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Copy selected allows you to duplicate selected prims and align them adjacent to each other. For example, if you're copying sections of a wall and Shift ⇧-dragging to copy is proving tricky to fine-tune, you may want to take advantage of this alternative.

To understand how this works, let's use a simple example:

  1. Right-click the ground and choose Create on the pie menu.
  2. Click the ground again to rez a generic cube.
  3. From the build tools, select Create (also found in Tools > Select Tool > Create).
  4. Check Keep Selected so we can do the following steps repeatedly.
  5. Click the Copy selected checkbox. For now, check Center and uncheck Rotate.
  6. Now, click on the faces of the cube. Each time you do so, the cube is duplicated, aligned edge-to-edge with a previous cube.

With that explained, here's what the options do:

  • Center - Copies are centered on the target object, which is useful for neat building in-a-line where you want objects to be aligned along an axis. Otherwise, objects will be placed edge-to-edge, but may be staggered or askew. Note that with curved prims like spheres, this means one of the copy's edges is touching the source, but isn't interpenetrating (overlapping).
  • Rotate - Copies rotate to match the target object, instead of the original values the source object has. This can make it easier to line up something that's already at an angle, such as a house's slanted roof.
KBwarning.png Warning: Copy selected has unfortunate bugs. Rotate doesn't always work correctly and can leave gaps between objects, as described in longtime issue VWR-4471. Also, SVC-4225 describes other alignment issues.

Since this build tool relies on Second Life's 3D space, watch this video to understand more. Note that it dates from an older version of Second Life where the tool was labeled "Copy Selection" instead of "Copy selected", but works the same: