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List of Speakers

Cale Flanagan
Fancy Greeter
flexi campfire
JB Hancroft
Leonel Iceghost
Liisa Runo
NeoBokrug Elytis
Techwolf Lupindo


[08:58] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Here he comes!

[08:58] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Hey Kelly!!!!

[08:58] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Hi Kelly...

[08:58] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): And here he is for real.

[08:58] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Good morning

[08:58] Techwolf Lupindo: Hi kelly

[08:58] Ash DeAllura Weststar (ash.qin): Kelly time

[08:58] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): morning kelly

[08:59] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Everyone have a good weekend?

[08:59] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Not bad, thanks. Your self?

[09:00] oobscure (opensource.obscure): very hot here in italy but yes thanks!

[09:00] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Mostly rain here in England.

[09:00] Ash DeAllura Weststar (ash.qin): Sunny where I was in the UK.

[09:01] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Was pretty nice weather out here. A bit on the warm side maybe.

[09:01] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): rain and wind, but fine otherwise in pa

[09:01] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Going to be hot here in SoCal

[09:01] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): not as hot as last week though

[09:01] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Did someone give you a cookie Flip?

[09:02] F L I P (flip.idlemind): Mhmmmmmm

[09:03] tehKellz (kelly.linden): All right, this is another discussion week - 5th monday of the month. Back to Triage next week.

[09:03] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I don't have a lot of news.

[09:03] F L I P (flip.idlemind): What do we do on the 6th Monday of the month?

[09:03] oobscure (opensource.obscure): we divide by zero

[09:03] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Freak out at how there could be a 6th monday

[09:04] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I've been sharing this HTML HUD demo I did last week: to show off llSetContentType that came out in the script maintenance release

[09:04] werqa0: chuj wam w dupe xD

[09:05] tehKellz (kelly.linden): OO put up a nice screenshot in case anyone is wondering what it looks like.

[09:05] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Thanks for that.

[09:05] oobscure (opensource.obscure): thank you for the code :D

[09:05] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Flip we have an imprecise floating point devide by Zero at or before Location 0x00034fb0

[09:05] F L I P (flip.idlemind): I'll look forward to that

[09:05] oobscure (opensource.obscure): I love how it interacts with the viewer, sort of

[09:06] tehKellz (kelly.linden): heh, yeah it is just secondlife:///app urls

[09:06] tehKellz (kelly.linden): The version up there now has a configuration page to demo forms as well, which isn't in the screenshots.

[09:06] Liisa Runo: i love app urls, but too bad they are borked in v2/3 and cant copy paste them onward like i can with v1 clients

[09:07] tehKellz (kelly.linden): hrm

[09:07] tehKellz (kelly.linden): They work well in the hud demo at least.

[09:07] Fancy Greeter: Charlar Linden has arrived!

[09:07] oobscure (opensource.obscure): hey Charlar

[09:07] Charlie (charlar.linden): Hi all!

[09:08] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Hi Charlie

[09:08] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Hey Charlie

[09:08] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Charlie: I was just discussing / sharing my HTML HUD demo: not sure if I showed that to you yet.

[09:08] Charlie (charlar.linden): Sorry to be late Kelly

[09:08] Techwolf Lupindo: I think firestorm undid that b0rk liisa, but I have to double check that.

[09:09] Charlie (charlar.linden): no - wow, so many words...

[09:09] JB Hancroft: thanks for the link, Kelly

[09:09] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I was looking at SCR-176 this morning and think I have a fix. It definitely never worked right.

[09:09] flexi campfire:

[#SCR-176] llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget is not working properly

[09:09] tehKellz (kelly.linden): And that is about all I have. Table is open.

[09:09] F L I P (flip.idlemind): So anyone who thought it worked was just hallucinating?

[09:10] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Is the llSetMemoryLimit fixes getting rolled out this week?

[09:10] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Since it's rather useless right now.

[09:10] Liisa Runo: yay for the fix, and if it never worked, then i just had too many marbles lost when i tested it first time

[09:10] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Yeah flip.

[09:10] tehKellz (kelly.linden): No Koli

[09:10] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Aw.

[09:10] F L I P (flip.idlemind): And the PRIM_LINK_TARGET not working in child prims thing?

