. It makes it much more specific than if you post a general comment.