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This article is part of the Extended Second Life Knowledge Base that includes advanced and specialized information. This information was originally provided by Linden Lab, but is not actively maintained nor guaranteed to be accurate. Linden Lab does not certify nor assume any responsibility for this information.

See the official Second Life Knowledge Base for the most current information.

Software firewalls should list Second Life as a "trusted" program. We highly recommend turning on any notification for blocked network activity. You should frequently monitor your software firewall settings, as some versions change their own settings in an attempt to provide tighter security.

You need to consult the documentation for your software, or go to the manufacturer's website for details on how to configure your internet security software. Linden Lab cannot provide support for third-party software.

Don't forget the built-in Windows Firewall; certain system updates may cause the Windows Firewall to re-enable itself. You can find the Windows Firewall in the Control Panel, under Security Center.

KBwarning.png Warning: If you're using wireless networking, it may not provide a stable and fast enough connection for Second Life.

Norton Internet Security / Norton Firewall:

  1. Start Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.
  2. In the main program window, click Personal Firewall.
  3. Click Configure. The Personal Firewall configuration dialog box appears.
  4. On the Programs tab, the Manual Program Control list contains a list of programs.
  5. Click on the rule(s) for Second Life.
  6. Click Remove.
  7. Click OK to confirm the removal.
  8. Click Add and manually navigate to C:Program FilesSecondLifeSecondlife.exe

Something else that might prove helpful: Turn off Internet Worm Protection.

Internet Security&ver=2005&osv=&osv_lvl= Link to Symantec for Norton product configuration

McAfee Personal Firewall:

  1. Open the Personal Firewall and navigate to Internet Applications.
  2. Click on any listing(s) for Second Life and choose Delete Application Rule on the lower right.
  3. Click on New Allowed Application underneath the program list, and navigate to C:Program FilesSecondLifeSecondlife.exe

Additional helpful settings:

  • Turn off Smart Recommendations.
  • Turn on Show Red and Green Alerts, or Show All Alerts.
  • Set the Security Level to Standard or lower.


  1. In the Programs panel, remove any entry for Second Life.
  2. Scroll down to the white area at the bottom of the programs list. Right-click and highlight Add Program.
  3. Browse to C:Program FilesSecondLifeSecondlife.exe and click Open.

Additional helpful settings:

  • Set Security for the Internet zone to Medium or lower.
  • Open the specific ports Second Life uses (see above) under Firewall > Main > Internet Zone Custom Settings.
  • Many ZoneAlarm products include an AntiSpyware tool that detects some programs as a Remote Access Tool. These programs are quarantined by default. To set Second Life as a trusted program:
    1. Go to AntiSpyware advanced settings and set it to not automatically treat infections.
    2. Run the AntiSpyware scan.
    3. Locate Second Life.
    4. Choose Always Ignore.
    5. You may then set AntiSpyware back to automatically treat.

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