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Although the header says "Content Creation/Mesh Import/Scripting", currently topics are focused on anything related to the mesh import project. Feature requests, bug reports, design feedback, questions, comments, or example content are welcome.

Priority will be given to topics that are posted in advance and are relevant to the goals of the office hour. Feel free to include relevant links to JIRA or wiki pages.


Mondays at Noon in Pacific time (SL standard time)

Next meeting scheduled for: June 13, 2011 at Mesh HQ on Aditi

Also see the calendar of public user group meetings.


Agenda for the next user group meeting is:

Please add topics below prior to 11:50 AM. Also, please put your SL name down so we can follow up if we have questions. Thanks!

  1. I thought the decision to limit mesh uploads to payment info on file/used was discussed and shot down a long time back during the closed beta days. Why has it returned all of a sudden as a near-certainty?
  2. It seems there are upload issues with specific collada files. Namely, collada v1.4.0 is ok, but the newer v1.4.1 files (as outputted from i.e. 3dsMax2012) show problems. (Forum post at )
  3. An extra complication of the above issue remains the one described at JIRA CTS-603 which particularly seems to hit Maya users, even when the collada output is 1.4.0 (Maya 2011 with FBX 2011.x), due to the way the materials are handled with it. The viewer still ignores material names but sticks to the order that they are written in each LOD Collada file, resulting in jumbled materials. (Angel Alphaville)
  4. To expand on the above issues, the proper question is not whether we should waste time with specific programs (as put in the forum), but whether the 3D builder demographics are restricted strictly to Blender users or not. "Blender" is the most frequently written word in the forum as if it's the start and end of 3D software (which is not the case). (Angel Alphaville)
  5. please add your agenda items here


Charlar Linden, Nyx Linden, and Runitai Linden. Please contact one of us if you are unsure if your topic is relevant or appropriate.


Links to chat transcripts of past meetings: