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<!-- Wikified Chat Log generated by DGP4SL Chat Log Wikify [http://www.dgp4sl.com/wikify.php5 SL Chat Log Wikify by DGP4SL] -->
== Summary ==
* Articles of the KB that were localized and the ones that need localization.
* New member in the group for Chinese.
* About send notecard to Noelle for remain in the group.
* We need help in French and Portuguese.
* Possible new board in the KB for other languages. While waiting, we use the wiki. And we use the wiki for translations of noy suggested English articles.
* Waiting a solution from Lithium to the HTML bug.
* KB migration: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/KB_Migration_-_Second_Batch
* No news about if we can have access to the Doc jira.
* The labels translation needs review.
<!-- START List of Attendees -->
<!-- START List of Attendees -->

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  • Articles of the KB that were localized and the ones that need localization.
  • New member in the group for Chinese.
  • About send notecard to Noelle for remain in the group.
  • We need help in French and Portuguese.
  • Possible new board in the KB for other languages. While waiting, we use the wiki. And we use the wiki for translations of noy suggested English articles.
  • Waiting a solution from Lithium to the HTML bug.
  • KB migration: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/KB_Migration_-_Second_Batch
  • No news about if we can have access to the Doc jira.
  • The labels translation needs review.

Transcript for Thursday April 28, 2011

[12:04] Noelle Linden hello!
[12:04] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) hi ã‹¡
[12:04] Avatars-3d.com (surfaqua.oh) Bonsoir noelle
[12:04] Noelle Linden bonsoir !
[12:05] Noelle Linden how are you?
[12:05] Noelle Linden small crowd tonight :-)
[12:05] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) It is spring - weather is great ^^
[12:05] Torben (torben.trautman) they are still recovering from the bunny hunt
[12:05] Noelle Linden ah ah
[12:05] Noelle Linden did you have a good Easter?
[12:05] Torben (torben.trautman) yes :)
[12:05] Torben (torben.trautman) it was like summer :)
[12:05] Noelle Linden not too much chocolate?
[12:06] Noelle Linden It's summer like in France I know
[12:06] Torben (torben.trautman) hehe, can it ever be too much?
[12:06] Noelle Linden very warm and dry
[12:07] Noelle Linden I was wondering if we could go to the KB / Lithium page on the wiki
[12:07] Noelle Linden let me give you the link
[12:07] Noelle Linden https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Community_Platform_KB_Translation_Project
[12:08] Noelle Linden I'd like to go over articles that were localized and the ones that need localization
[12:08] Torben (torben.trautman) ok
[12:09] Noelle Linden currently, in Spanish, 4 articles were published in Lithium
[12:09] Noelle Linden http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php
[12:09] Noelle Linden http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Release-notes/ta-p/743443
[12:10] Noelle Linden How to contact customer support
[12:10] Noelle Linden and
[12:10] Noelle Linden Community Standards
[12:10] Noelle Linden Guidelines, sorry
[12:11] Torben (torben.trautman) hi gefeit
[12:11] Noelle Linden there is another one in English that is ready for you to grab
[12:11] Noelle Linden http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-report-a-bug-or-request-a-feature/ta-p/733545
[12:11] Torben (torben.trautman) I think nobody from spain is here?
[12:11] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) hi Youri ã‹¡
[12:11] Noelle Linden and About the Second Life Knowledge Base
[12:11] Noelle Linden and
[12:11] Noelle Linden Usernames
[12:11] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Youri :)
[12:12] Youri Ashton hello, sorry for being late, had a few RL things to do
[12:12] Noelle Linden hi :-)
[12:12] gefeit Dufaux hi all
[12:12] Noelle Linden Hi Gefeit!
[12:12] Noelle Linden welcome
[12:12] gefeit Dufaux thank you ^^
[12:12] Noelle Linden Gefeit is new to this group
[12:12] Torben (torben.trautman) welcome :)
[12:12] Noelle Linden and his language is Chinese
[12:12] Torben (torben.trautman) WOOOHOOO!!!!
