Compiling the viewer (MSVS2005)

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By no means do I consider myself an expert. These are just the steps and fixes from myself, and the team in the channel #opensl.



  • Visual Studio 2005 (May work with MC++ 2005 Express)
    • Microsoft Platform SDK
    • NEED NEWER DIRECTX DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2003)
      • Note: If you have previously installed an older version of the DirectX 9.0 SDK, remove it first (from Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs) before installing this version. Installing the new SDK "on top" of an older version may cause problems.
    • Set up the project globals:
      • Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
      • Go to Tools/Options/Projects/VC++ Directories
      • Make sure that the includes and libraries paths have the Platform SDK paths first, then the DirectX SDK paths, and then the Visual C++ paths.
      • If the DirectX SDK paths aren't present, add them to both includes and libraries.
  • ActivePython 2.3x
  • ActivePerl
  • Cygwin
    • When you run the cygwin setup utility make sure you have selected to install patchutil, flex, and bison (all located under "devel") which are not part of the default install.


  • Download & extract fmod 3.75 api for win32.
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmod.h" to "libraries\include"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\inc\fmod_errors.h" to "libraries\include"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\lib\fmodvc.lib" to "libraries\i686-win32\lib_release"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\lib\fmodvc.lib" to "libraries\i686-win32\lib_debug"
  • Copy "fmodapi375win\api\fmod.dll" to "indra\newview"



  • Download & install the Quicktime SDK for Windows
  • Copy "QuicktimeSDK\Libraries\QTMLClient.lib" to "\libraries\i686-win32\lib_release".
  • Copy "QuicktimeSDK\Libraries\QTMLClient.lib" to "\libraries\i686-win32\lib_debug".
  • Copy the contents of "QuicktimeSDK\CIncludes" into "\libraries\i686-win32\include\quicktime".

First Steps

  • Open the \indra\indra_complete\indra_complete.sln solution in Visual Studio.
  • Set newview to be the startup project.
  • Right click on each project in the solution, with the exception of lscript_compile_fb, and follow these steps for each:
    • 1. (SCREEN SHOT) Under Configuration Properties, C/C++, General, change Treat Warnings As Errors to "No"
    • 2. (SCREEN SHOT) Under Configuration Properties, C/C++, PreProcessor, insert the line ";_CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE"
    • 3. (SCREEN SHOT) Under Configuration Properties, C/C++, Language, change Treat wchar_t as Built-in Type to "No (/Zc:wchar_t-)"
  • Build either ReleaseNoOpt (for debugging) or ReleaseForDownload (for production).
  • newview.exe will be built in \indra\newview\ReleaseNoOpt or \indra\newview\ReleaseForDownload
  • create a shortcut to newview, and change the start location to \indra\newview\ (all the .dll will be found there.)