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General Problems


Compiling on MSVC 2003

* newview error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Copying message template"

This is caused by the script trying to do a copy command, but the source path isn't in quotes. Open up newview.vsproj in notepad, and near the bottom there are 4 line that say:

    CommandLine="copy $(InputPath) .\app_settings\message_template.msg

replace them with

    CommandLine="copy "$(InputPath)" .\app_settings\message_template.msg

Compiling on MSVC 2005

Mozilla is not compatible with visual studio 2005, so we have not migrated the codebase, so we do not know if it works.

What sort of errors are seen?

  • I'm still working through getting this to compile, but to get a good way further, In the property pages for the projects:
    1) In C/C++, set 'Treat Warnings as Errors' to No
    2) In C/C++-Language, set 'Treat wchar_t as Built-in Type' to No 

for information and just cast them correctly.

  • Looks like the last hurdle is going to be re-building Boost and Mozilla without libcp.lib dependencies (VC2005 uses libcpmt.lib; the multi-threaded


[I'll come back when I finish getting it to build and post a link to changes/workarounds. Cheers -Drake Stonewall]

  • To minimize the number of warnings for now: in C/C++-Preprocessor add ';_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE' to the Preprocessor Definitions, that will supress deprecation warnings --Artm Udal 12:42, 8 January 2007 (PST)

  • got quite far with it (overnight). Left with 2 errors.

see: User:Paula_Innis/MSVC2005_viewer_compile_progress -- Paula Innis 10:20, 9 January 2007 (GMT)

Mac OS X


  • /linden/indra/newview/../llwindow/llglheaders.h:377:31: error: GL/glh_extensions.h: No such file or directory
    • This means you didn't merge the libraries right.


  • From Mako Mabellon: Having a bit of trouble with ELFIO 1.0.3 under Linux - it wants to build a static library libELFIO.a, and Second Life appears to expect a shared library (judging from the build instructions on the Wiki)...
    • Tofu says... 'You can rename the library to have the right case. I don't know why ours ended up lower-case and yours is upper-case - I'll look into it.'
  • Something like: error: extra qualification 'LLMessageSystem::' on member 'init'
    • Tofu says... 'This is likely a GCC 4.x thing. We need GCC 3.4 or thereabouts, for now. If you want to use GCC 4.x anyway, you can harmlessly remove the LLMessageSystem:: from the troublesome line. Other stuff will need fixing too; people are on it!'
  • Something like: linden/indra/i686-linux-client-release/llrender/llimagegl.cpp:122: error: `glActiveTextureARB' was not declared in this scope
    • Tofu says... 'You'll need to install OpenGL headers if you don't already have them: gl.h, gl_ext.h, glu.h (The ones from 'mesa' should work)
    • a resident reports good luck on Gentoo after doing 'eselect opengl set xorg-x11' (but note!! You must know what you're doing; this may change your default system OpenGL drivers, and you will probably want to change them back again after the compile, e.g. 'eselect opengl set nvidia')'
    • Tofu says... 'Try removing the space in ' ../libraries/' around line 121 of indra/SConstruct'
  • Something like: indra.y.cpp:17: error: previous declaration of `int yyparse()'
    • Tofu says... 'This appears to be a problem with some versions of flex/bison. A resident reports success when comment out the #ifdef __cplusplus lines in lscript/lscript_compile/indra.y'
  • Compiler can't find gtk/gtk.h, but it's right there!
    • This is probably peculiar to certain SCons versions. Edit the indra/SConstruct file and remove the leading spaces from the ' ../libraries/' strings from around line 187 onwards.
  • Miscellaneous errors about classes not existing, or referencing an undefined type
    • Seems to be a difference between GCC 4 and GCC 3, with 4 being more strict about things. The solution has been adding "class TheMissingClass;" to whatever header files are missing the reference. For example I had to add "class LLUICtrlFactory;" to llui/lluictrl.h and llui/llviewborder.h