[12:12] Youri Ashton welcome in the group gefeit! ^_^
[12:13] Noelle Linden there is no one from Spain today
[12:13] Torben (torben.trautman) 欢迎
[12:13] Torben (torben.trautman) (powered by google)
[12:13] Noelle Linden it's very late for you Gefeit!
[12:13] Youri Ashton noelle, i know i didnt bother with a notecard to stay in, but i think you know that even though i do it all alone and not really happy and all, i still keep doing it
[12:13] Avatars-3d.com (surfaqua.oh) hi gefeit :-)
[12:14] Noelle Linden hi Youri, glad to know :-)
[12:14] gefeit Dufaux hi
[12:14] Torben (torben.trautman) do we need to send a notecard if we attend meetings?
[12:14] Noelle Linden Gefeit will be working on the viewer
[12:14] Youri Ashton in the coming weeks i will be very busy with my friends wedding though, so not much time left for sl :(
[12:14] Noelle Linden into traditional Chinese
[12:15] Noelle Linden no problem Youri
[12:15] Youri Ashton no torben, about staying in the group and working on translations or not :)
[12:15] Torben (torben.trautman) that´s what I mean
[12:15] Torben (torben.trautman) I didn´t send a notecard because I figured that participation counts
[12:15] Noelle Linden this is fine Torben, I know you
[12:15] Torben (torben.trautman) k :)
[12:15] Noelle Linden are here every week
[12:15] Noelle Linden :-)
[12:16] Torben (torben.trautman) welcome back Identity
[12:16] Youri Ashton /me noms iccecream
[12:17] Noelle Linden so anyway, it seems that for KB articles there is some work for you to do, at least in the 4 main languages
[12:17] Youri Ashton hey rand
[12:17] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Rand
[12:17] Rand (rand.linden) Howdy!
[12:17] Avatars-3d.com (surfaqua.oh) hi rand
[12:17] Torben (torben.trautman) Noelle, this one is ready to publish: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Deutsche-Knowledge-Base/Einen-Fehler-melden-oder-neue-Funktionen-vorschlagen/ta-p/813385/
[12:17] Noelle Linden We definitely need some help in French and Portuguese
[12:18] Torben (torben.trautman) and this one needs to be republished because the labels were missing: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Deutsche-Knowledge-Base/Den-Kunden-Support-kontaktieren/ta-p/809287/
[12:18] Noelle Linden thank you Torben, this is great
[12:18] Noelle Linden thanks!
[12:18] Torben (torben.trautman) and we need help in german!
[12:19] Torben (torben.trautman) Youri, if you learn german, I learn dutch
[12:19] Torben (torben.trautman) then we can help each other :)
[12:19] Noelle Linden Torben, did you see the e-mail I sent you?
[12:19] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) My German is very poor :(
[12:19] Torben (torben.trautman) yes, I sent you a reply
[12:19] Noelle Linden h haven't seen it yet
[12:19] Torben (torben.trautman) you´ll like it
[12:19] Noelle Linden sounds good, thank you!
[12:19] Noelle Linden ;-)
[12:20] Torben (torben.trautman) I sent it as private message on the community platform
[12:20] Noelle Linden Rand, we had a question about adding Polish KB articles in Lithium
[12:20] Torben (torben.trautman) Rand, is there any news on the html war front?
[12:21] Rand (rand.linden) So I have a
[12:21] Noelle Linden from Identity
[12:21] Rand (rand.linden) oops
[12:21] Rand (rand.linden) heh
[12:21] Rand (rand.linden) so, to add a new lang to the KB would require a sepaerate 'board' in Lithium terminology
[12:21] Rand (rand.linden) Just like we have the German KB, French KB, etc, we would have to add a Polish KB
[12:22] Rand (rand.linden) But we are in the same position with Italian, Japanese, etc.
[12:22] Noelle Linden yes, we will have to add Japanese soon
[12:22] Youri Ashton nothing for the dutch translations yet?
[12:22] Noelle Linden how long does it take?
[12:22] Rand (rand.linden) Noelle, I suggest we put together a plan and present to Raymond, et. al. re new KBs
[12:22] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) And Polish Forum
[12:22] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) if it is possible
[12:23] Rand (rand.linden) I'm not really sure... I don't *think* it's that much work
[12:23] Noelle Linden I guess we can talk about that offline Rand
[12:23] Rand (rand.linden) sure
[12:23] Noelle Linden ok
[12:23] Rand (rand.linden) Torben, to answer your question about HTML...
[12:23] Rand (rand.linden) Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Lithium...
[12:23] Rand (rand.linden) we added your observation, which i confirmed, to the bug report
[12:23] Torben (torben.trautman) :)
[12:24] Torben (torben.trautman) I´ll keep my fingers crossed then
[12:24] Rand (rand.linden) Raymond may know the status beyond that, but that's all i know
[12:24] Rand (rand.linden) ok, thx
[12:24] Rand (rand.linden) Also I have a question for you all...
[12:24] Youri Ashton RE: nothing for the dutch translations yet?
[12:24] Youri Ashton ask rand :)
[12:24] Rand (rand.linden) Youri, are you asking about adding a Dutch KB?
[12:25] Rand (rand.linden) Not sure i understand the question
[12:25] Youri Ashton asking in general really, i havnt done anything in a long time now
[12:25] Rand (rand.linden) At this point, Dutch translations would stay on the wiki
[12:25] Youri Ashton could see it from 2 sides though
[12:25] Youri Ashton kk
[12:25] Rand (rand.linden) Since Lithium is only supporting German, French, Spanish, and Pt.
[12:26] Youri Ashton okay, then ill wait for that to change
[12:26] Rand (rand.linden) Dutch, Polish, Italian, Japanese, all are in the same boat
[12:26] Noelle Linden so only "official" languages are supported in Lithium
[12:26] Noelle Linden for now at least
[12:26] Rand (rand.linden) So, the wiki is still an information resource, FYI
[12:26] Rand (rand.linden) It holds many "Linden Lab Official" articles
[12:26] Rand (rand.linden) as well as what we're referring to as the "Extended Knowledge Base"
[12:27] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) and Danish
[12:27] Rand (rand.linden) https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Extended_Knowledge_Base
[12:27] Rand (rand.linden) Personally, I would encourage continued translation work there for the "other" langs
[12:27] Rand (rand.linden) But really it is up to Noelle
[12:27] Youri Ashton grrrr @ new viewer versions reverting to default mode on all windows and settings <.<
[12:28] Rand (rand.linden) youri +1 ... that IS annoying!
[12:28] Noelle Linden I agree to do it this way Rand
[12:28] Noelle Linden on the wiki
[12:28] Rand (rand.linden) OK great
[12:28] Rand (rand.linden) Until we get the new langs into Lithium...teh wiki is the venue
[12:28] Youri Ashton the one responsable for that part needs a good kick in the rear end and needs to fix it right away <.<
[12:29] Rand (rand.linden) Youri: lol
[12:29] Noelle Linden ah ahh
[12:29] Rand (rand.linden) We should probably do some work to organize the translated content there
[12:29] Rand (rand.linden) we should at least keep track of recent translations on the wiki
[12:30] Youri Ashton good idea rand
[12:30] Rand (rand.linden) So we know what's current and what is not...
[12:30] Youri Ashton then we can not get lost in that forrest
[12:30] Rand (rand.linden) heh yep
[12:30] Noelle Linden so Rand, when translators have a translation of a KB article not suggested in the KB Translation Project
[12:30] Rand (rand.linden) So, my question is about a few articles that I am working on moving from wiki to Lithium....
[12:30] oobscure (opensource.obscure) hello everybody back. sorry if i was mute before, i was in the car, connected via phone
[12:30] Noelle Linden they should probably use the wiki too as a venue
[12:30] Youri Ashton wb oob :)
[12:30] Noelle Linden for all languages
[12:30] Torben (torben.trautman) welcome back OO
[12:30] Rand (rand.linden) Yes, Noelle...
[12:31] Noelle Linden OO in SL while driving??