[09:11] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Actually hold on.

[09:11] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Might be that people have been testing it sitting on the Root Prim?

[09:11] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Oh it does look like both the link target and max memory bug fixes will probably get to RC this week.

[09:11] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): \o/

[09:11] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): woot

[09:12] Qie (qie.niangao): Speaking of llSetMemoryLimit... what lies between us and raising the max limit above 64KB ?

[09:12] tehKellz (kelly.linden): llAvatarOnSitLinkTarget would only ever work if the script was in the prim the person sat on and you asked for the correct link number for that prim.

[09:12] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): NO if you set the man memory, and it works the you TP to a non compliant region does it still have effect

[09:13] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Qie: enforcing memory limits.

[09:13] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Now*

[09:13] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): lols

[09:13] Qie (qie.niangao): oh. heh.

[09:13] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Kallista hm? Can you rephrase?

[09:14] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Typos. if you set max memory on a RC region the TP to one that dosn't have the fix, is the lower max in effect?

[09:14] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): then TP*

[09:15] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Kallista: it may revert to the larger max in that case. I'm not 100% sure though.

[09:15] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): nods.....

[09:16] Liisa Runo: i re-opened SCR-90 Cant edit the JIRA so look at the 2 comments i made. (dont hold a cup of hot coffee while reading or you might burn your lap)

[09:16] flexi campfire:

[#SCR-90] llGetBoundingBox() returns wrong values on Magnum RC

[09:18] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Hrm. I'll point maestro back at it.

[09:19] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): *chuckles*

[09:19] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Totally unrelated... I was wondering if it would be possible to make a script aware of the position where an AV clicks to sit.

[09:20] tehKellz (kelly.linden): That would be difficult

[09:20] Leonel Iceghost: it already says the position for touch right?

[09:20] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): new params at least

[09:20] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): No... No touch event when you sit. Only changed().

[09:21] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): any hopes of getting the new functions to show up in the upper column of with pretty new tags next to them?

[09:21] Liisa Runo: first click to detect the pos, then script enable click to sit and tell the clicker to click again. not very practical but a way to do it

[09:22] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): That's the ugly solution I'd like to avoid...

[09:22] Qie (qie.niangao): I've done that same thing and yeah, it's fugly.

[09:23] tehKellz (kelly.linden): draconis: I'll see if I can add them there today.

[09:23] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): yay

[09:23] tehKellz (kelly.linden): You need to know the u/v/face position of the touch for the sit?

[09:23] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): That would be interesting too...

[09:24] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Or what are you asking for?

[09:24] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Actually both... The position of the AV when they click and where the click happens.

[09:24] Leonel Iceghost: and it would be nice to know the pos and rot the avatar had before sitting

[09:25] tehKellz (kelly.linden): you could use llGetObjectDetails to get their position

[09:25] JB Hancroft: right... you've have to poll for it, ahead of time

[09:25] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Except that we would get the position of the AV already sitting.

[09:26] tehKellz (kelly.linden): oh, right, I see.

[09:27] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Knowing the position when the AV is would allow us to prevent ppl from clicking from the other side of the sim...

[09:27] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): And knowing where they click would make sit-TP with a map very easy.

[09:27] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Oh, maximum sit distance

[09:28] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): lols

[09:28] Leonel Iceghost: and would allow for correct "bar chairs" those where you should sit pointing where you want.. instead of a prefixed looking at sit

[09:28] tehKellz (kelly.linden): hrm. interesting ideas. Would take some thinking to get the interface right.

[09:29] Liisa Runo: and would know on what side of the door was the agent on sit type animated doors, nowdays they have timer to poll or are 2 prims

[09:29] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): IMHO, it might be complicate...

[09:30] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Nice understatement

[09:30] Leonel Iceghost: also teleports right now, leave you looking always to the same point.. and if you where backwards you lose where you at for a bit

[09:30] tehKellz (kelly.linden): draconis: I have no idea how that wiki page is populated. It is template magic.

[09:31] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): I hate templates in the wiki!

[09:31] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Literally this is the entirety of the functions section: {{LSL All Functions|name|key=*}}

[09:31] Liisa Runo: if you are in lab, shout and ask, some linden in the cubicle labyrint knows

[09:32] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Not in my office. I'll see if I can figure it out though. Probably just need to make sure the wiki pages for the functions are correct.

[09:32] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Oh here it is ..... which just includes more templates

[09:32] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Templates hell... =^_^=

[09:32] Liisa Runo: SCR-179

[09:32] Qie (qie.niangao): I thought that was all Strife magic, not meant for mere mortals.

[09:32] flexi campfire:

[#SCR-179] New feature: llManipulateLindenFlora()

[09:33] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Interesting.

[09:34] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I wonder if we should just allow scripts in plants.

[09:34] JB Hancroft: I thought for a moment that was referring to Linden body parts...

[09:34] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): That would be much easier...

[09:34] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): LOL

[09:34] Liisa Runo: if you want us to have 4000 more scripts in the sim, sure, allow us to script them

[09:34] tehKellz (kelly.linden): :p

[09:34] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): hehehe

[09:34] JB Hancroft: every needle on that spruce... eeek!

[09:34] NeoBokrug Elytis: Except you can move grass to 4068 on the z, then never be able to select it again

[09:35] NeoBokrug Elytis: Moving grass would be scary.

[09:35] tehKellz (kelly.linden): yeah it would be tricky, it would need to maintain all of the current restrictions (only on land you own, height restrictions etc)

[09:35] JB Hancroft: an Ent ?

[09:35] Koli Contepomi (sahkolihaa.contepomi): Well, Ent's move. :p

[09:36] Leonel Iceghost: have you think about the llOnlyFireControlEventAtChangedKey()?

[09:37] Leonel Iceghost: or control_start / end, that is

[09:37] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I took a look. It is trickier than I thought it might be

[09:38] Leonel Iceghost: :(

[09:38] Leonel Iceghost: isn't it just an added check if !changed don't schedule this event? :P

[09:39] tehKellz (kelly.linden): At a theoretical level yes.

[09:39] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): It's kinda already possible to simulate it with what control() event provides...

[09:40] Leonel Iceghost: how do you simulate it?

[09:41] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): integer pressed = (held & change); integer release = (~held & change):

[09:41] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): ;*

[09:41] Leonel Iceghost: a hud per avie, a meter, a couple of weapons, a flight assistant.. a fight between 20 avies.. and you get a laggy sim with 3000 events per second, and there are bigger fights..

[09:41] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Right he just wants the optimization to not fire the events he doesn't want.

[09:42] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): if (pressed) { control_start(); } else if (released) { control_end(); }

[09:42] Leonel Iceghost: no need of fights.. any game with 20 avies moving and you get those eps

[09:42] tehKellz (kelly.linden): But I was reading between the lines that what he wants it less overhead in the sim and script scheduler.

[09:42] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): But it's true not having the unwanted events would be nice...

[09:43] Liisa Runo: to get rid of useless control stuff. we should get something like llAllowThisScriptToRunOnAnnoyingNoScriptLandWithoutTakingControls(TRUE); ... im guessing that about 96% of the scripts that take controls just do it to run in no script, and they dont actually use controls for anything else.

[09:44] Leonel Iceghost: Liisa, taking controls don't fire events

[09:44] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): That too...

[09:44] Qie (qie.niangao): Liisa, we need that too.

[09:44] Cale Flanagan: kelly, jfi, i wrote a feature request for the regionsayto listener stuff

[09:45] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Cool Cale.

[09:45] Leonel Iceghost: the problem are scripts using the controls... like AOs, meters, weapons, flight assistants.. those are the more laggier problems

[09:45] Liisa Runo: sure

[09:45] Cale Flanagan: guess its 177:)

[09:46] Liisa Runo: SCR-177

[09:46] flexi campfire:

[#SCR-177] Extension to llListen and listen for llRegionSayTo

[09:47] Cale Flanagan: that s it:) hit and run:)

[09:47] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): I'd like an llListenOwner() to listen to llOWnerSay() too...

[09:47] tehKellz (kelly.linden): llOwnerSay is special - it avoids all the normal chat stuff and goes striaght to the viewer.

[09:48] JB Hancroft: normal... as in distance calculations ?

[09:48] tehKellz (kelly.linden): hooking it up to the general system so scripts could listen would be complicated, also I'm not sure we want objects you own arbitrarily listening in to that channel

[09:49] NeoBokrug Elytis: New events, new functions.

[09:49] tehKellz (kelly.linden): normal as in distance and More(tm) that allow scripts to get chat.

[09:49] NeoBokrug Elytis: listen_2

[09:49] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): It's true that could open a can of worms if OwnerSay could be intercepted...

[09:49] JB Hancroft: "tm" :)

[09:50] Cale Flanagan: soo bette ronly open the can of carrots:)

[09:50] JB Hancroft: time for me to head out... enjoyed it.... thanks. take care, all :)

[09:50] tehKellz (kelly.linden): o/

[09:50] Leonel Iceghost: oh and also llMessageLinkedTo( "script name".. would be amazing, I would bet many objects ussing linked_message are firing more than needed

[09:51] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Hrm. Interesting idea.

[09:51] Liisa Runo: i want that!

[09:51] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Me too!

[09:51] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Sounds like it needs a jira then.

[09:51] Qie (qie.niangao): that would be a very big win

[09:52] Leonel Iceghost: I make it if I figure out how

[09:52] Liisa Runo: IM me and ill help you or write the jira for you if you cant figure it out

[09:53] Liisa Runo: i walso want ShareScriptMemoryWith("scriptname"); so i dont need to use link message to deliver tata from script to another

[09:53] Liisa Runo: i also*

[09:53] Liisa Runo: -typos*

[09:54] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): brother.

[09:55] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): I'd like a llLoadScriptUUID(key); tht loaded a script even if it was not in the region as longs as it was copyable.

[09:56] Liisa Runo: that would be cool too, especially if we could still change the script without the UUID changing

[09:56] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Unfortunately assets don't contain permissions, inventory does, so there is no way to determine copyability

[09:57] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): If it were somewhere inworld and had been marked as exportable?

[09:58] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): The Idea is to keep from having to have a copy of a dynamically loadabe script in the same region.

[09:58] Ash DeAllura Weststar (ash.qin): This sounds convuluted, honestly.

[09:59] tehKellz (kelly.linden): yeah. What people really want is better version control and better update abilities for scripts.

[09:59] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): on a Prim owned by the loader even.

[09:59] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): it just sounds like an extension of remoteloadscript pin for intersim

[09:59] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I don't think that is the easiest or clearest way to get that.

[09:59] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Yes in essence

[09:59] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): Lifting the region limit on llRemoteLoadScriptPin() would be start.

[10:00] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): the problem with remote load script is that you have to own the prim from which the script is loaded

[10:00] Cale Flanagan: or a script editor which dont mark wrong at copy paste or do tabs right

[10:00] tehKellz (kelly.linden): That would be a complete overhaul of how remoteloadscript works.

[10:00] Leonel Iceghost: I'm missing something or anyone can try every pin till it works in you prim with that system?

[10:00] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): ...And on all object to object transfers, while you're at it... :P

[10:00] Object: Touched.

[10:00] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Heh.

[10:01] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Okay, times up. Thanks everyone for coming.

[10:01] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): No the script has to be marked as exportable just like in remoteload...

[10:01] Kaluura (kaluura.boa): With 4+ billions pins and 1 second delay... Good luck!

[10:01] draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): thanks kelly

[10:01] Nal (nalates.urriah): Thx Kelly

[10:01] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): then it can be no mod

[10:01] Qie (qie.niangao): thanks Kelly

[10:01] tehKellz (kelly.linden): Check out my hud demo if you haven't, and if you make a cool html hud I'd love to see it:

[10:01] Leonel Iceghost: thanks Kelly

[10:01] NeoBokrug Elytis: That was a cool HUD Kelly

[10:02] Ash DeAllura Weststar (ash.qin): Thanks Kelly

[10:02] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): I'll talk with my firends and se if w cn cup up with an Idea for next week or the week after... Perhaps even a JIRA.

[10:02] Cale Flanagan: tnanks kelly and charlar please take a peek on your im tabs:)

[10:02] Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Thanks Kelly