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The community translation user group exists to discuss and facilitate translation of information resources such as:

  • Second Life Knowledge Base
  • Wiki
  • Other relevant information
KBnote.png Note: Probablu next meeting is Thurs, May 26th.

Every Thursday at 12pm PT (will soon switch to every other Thursday) at

Also see the calendar of public user group meetings.


Agenda for the next user group meeting is:

KBnote.png Note: Please, add below in the appropriate chapter your suggestions for future meetings.

Suggestions about the meetings

  1. Volunteer(s) to take and post minutes of this meeting?
  2. Why Schedule says "Every other Thursday" if meetings happen on every Thursday?

Suggestions about the Knowledge Base

  1. While we expect Lithium solves the problem, what can we do to show links in the English article to translated articles (and vice versa)?
KBnote.png Note: For further information about the translation of the KB, see Community Platform KB Translation Project.

Suggestions about the Viewer

Suggestions about specific languages

All languages

  1. I just would like to mention why we keep asking about the translation of the terms of service (no need to discuss).
    • German (and I believe most of european) trade law requires companies doing business with germans (most europeans) to either NOT have a localized website or if the website is localized to have available the terms of service in the languages provided by the company's website. If any company infringes trade law the terms of service are null and void. With that in mind and knowing which fines companies had to pay for infringement of european law I really think it makes sense to keep asking about a translation before Linden Lab is being sued and bankrupt as the result. (Torb.jpg Torben 07:29, 31 March 2011 (PDT)). ADDED INFO (May 21, 2001): see meeting May 19.


  1. Spanish team needs more "Ready for translation" articles of the KB (see Community Platform KB Translation Project).
  2. Any news about the "deferred" from October 2010 JIRA requesting translate the Marketplace into Spanish?

Suggestions about the official Second Life CT Projects group

KBnote.png Note: To join this group, please see Community Translation Project.

1. The members of the CT group have been updated (May 9). Maybe it's an opportunity to revisit this JIRA :)

Other Suggestions

  1. Is it necessary (and appropriate) the totally outdated wiki page of the Localization Portal about Top Translators in the Community Translation Project?


  • Noelle Linden
  • Eli Linden
  • Lexie Linden


Links to chat transcripts of past meetings:

  • Community Translation User Group/19-May-2011: Questions for Eli Linden
    • Question about some label (Reference) in the Private Forum
    • Wide comments and info about use the XUI files from to create fixes to XML files attach the fix to the Jira (possible manual: ).
    • Is it still okay if we fix truncations (and should we do those fixes in the english file)? Eli Answer: Yes and yes. Please always work from the latest viewer-development build instead of a stale build. You can either attach xml fix in Jira to me, or make the changes in your own bitbucket repository and mention the specific changesets to me in Jira. Either way, I will take your fix, integrate with the xui of latest build, and submit merge request for the Snowstorm team to pull into their viewer-development repository. I cannot directly push to viewer-development myself like before but must follow a more controlled submission process.
    • About why LL decided to fix some JIRAs and to pospone other: use Priority. ADDED INFO BEFORE the meeting: (webb linden) The WEB Project triage was paused for a while but is starting again.
    • The problem (but reality) of small Linden teams: Sbnowstorm, localization...
    • Is there any way to translate the new strings of the Viewer before the public release version?: No
    • How can we improve communication between translators and Lindens about the viewer translation?: Same way as before.
    • Spanish: Is there a plan/schedule for translate the "Help" (F1) of the Viewer? Eli will take the question with the web team. ADDED INFO BEFORE the meeting: Eli re-opened STORM-377 (critical). Help is not availble even to 'en' Viewer.
    • Spanish: The Quick Start Guide has without translation the images (WEB-3776[c]) and some chapters (WEB-3818[c]) (translated into other languages: ). Eli will ping the question. LL have not used any community trans. for help. If noelle can get exec approval, we could start that.
    • Wide and very extensive explanation about the issues with truncations.
    • Rand will pass on the Q about translating ToS to the corp. counsel, ie. lawyer.
  • Community_Translation_User_Group/18-May-2011: This was a special meeting with the french community translators.
  • Community Translation User Group/12-May-2011 (I removed display names for better readability and replaced them with usernames). Summary:
  • 5-May-2011: Posponed.
  • Community_Translation_User_Group/28-Apr-2011. Summary:
    • Articles of the KB that were localized and the ones that need localization.
    • New member in the group for Chinese.
    • About send notecard to Noelle for remain in the group.
    • We need help in French and Portuguese.
    • Possible new board in the KB for other languages. While waiting, we use the wiki. And we use the wiki for translations of noy suggested English articles.
    • Waiting a solution from Lithium to the HTML bug.
    • KB migration:
    • No news about if we can have access to the Doc jira.
    • The labels translation needs review.
  • 7-Apr-2011: Posponed.
  • Community_Translation_User_Group/14-Apr-2011. Summary:
    • The region is public for the meeting.
    • Noelle will send a note to the whole CT group explaining that if residents do not "manifest" themselves within 2 weeks by sending Noelle a notecard saying they are interested in staying and for which language, they will not longer be in the group.
    • Suggestions about Zai Linch
    • Suggestions about the problem with the next week (Eastern, holydays in Europe).
    • Thanks to the German and Spanish team who successfully published a few articles.
    • About Portuguese team/translators.
    • More (see previous meetings) about the HTML problems with Lithium. Working on it. See this JIRA.
    • For translations, see the step by step guide here.
    • Lithium is not a good system for KB, but it is what we (Lindens) have been told to use.
    • How act when the article show a link to content that is (and will be) only available in english. Add a "warning" or a "previous note".
    • We need urgently links between translated articles.
    • We open JIRAs for updated US articles. Then the localidez articles can be updated.
    • We (Lindens) will soon resume localization into Japanese, and it would be great to get our Japanese volunteers involved again.
    • Can we have a google doc or something alike to localize the available Labels?
    • Some "funny" official translations.
  • Community_Translation_User_Group/7-Apr-2011. Summary:
    • Established a new Translator rank in Lithium just for this group
    • How access to Private forum
    • Working with Lithium about the issues with HTML tags.
    • It's possible use in the KB images from the wiki OR uploaded to the own account (confirmed: images uploaded by banned accounts are still visible).
    • Workflow for new strings in the viewer, question pending for Eli Linden.
    • Could we make a list of who speaks which languages?
    • Lindnes must see the Private forums, there are question only they can answer.
  • Community_Translation_User_Group/31-Mar-2011. Summary:
    • Requesting TPs for no members of the CT group.
    • The Region should be public access for meetings.
    • Questions about how to be added to the CT group.
    • Questions about Portuguese translators.
    • Steps to follow to translate KB articles into Lithium.
    • Problems with ranks for edit the KB. Perhaps a "special treatment/rank" for translators.
    • Technical problems with the KB software (Lithium).
  • Community_Translation_User_Group/24-Mar-2011 (with Summary).
    • New meeting time for CT user group is Thursday, 12PM - 1PM
    • Meetings will be weekly (as long as needed), then every other Thursday
    • Rand is preparing a wiki page with workflow information for the KB translations
    • Community platform is being prepared for the translation project
    • Open spanish JIRA issues are being looked at
    • Terms of Service can not be localized