[12:31] Youri Ashton perhaps add dates when it was change and updated
[12:31] Rand (rand.linden) To be clear: if the English article is in the wiki OR the lang is not one of the four "official" langs, then content should stay in wiki
[12:31] Noelle Linden yes
[12:31] Rand (rand.linden) If and until we are able to add new langs to Lithium
[12:31] Rand (rand.linden) So, that kinds of plays into the question I was about to pose
[12:32] Rand (rand.linden) Regarding a few articles I am moving to Lithium from wiki
[12:32] Rand (rand.linden) https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/KB_Migration_-_Second_Batch
[12:32] Youri Ashton additional info on the work progress + finished work should be both handy for the translators as the people needing the info
[12:32] Rand (rand.linden) Please look at the "Non-English Articles" section
[12:32] Rand (rand.linden) I notice that most or all of these are marked as old or unofficial translations
[12:32] Noelle Linden yes
[12:32] Rand (rand.linden) SO... my question is: should I move them over to Lithium with their English counterparts ?
[12:32] Youri Ashton french, spanish, german so far i see
[12:33] Noelle Linden they need to be updated probably
[12:33] Rand (rand.linden) OR not bother, and let you guys just re-translate when we get them in Lithum?
[12:33] Rand (rand.linden) So.... don't bother moving them?
[12:33] Torben (torben.trautman) I suggest not to bother
[12:33] Noelle Linden I think we should move them
[12:33] Youri Ashton think it's best to have the translators read and improve where needed
[12:33] Noelle Linden and update them in Lithium
[12:34] Youri Ashton no need to have work from work, pointless
[12:34] Rand (rand.linden) Hm, I am hearing two different answers! :-)
[12:34] Noelle Linden hum
[12:34] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) :D
[12:34] Noelle Linden ;-)
[12:34] Torben (torben.trautman) for me it would be easier not to bother
[12:34] Torben (torben.trautman) because then it makes me look at the article
[12:34] Noelle Linden ok, well you are the ones to decide
[12:34] Noelle Linden ok
[12:34] Torben (torben.trautman) and when I figure out it is up to date I can still copy/paste
[12:35] Rand (rand.linden) OK that is fine... less work for me :-)
[12:35] Noelle Linden so you want to retranslate from scratch reusing the existing translation from the wiki when possible
[12:35] Torben (torben.trautman) I figured you´d like that answer ;)
[12:35] Noelle Linden this is fine for me
[12:35] Rand (rand.linden) I think that makes some sense, because we will probably do some rewriting and editing of the English content after we move them over
[12:35] Torben (torben.trautman) yes Noelle
[12:35] Youri Ashton well as i said, and is pretty much the same as Torben said for that matter, but I think we best check for possible flaws in translations and fix that before posting it again
[12:35] Noelle Linden ok
[12:36] Youri Ashton could help a lot and for sure no one will complaint about some small flaws that might be in it
[12:36] Noelle Linden sounds good to me
[12:36] Torben (torben.trautman) on a sidenote but somehow related... Rand, any news if we can have access to the Doc jira?
[12:36] Youri Ashton i just wanted to make sure we didnt do all the translating all over again, that is the part which doesn't make sense :p
[12:37] Rand (rand.linden) Torben: Unfortunately, I don't think so at this point
[12:37] Torben (torben.trautman) ok
[12:37] Rand (rand.linden) If it were up to me, YES... :-) but it is not my decision
[12:37] Torben (torben.trautman) that´s totally fine :)
[12:37] Rand (rand.linden) Perhaps we can come up with some other task management tool...
[12:37] Torben (torben.trautman) we just need to think of an alternative
[12:37] Rand (rand.linden) yes
[12:38] Torben (torben.trautman) I could get a educator´s jira license and host a jira from home ;)
[12:38] Rand (rand.linden) One thought: which projects ARE public in Jira?
[12:38] Rand (rand.linden) Ha
[12:38] Rand (rand.linden) i.e. maybe we could use one of those existing projects (assuming we can get the ok to do that)
[12:38] Rand (rand.linden) WEB is public, right?
[12:38] Torben (torben.trautman) yes
[12:38] Torben (torben.trautman) or we could use CT
[12:39] Rand (rand.linden) Does that still work?
[12:39] Torben (torben.trautman) it would just need a different set of permissions
[12:39] Youri Ashton oh noelle, i noticed a griefer a few days ago in this sim. it might be wise to have a few of us in sim mod/admin mode so we can actually make sure nothing sticks around incase of an attack on the sim
[12:39] Noelle Linden CT still works
[12:39] Torben (torben.trautman) and CT isn´t public
[12:39] Torben (torben.trautman) it´s for the Translator2 group I believe
[12:39] Noelle Linden really Youri?
