Content Creation Improvement Informal User Group

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User group for improving content creation on Second Life either through creating new features, or enhancing existing features. All topics relating to the improvement of content creation, whether it's adding new features or improving existing features, are valid topics for discussion. When in doubt about whether or not a topic is appropriate, contact Geenz Spad.

Chaired by Geenz Spad, Siddean Munro. Linden Liason: Oz Linden.


Every Tuesday 03:00-04:00 PM SLT at Hippotropolis AuditoriumD


The agenda for the next meeting is:

  1. Introduction to the first Content Creation Improvement UG meeting. Geenz Spad
  2. Educating users on efficiency, and Linden Lab setting building standards. (Stickman)
  3. Are there plans to be able to load and use specular, diffus & bump maps with mesh in SL in additional texture boxes perhaps. (Sachi Vixen)
  4. Discussing morph targets for deforming mesh. (Siddean Munro)


Records of past meetings: Content Creation Improvement Informal User Group/Archive

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