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* [http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Alpha-channels/ta-p/700025 Alpha channels]
* [http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Alpha-channels/ta-p/700025 Alpha channels]
* [http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Camera-point-of-view-controls/ta-p/700047 POV controls]
* [http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Camera-point-of-view-controls/ta-p/700047 POV controls]
* [http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Enhanced-Avatar-Physics/ta-p/798525 Enhanced avatar physics]
=== Ready for translation ===
=== Ready for translation ===

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The Second Life Knowledge Base is now on the Community Platform.

This is place to keep working notes on translation efforts there.


  1. Look below for Articles ready for translation
  2. Sign in in Lithium
  3. Open one article in Lithium
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Open the html editor in Lithium
  6. Copy the text and html tags in the window that opened
  7. For screenshots, if you can take a localized screenshot, that is great. The image will be uploaded to your computer. Or upload the image to the wiki (external image). If you do not use a localized screenshot...
  8. . Cancel the Edit process in the US article
  9. Go to the KB page of your locale, and click on New Article. Choose Free form as a type of article
  10. The editor opens, and you can paste the content of the US article - Add the subject by translating the English title. Add labels, choose the same as the ones in English. Labels next to the About in the US article.
  11. Proceed to translating the article, respecting the original layout.
  12. Add screenshot if necessary
  13. Preview and save for review
    • Note by Irene Muni (added April 3, 2001): There is no button "Preview", at least for me.
  14. Have someone review your work
  15. In the wiki page, mention the article is Ready to be reviewed.
  16. Reviewer, once done, Submit the article for publication.

English articles

See Checklist for KB article editing.

Workflow: When an article completes a stage (e.g. technical review) then move it into the next section (e.g. copy editing).

Ready for technical review

Ready for copy editing

Ready for translation

This is the place to list English articles that are ready for translation. Once placed here, they should not be significantly modified.

In progress

Community translators please indicate articles that you are actively working on below.

English French German Spanish Portuguese
How to report a bug or request a feature In progress in internal work


Move links to translated articles here.

English French German Spanish Portuguese
Community Standards

How to contact customer support

About the Second Life Knowledge Base

Den Kunden-Support kontaktieren

Las Normas de la Comunidad; also in Lithium format (March 25, 2011).

Los nombres de usuario Please, see below "Note 1".

La Base de Conocimientos de Second Life Please, see below "Note 1".

  • Note 1. This KB article has a problem with the Contents table, we cannot create that Contents successfully. Probably it is a known problem.

Published Translations

Move links to translated and published articles here.

English French German Spanish Portuguese
Release notes

How to contact customer support

Community Guidelines



Article officiel de Linden Lab:Lignes de conduite relatives à la participation de la communauté



Linden Lab Offiziell:Richtlinien für die Nutzung der Community-Seiten

Notas de la versión

Cómo contactar con el servicio de Soporte al cliente

Artículo oficial de Linden Lab:Directrices de la participación en la comunidad



Linden Lab informa:Regras de participação em comunidades

Target languages

List translated articles here when they are:

  • in translation;
  • in review;
  • ready to be published.


Articles ready to be published:




In translation:

In review:

Ready to be published:


See above



Languages not supported on Community Platform

The Community Platform currently supports only the above four languages in addition to English. Content for additional languages (for example, Italian and Japanese) will remain on this wiki.