[12:39] Youri Ashton really
[12:39] Noelle Linden I think I will close access once the meeting is over
[12:39] oobscure (opensource.obscure) it seems I can't see CT currently
[12:40] Youri Ashton 1 day old avi
[12:40] Noelle Linden it will be safer
[12:40] Youri Ashton newbie male
[12:40] Torben (torben.trautman) OO you need to be added to the Translator2 group then
[12:41] Torben (torben.trautman) Rand, I can put some thought in it and write it down somewhere on the wiki if that helps
[12:41] Rand (rand.linden) Torben that would be great
[12:41] Youri Ashton dont have to close the sim, just saying it might be wise to have a few trusted translators some kick/sim ban options just in case :p
[12:41] Torben (torben.trautman) okies
[12:41] Rand (rand.linden) Like workflow, process, and "best practices" in using Jira for translators
[12:42] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) the scripts can be turned off here
[12:42] Torben (torben.trautman) yes
[12:42] Torben (torben.trautman) flowchart time :)
[12:42] Torben (torben.trautman) WOOOHOOO!!!!
[12:42] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) it should limit grifers attacks
[12:42] Youri Ashton think that will kill the scripts in avitars as well incase rezzing here <.<
[12:43] Youri Ashton and since im using this as home, rather not have those disabled <.<
[12:43] Rand (rand.linden) Another question... I noticed quite a bit of commentary in https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Knowledge_Base_Label_Translations
[12:43] Rand (rand.linden) In the German section... :-)
[12:43] Rand (rand.linden) Noelle, perhaps we should take a second look at some of the label translations?
[12:43] Torben (torben.trautman) I do have some objections
[12:44] Noelle Linden wooohh
[12:44] Noelle Linden lots of comments
[12:44] Torben (torben.trautman) for example "account" should not be changed as we use it in many different places
[12:44] oobscure (opensource.obscure) (( sorry if you already mentioned this - my questions is: as an Italian - English translator, my only current playground is supposed to be the SL wiki. true/false ? ))
[12:44] Torben (torben.trautman) didn´t have time to comment yet
[12:44] Noelle Linden I agree with Torben
[12:44] Noelle Linden we have to be careful about that
[12:44] Youri Ashton that first one stays 'griefing', best not translate that
[12:44] Torben (torben.trautman) maybe we can postpone this for next meeting or so?
[12:44] Noelle Linden OO for now yes
[12:45] oobscure (opensource.obscure) fine, thanks Noelle
[12:45] Noelle Linden but if we add Italian back to the list of "official" languages, that might change
[12:45] Rand (rand.linden) Torben: Find to postpone the discussion, but I wanted to make others aware of this document
[12:45] Torben (torben.trautman) hehe sorry :)
[12:45] Rand (rand.linden) Also, perhaps some French, Spanish, or Pt. speakers want to add comments?
[12:46] Youri Ashton Torben: no worries :p
[12:46] Torben (torben.trautman) but maybe we could change one term immediately?
[12:46] Noelle Linden Torben, find some time to review the comments in German if you can
[12:46] Torben (torben.trautman) Getting started is translated as "Anfänger"
[12:46] Torben (torben.trautman) but "Anfänger" means N00B
[12:46] Youri Ashton best not call a griefer a noob, you wont really get their thanks :p
[12:47] Torben (torben.trautman) so some articles in the german kb are labelled Noobzor
[12:47] Rand (rand.linden) well, we could just use the term "Newbie" in all langs... Just Kidding! :-)
[12:47] Torben (torben.trautman) hehehe
[12:47] Rand (rand.linden) What do you suggest as an alternative?
[12:47] Torben (torben.trautman) I would suggest "Erste Schritte"
[12:47] Torben (torben.trautman) it means first steps
[12:47] Rand (rand.linden) Ah OK, I will add that to the table now.
[12:47] Noelle Linden ok
[12:48] Torben (torben.trautman) :)
[12:48] Youri Ashton torben, just do as I try to do. change the word if needed to something that means the same but is not offending or possibly in that direction. or at least sounds a lot better
[12:48] Torben (torben.trautman) yes Youri but we can´t change labels
[12:48] Youri Ashton widen the idea spectrum on words :)
[12:48] Torben (torben.trautman) only the allmighties can ;)
[12:48] Noelle Linden lol
[12:49] Rand (rand.linden) Right, these are the built-in Lithium labels
[12:49] Rand (rand.linden) Well not built-in really, but only Admins can change
[12:49] Rand (rand.linden) One thing: if we change a label we may have to go in and re-apply it to all the articles
[12:49] Youri Ashton in that case, torben make a notecard with changes and harras rand with it :p
[12:49] Youri Ashton hehe
[12:49] Rand (rand.linden) I don't think it will just change automatically everywhere
[12:49] Rand (rand.linden) haha
[12:50] Torben (torben.trautman) I refrain from harassing Lindens since I once asked for special treatment and Lexie offered to send me into the cornfields
[12:50] Noelle Linden ;-)
[12:50] Youri Ashton cornfields aint that bad :p
[12:50] Youri Ashton been there lots of times :p
[12:51] Torben (torben.trautman) but I bet she would have turned the tv´s off first ;)
[12:51] Youri Ashton lol, Blue used to take us all into there :p
[12:51] Youri Ashton during his OH
[12:51] Torben (torben.trautman) :)
[12:51] Youri Ashton golden times, R.I.P. Blue Linden :(
[12:52] Rand (rand.linden) :-(
[12:52] Rand (rand.linden) Well, life goes on... Second Life goes on, that is...
[12:52] Noelle Linden lol
[12:52] Torben (torben.trautman) maybe he found something new and exciting :)
[12:52] Torben (torben.trautman) you never know
[12:53] Rand (rand.linden) I am asking Lexie now about changing labels...
[12:53] Youri Ashton might be so, doesnt mean we miss him and other lindens less :p
[12:53] Rand (rand.linden) Yeah, I haven't heard from Blue...
[12:53] Noelle Linden thanks Rand
[12:53] Torben (torben.trautman) Noelle, should I post the transcript?
[12:53] Noelle Linden Torben please do!
[12:53] Torben (torben.trautman) ok
[12:53] Noelle Linden thank you
[12:53] Youri Ashton oh! bad rand! you missed one of the best lindens ever ^_^
[12:54] Noelle Linden anything else for today?
[12:54] Rand (rand.linden) Youri: I did know him "back when" but I haven't heard anything from him since...
[12:54] Youri Ashton he said he would offer me friendship on his normal avi, but so far i havnt seen him
[12:55] Torben (torben.trautman) nothing from me :)
[12:55] Youri Ashton i do have pathfinder in my list still
[12:55] Noelle Linden next week, we will meet for 1/2 hour only
[12:55] Noelle Linden at 12 - 12:30
[12:55] oobscure (opensource.obscure) ok
[12:55] Rand (rand.linden) OK... see you all then!
[12:55] Noelle Linden sounds good to you all?
[12:55] Torben (torben.trautman) okies
[12:55] Noelle Linden thanks so much for coming
[12:55] Youri Ashton got philip, dessie, amanda, kate, lexie, mia, infinity and fisher in my friends list :)
[12:55] Avatars-3d.com (surfaqua.oh) is ok for me
[12:55] ç´ æ€§ (identity.euler) see you next week
[12:55] oobscure (opensource.obscure) thank you - and take care you all
[12:55] Noelle Linden have a wonderful night
[12:56] Noelle Linden bye!
[12:56] Torben (torben.trautman) have a great week everybody
[12:56] Youri Ashton thank you for having us noelle :)
[12:56] Youri Ashton and give your little one a big hug for me :)
[12:56] Torben (torben.trautman) and off to amanda :)
[12:56] Rand (rand.linden) bye all
[12:56] Youri Ashton got infinity on facebook as well btw :p
[12:56] Avatars-3d.com (surfaqua.oh) bye all i too :-)
[12:56] Noelle Linden bye!
[12:56] Youri Ashton byt surf