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KBtip2.png Tip: Paparazzi? Send your pictures of us to the Doc Team Flickr group!
Knowledge Bear
TNT Bear - Follow Kate and answer Q&A to earn this!

The Knowledge Base (KB) is Linden Lab's official help resource and can be found at

KB articles are magically created by the Documentation Team, currently consisting of Jon, Jeremy, and Kate Linden. (Torley has since transitioned to Experience Design but continues to share knowledge.) The team has two Linden Bears, pictured on the right.

We're also the lovely folks behind Second Life Tips & Tricks (TNT, like dynamite!), which is exactly what it sounds like. While we can't answer all questions, we reply regularly to comments, and focus on the freshest posts.

Meet Doc Team!

Doc office hour 2009-01-14.jpg

Follow Kate's Q&A, win a bear!

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