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The community tools user group exists to discuss and facilitate Resident involvement with:

  • The Second Life Wiki
  • Knowledge Base
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Second Life Answers

We'll answer any questions and try to address any concerns with these resources.


Every Thursday at 1pm PT at CTUG meeting spot in Beaumont.

Also see the calendar of public user group meetings.


Agenda for the next user group meeting is:

  • Linden Updates:
    • Update on Forums/Blogs (Raymond/Lexie/Amanda)
    • Update on SL Answers (Lexie)
    • Update on Knowledge Base (Rand/Jeremy)
  • Resi Adds:
    • some clarification on the meaning of "harassment," as employed by forum mods (Scylla Rhiadra)
    • Solution Provider Directory - How long does approval take? (Zoya Writer)
    • Other Suggestions? Add 'em here.
  • General Discussion/Brainstorm:
    • Discussion on the new dynamic login screen. What would you guys like to see streamed there?


Community Tools and Docs Team

Several Lindens are involved in facilitating community information tools:

  • Amanda Linden
  • Lexie Linden
  • Rand Linden
  • Jeremy Linden
  • Raymond Linden

The documentation team is currently Rand Linden and Jeremy Linden. The doc team's focus is on the Knowledge Base, wiki, and Viewer context-sensitive help.


From Amanda Linden: Based on the discussion on adult and LGBT forums during the last User Group, we have created a public "Identity and Relationships" forum for everyone to have inworld identity and relationships discussion. Hopefully, this is a solution that works for everyone. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts in the forum.


Links to chat transcripts of past meetings: